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Candy Crush Saga Post Its'

Candy Crush Saga Post Its’

In this section you will be able to find a selection of facts, history, tips, news and any other random bits of information to do with the Candy Crush Saga and sister site Candy Crush Soda Saga! And that includes all the latest and up to news too!

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Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Walkthroughs

CandySometimes, we all need to take a break away from reality and that’s even when we are playing the Candy Crush Saga! Now here’s where Odus the Owl comes out to play, if you fancy playing a different kind of Candy Crush, then all you have to do is click on the ‘owl’ icon and you will be whisked away to the happy realm of Dreamworld!

This world will only be revealed to you, once you have passed the 65th level and so far in total there are only 185 Dreamworld levels available. On your travels through this realm, you will notice that these levels will resemble their counterpart Candy Crush levels; with the only difference being the Moonscale that you have to keep balanced and ‘Moonstruck’ – the exclusive Dreamworld booster that gives you a break from balancing the Moonscale and helps to clear up your game board.

Candy Crush Saga Walkthroughs

CandyOne of the most important features of is our complete list of walkthroughs for each and every Level! A walkthrough post includes a video showing how to beat a specific level as well as some tips/guidance/strategy in order to be successful! What most of our visitors misunderstand is that these videos aren’t supposed to be memorized while every game is different from the previous or the next!

Infographic: Candy Crush by the Numbers

A brand new Infrographic will be coming your way soon Crushers! But first we will be holding a couple surveys/polls that we would just love you guys to be a part of. So tell all your Candy Crush friends to get involved and we will update you when we know dates, times, etc. We thank you in advance for participating and as always… Happy Crushing!

Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Tips

In case you are searching for general tips on how to be effective in Candy Crush Saga, this is the right place to be! While the target of the game is relative simple it’s far from what we call a “relaxing game”! This is why the tips and Candy Crush Sage Cheats mentioned here are pretty useful! Find everything about matching 4 or 5 of the same colour, about the importance of Charms and Boosters etc…

Candy Crush Saga FAQ

Are you new on Candy Crush? Do you have numerous questions on how everything works? What is a sugar crush? What about Charm of Life? What to achieve a bigger score?
Don’t worry, we are here to answer everything for you! Besides you can also ask another question if it’s not already answered here! So lets have a look at some common questions about Candy Crush Saga!

Candy Crush Demographics

The last time we did one of our Demographics polls we took a whole two months worth of information and was amazed that we had 1000+ crushingcandies users taking part. There is no doubt about it, you guys really helped us out! Now that time will be coming again soon, when we will need you crushers to take a few moments out of your day and answer a couple of questions – then we can come up with some great statistics on an awesome design! We’re definitely looking forward to getting involved and hope you are too.

Find Candy Crush Saga Friends

This is our page for people who are playing Candy Crush Saga and are in desperate need for more friends! We absolutely feel how important its for you to increase the number of your Candy Crush Friends in order to get more lives which is necessary to pass the levels! By requesting other Crushers to add you in their friends’ lists you actually grab the advantage of receiving lives/tickets almost the moment you need them! So what are you waiting for?

Candy Crush Galleries

Here we will present a collection of images related to Candy Crush Saga! The images are categorized 4 different galleries and the galleries are going to be update every now and then! You can contribute by posting other photos in the facebook comment form!

About Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga has just recently made its entry to the gaming sector but its fans are increasing day by day, and that is for a good reason! Available on iPhone and iPad, this unparalleled title comes from, whose credentials have been the most prominent. And actually, this newly released game, played either with or without a Facebook connection, requires strategic mind and can guarantee tons of excitement and fun.

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