Crushing Candies Official re-vamp!


We previously mentioned the waiting time for the latest Candy Crush Soda Saga Episode to be released and just last week it was! On September 30th we welcomed the latest addition to the team…


Introducing the Gumdrop Acres Episode!!


We’ve been very excited to tackle another episode including levels 511 – 525 and we bet that there are plenty of Games Gurus out there who have already completed the Saga to its current fullest!


If you’ve got some tips to share with our Crushing Community then don’t hesitate to drop us a comment on our Facebook Page or head over to our newly refurbished site! We’ve still got all the content that you guys love most, but have re-vamped everything to include the best of the old and the best of the new.


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Not only can you find out about your favourite Candy Crush Sagas, but other King Games and more!

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Now it’s time to reveal the Evillest 5!

No.1: Level

No.2: Level

No.3: Level

No.4: Level

No.5: Level


Top Tip of the Week

‘Stuck on levels and need a helping hand? Don’t forget that the more Crushing friends that you make, the more help you can ask for when the time arises. Whether that be for some ‘Extra moves’ on a specific level, an ‘Extra Life’ or ‘Tickets’ to help you cross into the next episode without spending a penny on purchases! All you need is 5 Candy Crush friends to ask for lives from to refill your lives to full health! You can keep playing your favourite games for as long as you like without waiting for the 30 minute per life waiting time to carry on!’