The Candy Crush Saga mania continues! Lucas Cheong, a 14 years old boy spent not $100 or $200 but $4300 on extra moves and boosters in Candy Crush Saga. His father, Mr. Sean Cheong used to allow his son charge up to $100 to his iTunes

14-year old boy spents $4300 for Candy Crush

14-year old boy spents $4300 for Candy Crush

account connected credit card! The unpleasant shock came this month when Mr. Cheong realised that his son charged his credit card $4300!!

The thing is getting more serious that you probably think it is while at the same moment many parents prefer to spent money on apps like Candy Crush Saga in order for their siblings to avoid the risk of real world bad companies!  And then come the warnings (by Psychiatrists) against parents allowing their children to play dozens of hours, that can bring severe disorders in terms of socialization etc!

So tell us the truth.. how many (if any) have you been spending on Candy Crush Saga till now??