Candy Crush Saga has just recently made its entry to the gaming sector but its fans are increasing day by day, and that is for a good reason! Available on iPhone and iPad, this unparalleled title comes from, whose credentials have been the most prominent. And actually, this newly released game, played either with or without a Facebook connection, requires strategic mind and can guarantee tons of excitement and fun.

The idea behing Candy Crush

aboutThe notion of Candy Crush Saga is a simple one. The player finds himself / herself in the Candy world, which is a surfboard full of candies and colors. The goal here is to match candies in horizontal or vertical combinations so as to come up with lines of three or more similar candies. At first, this may seem trouble-free and relaxing (especially in the initial stages, your tasks are pretty uncomplicated) but you ’ve got to believe us, it’s more than just that! Although the pleasurable graphics and the bright colors, paired with cheeky music, contribute to that impression, Candy Crush Saga requires tactics and attentiveness to reward you with a high score, while a variety of missions also bring in a welcome and challenging aspect of systematic approach to the whole concept.

Main Goals

But even the main goal of matching three items of the same color in rows or columns shouldn’t be misunderstood: The exact wordage would be “match AT LEAST three candies of the same color”. That is undoubtedly more accurate since you will discover during playing that combining just three similar pieces is relatively easy. Therefore, the challenge is to match four or even five candies, and that calls for some brains. Once you manage to do that, you will be definitely rewarded: special sweets are the outcome of your efforts which you can then combine in appropriate ways so as to generate special effects that eliminate more candies and boost your score. Of course, each time you fail to complete a board, you lose one of the five lives you are given at the start.

In addition, Candy Crush Saga displays a spectacular variety of discrete game modes, each of them featuring a different objective. To give you an illustration, other modes require succeeding in your aim using a limited number of moves, elsewhere you ’ve got to make it in a limited period of time while other levels necessitate moving hidden ingredients to the bottom of the board.

Power Ups and Charms

The game also features Power Ups and Charms which are offered as you proceed through your play and can give you valuable help in troublesome conditions. The tricky point here is to use them wisely since they are relatively pricey. Another component of Candy Crush Saga which can deliver a welcome pump if you get “frozen” is something that can be described as an overactive hint system: if you fail to make a match for some seconds, potential combos are highlighted to help you move on. However, the matches displayed are just occasionally the appropriate ones, so use this hint with guardedness as relying on it will definitely compromise your playing.

A small but non-negligible drawback of the game is the response time, which is not very speedy, since the switching of the items delays for a while before being completed. Regardless of that, gaming remains enjoyable and quite engaging.

Is it expensive to play Candy Crush

On the other hand, what is really welcome is that, in general, you are not required to spend a fortune in order to enjoy the game. For example, even if you lose all your lives, you can wait for 30 minutes to get one renewed! Also, you will discover that the offered helping items are not at all essential; certainly, purchasing Boosters or live-kits can be valuable at times, however, you can move on without them, at least until you reach the final stages. Another element that is well accepted is that no annoying pop-ups emerge to force you purchase power ups or game credits. And, on the whole, there is no real pressure from on you to spend a substantial amount of your earnings on this game.

Candy Crush and Facebook

Finally, connecting to Facebook is also not mandatory, yet it can be handy at times. To use it, you can tap the Connect icon on the main menu and get valuable messages or exchange lives with your friends.

All in all, Candy Crush Saga is an exciting game that can render great entertainment, and even become highly addictive. Although the concept of matching similarly looking pieces is not a new one, its execution by is almost flawless, creating a game that gets past other comparable attempts and making it one of the most remarkable iOS efforts.

So, if you want to combine fun with tactics in a game, Candy Crush Saga is the one to play!