Hello Candy Crushers!

We have some great news for you!

We are proud to present our Infographic which shows the results of the polls we were running for almost 2 months along with a few other interesting details/stats regarding Candy Crush Saga! You should also feel proud about that because if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to carry out these polls and exclude all these interesting results! We need to notice that the results of the polls were determined by a sample of 1000 random Candy Crushers, visitors of CrushingCandies.com!

A few catchy conclusions according to our polls:

  • Level 65 is the evillest Candy Crush Level at the moment!
  • 1.7% of the Candy Crushers have spent more than $1000 while playing Candy Crush while only 58.4% didn’t spend even a cent!
  • Luck is the major factor that decides if someone will pass a level. The second most important factor is the existance of useful tips!

So here we go:

Candy Crush By The Numbers

Candy Crush By The Numbers

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