Probably many of you would claim that 30, 76, 65 or 97 were trickiest to beat, but after 4 weeks in the top of the “Candy Crush Evillest 5” Level 29 seems to be the toughest Level of the whole Candy Crush Universe! Only in during the last 30 days, we helped 49731 Candy Crushers to beat it, while second comes Level 76 with 30310 Candy Crushers! During the last 4 weeks there was not even a single day that another level had more visitors comparing to our tips and walkthrough for Level 29.

Desperate Candy Crushers after not being able to beat #29 post their funny, totally frustrated comments on twitter:

Arghhhhhh!! Level 29!!! #candycrush

Another thing am gonna scream about is if this cold doesnt go away and I dont get past level 29 on candy crush

#candycrush Now i know which are the two things i won’t ever learn: 1) Walk on the sea  2)Pass Level 29

level 29 in candy crush is slowly becoming the bane of my life

On level 29 on candy crush, if anyone has completed this I admit ur deep

Deb has been stuck on level 29 candy crush for a week. She has lost an arm and 3 toes over this tragic incident. Please help.

Level 29 on candy crush will be the death of me

If no one hears from me after tonight it’s either cos I’ve drown or ended my own life through not being able to do level 29 on candy crush

I’m going to sue candy crush because I’ve been on level 29 for about a month now and I’m very angry.

Can’t sleep. Candy Crush mode. Level 29 please

If I don’t get past level 29 today on candy crush my phone is going thru a window #frustrated #addicted #candycrush

This why we decided that an update in our tips section regarding level 29 would be necessary (we did the same in the past for Level 65)! So for the thousands of Candy Crushers that are stuck on #29 there is still hope! Read our updated tips right now!

Candy Crush Level 29

Candy Crush Level 29