Hey there Crushers! If you’ve checked out our Walkthrough Video section for the Candy Crush Saga then you will notice that we have got an available video for every single level and that’s exactly what we’ve got here, except these videos are for the Candy Crush Saga’s counterpart – Dreamworld. As stated before, we know how important these videos are to help you overcome those tricky levels but please be aware that not every level will offer you the same board as the last, so it is not advised to follow these videos match to match, but to simply to learn how to incorporate those moves into your own game. By watching all the videos available here and following the tips/strategies that goes with each episode, will give you a better fighting chance at beating every level you come to battle with.

Of course if you have any tips of your own or strategies that you think will help other Crushers out, then please do not hesitate to share them! We are a community of Crushers and we like to help each other out!


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Click here for some general tips and hints about the Dreamworld Saga!


Here is our complete list of Dreamworld Walkthrough Videos and their personalised episode tips: