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Lets have a look at some common questions about Candy Crush Saga:

What Should I Do To Get Through A Level?

Generally, you go through levels after reaching certain goals. More specifically, you firstly need to come up with a score that will give you at least one star and then carry out the task that will be assigned to you when beginning each level.

How Do I Come Up With The Bigger Score?

Just match three or more candies of the same color; fitting them together makes them explode, and that is what creates your score. Try not to just make matches of three (besides, that’s not very demanding!), but aim at combining four or five so as to earn more points and, thusly, collect as many stars as possible.

Is There Only One Game Mode In Candy Crush Saga?

On the contrary! The game features five different game modes with distinct objective, providing a unique level of variety. These are:
candy crush saga faq

  • Moves Level: Here, you are given a limited number of changes to hit your goal (that is to get at least one star), otherwise you will be required to go back to the start.
  • Jelly Level: During this game mode, you are given a limited number of moves in order to take out the jelly by matching the candy on top of it. Being unsuccessful in that will signify that you have failed the level.
  • Ingredients Level: Here, you are asked to take a number of ingredients that are set on the game board to the bottom row. On the side of the board, there is a kind of “recipe” that shows you the number of ingredients you must gather. But hurry up!
  • Time Level: In this game mode, you have a narrow time frame to achieve a minimum score. If you don’t manage to earn the needed points so as to get at least one star before time expires, you fail the level.
  • Candy Order Level: Your chore here is to gather a number of candies by eliminating the wanted ones before you run out of moves.

How Many Lives Does The Player Have?

You begin the game having five lives. Every time you don’t succeed to get through a level, one of them is lost. When you lose all of them, game is over unless you wait for 30 minutes for the life to be replaced. This potential may sound beneficial but not everyone is tolerant enough to wait half an hour to get another life. So, if you want immediate replenishment, you have to purchase a 5-life kit or ask your Facebook friends to send you some more.

Special Candies Will Astonish You!

As mentioned before, matching three candies can hardly be regarded as a strenuous endeavor. That’s why Candy Crush Saga offers you incentives to generate more intricate combinations which create Special Candies, delivering a beneficial impact on your game. For example, if you combine four candies in a row or a column, a Striped Candy is brought in, eradicating the entire row or column. Matching five candies in the shape of a T or an L generates a Wrapped Candy, which enables you to empty a 3×3 unit of candies. Similarly, putting five candies in a row delivers you a Color Bomb, which can be itself merged together with any candy of any color and eradicate every candy of this color! Finally, a gigantic super candy is created when you manage to combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy, eliminating several rows both up and across the board!

About Sugar Crush

Once you finish a level with moves or candies leftover, you get an extra bonus score as a reward for your exceptional performance!

About Charms

Charms are elements of the game that can generate a handy boost when you find yourself trapped in problematic circumstances. Unluckily, they are not for free but, once you shop for one, you can keep it for ever. In addition, they are constantly available, even though you need to switch them on and off, depending on the problem you want to overcome. They include mainly the Charm of Frozen Time, the Charm of Stripes and the Charm of Life. As concerns the latter, it raises your lives pack from five to eight (thus, the game will replenish up to eight lives a day). Yet, don’t assume that Charms are essential for completing the game; avid gamers have no difficulty in moving through the levels without having to resort to their help.

And What About Boosters?

Boosters give you a necessary lift when your progress through the game slows down. They are integrally linked to charges and that unfortunately means that, every time you use a Booster, a charge is wasted. Yet, Boosters remain cheaper than the majority of Charms. Many of them are set off on the screen just prior to starting a level whereas others can be triggered during gameplay by touching the appropriate button on the top left corner of the screen. They include the Color Bomb (which enables you begin a level with a free Color Bomb), the Jelly Fish (whose activation makes Jelly Fish turn up at random as you perform the Jelly levels), the Lollipop Hammer (enables you to eliminate candies) and the +5 More Moves (which provides you with an additional five moves).

What Does “Sweet, Tasty, Divine and Delicious” Is All About?

In essence, you see that every time a candy drops and is paired many times in a series, thus giving your score a boost.


First Of All, Is A Facebook Account Essential For Playing The Game?

Luckily, no! As you will see below, you can enjoy Candy Crush Saga without connecting to Facebook, although doing so allows you to receive valuable help by your friends –or helping them in return. (In fact, you can even play the game without an internet connection!)

Do Reinstalling The Game Or Logging Off The Facebook Account While Somebody Else Logs In Compromise My Progress?

Don’t worry. First of all, in case you play using a Facebook connection, your gaming is saved on the Facebook account, thus it is safe. On the other hand, playing without a Facebook connection guarantees only saving on the device, therefore, once the application is deleted or the phone is brought back to factory settings, your progress is lost. Regarding the second case, and provided you play while being connected to Facebook, your progress is saved on the account you use and is resumed once you log on again. This is feasible thanks to the fact that the game can support several log-ins with diverse accounts (this also explains that, once you log on with a different account, your progress from that point will be stored there). In case you choose to play without getting connected to Facebook, your progress is assimilated with that of the account which is logged in next.

What Does No 111858 Indicate When Intending To Connect To Facebook?

This is a common problem that is fixed by following these simple steps: Move to Settings, hit Developer Options, find Apps and deactivate the Don’t Keep Activities Option.

My Progress Is Not Exhibited On My Mobile; Also, It Seems That I Cannot Get Help Or Messages From My Friends. What Is The Matter?

Firstly, make sure that the synchronization with your Facebook account is proper. To do so, check out the small symbol on the map that appears on the lower right side of the screen; it must be green to work properly. If it’s red, then the synchronization is poor and it is advisable to search for a finer internet connection. In terms of getting your messages, sometimes it is essential to reconnect to Facebook by scrolling down the main menu and tapping on the Facebook Connect icon.

Is There A Chance Of My Updates Being Posted To My Facebook Wall Without My Approval?

No. In fact, apart from the Facebook Open Graph (of which you automatically become a part when you connect with Candy Crush Saga), which is a social chart with special tasks you have made in games, updates on your Facebook wall are posted only with your authorization; similarly, requests to your friends are sent only if you have intentionally sent them from the game.

What Is Wrong With Items That Don’t Work?

Purchasing items from the shop which seem to be non-functional is not a rare situation. The explanation has again to do with internet connection. When you shop for something, a message that verifies the purchase is sent to Candy Crush Saga by the Apple iTunes Store. Therefore, if the internet connection is weak at that moment, the message cannot be delivered properly, causing the problem. Luckily, this malfunction is very likely to be sorted out by tapping on the Restore button, thus bringing back your iTunes purchases. In case this doesn’t work, check your e-mail account and find your item on the receipt sent to you and track down the download. In any other case, click on the Report a Problem link.

Is There Anything That I Can Do If The Game Crashes When Going Into A Level?

Yes. Usually, a game crash is the outcome of inadequate memory of your device. To deal with that, it is recommended to clear its memory by restarting it –while managing to save your data at the same time.

Are There Any New Levels On The Way?

Yes. has the intention of coming up with updates concerning new levels and other features, every three weeks.


Which Devices Are Compatible With Candy Crush Saga?

The Minimum iOS version recommended is the 4.3.5 and can be played on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, iPad 1 or later models, and third generation or later iPod Touch. The game is also available on Android devices to download via Google Play; note here that these models must be equipped with ARMv7 processor, run on Android OS 2.2 or higher, support OpenGL ES 2.0 and have a 320×480 resolution or higher.

So, we hope that you have found this FAQ guide useful. All you have to do now is enjoy hours of entertaining gaming with Candy Crush Saga!

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While there are hundreds of comments on this article its pretty hard to find answers to your questions in such a mess. What is our suggestion? It would be much easier to ask your questions on our Forum relevant section, in a seperate topic. This is why no more comments will be accepted on this post and there will be no more answers to your questions. In order to ask your question on our forum you first need to register (you should provide a valid email) and then proceed to the  Help section and click the “NEW TOPIC” button (you can find it on the upper right) in order to ask your question.. our community will be more than willing to help you.

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74 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga FAQ”
  1. Viola mason

    What part of the game I don’t understand ,I love the game and it is forstrating me

  2. Viola mason

    I am on level 76 and have bring more than three of the ingredient Dow and its not being counted

  3. Jho

    I’m playing candy crush on my iPod touch 5th gen but when I’m connecting to Facebook, it says I’m not currently connected to the Kingdom. What does it mean and how can I possibly solve this? Thanks!

  4. Lin

    I am currently playing level 158. I have an issue that occurs EVERY Tuesday. I play on an iPad 111, ALL of my friend’s gifts of lives disappear. I used to keep them & use them when needed but have lost c. 130 lives in the past 4-5 weeks, & always on Tuesday. What happens is I am requested to “reconnect to Facebook”, but I never “unconnected”?! Please advise, thanks!

  5. courtney

    How do I access my extra moves sent to me after I accepted them?

  6. Hannah

    I was on level 45 and after many lives, completed it and moved on to level 46. I play on my iPad through the app but it is connected to Facebook also. However I’ve gone to play it again today (24 hours ish later) and its gone back to level 45 and can’t get past it again! Why is this? And can u get back to the next level without completing this level (45) by fate??

    • candy

      these issues are pretty common :/ do you have the latest version of the app?

      • Hannah

        Yeah have updated it. So annoying because I can’t get past that level again!!!

  7. Jessica

    I accidentally downloaded the candy crush app under my finances facebook and even when I delete the app and log out of his fb it still shows his friends! Help.

  8. Bjl

    I just installed the latest update on my iPhone and level 285 appears to have a glitch. Even after knowing to save the fish until the end to clear the jelly from the three rocks on the bottom, fish seem to never go to the bottom, they just take away candy that has already been cleared and doesn’t help any more. Is there a fix pending?

    • candy

      You are the first to report it, we will contact King and we suggest that you do the same! Try this email:

      • yaodc

        I’m on level 285 on my iPad and experiencing the same problem. Hopefully they can fix it

  9. Tammy

    When requesting lives from friends, why do only some of my FB friends appear as choices? Most of those listed don’t play Candy Crush and I have many friends who do play and can help but I am unable to send them requests. Thanks!

  10. Fran G.

    Color Bombs are my favorite candies in CandyCrush. And matching 2 of them is a thing of beauty. You probably already know this but matching 2 Color Bombs will clear EVERY candy on the board, no matter the color! It’s a-freakin’-mazing!! Especially when you’re in a bind.

  11. Ajai

    If you re-install candy crush, will it delete your progress

    • candy

      Definitely not if you are playing it on Facebook! And if you play it on iOS or Android, you should connect your device with FB and then uninstall/reinstall!

  12. Jane Pepler

    What happens if you get 7 candies you together? Ie in a big T?

  13. Susan

    My husband has been playing on his iPhone. He has the latest updates of FB and CCS, however, when he goes to request lives or tickets – none of his FB show up on the list even when he types their names. I have disconnected his fB account and reconnected it – he does get asked if he wants to send lives and that’s the only time his FB friends show up. What is going on ?

    • candy

      i would also suggest that you uninstall/reinstall the candy crush app, if nothing else works.

  14. Gemwi

    When’s the update its got to be soon hasn’t it!!!!!!

    • candy

      you just have to contact King and ask them when the new update will be released!

  15. Rai

    I play candy crush on a pc (windows xp) and now when i am at the end of the level it does not load the next one.
    also it does not save the level if i complete it.

    I already deleted my cookies and history and tried again without any succes.

    what to do?



    • candy

      make sure you’ve upated to the latest version. If this doesn’t fix issues you should probably uninstall/reinstall the app (if you are playing via facebook, your progress will be saved in your facebook account)

  16. helen sneddon

    i have completed level 20 but it wont let me move on to level 21
    please help?


    I am at level 100 in candy crash when I get down to 5 moves the game ends and I can’t figure out why

    • candy

      weird enough! You are the first one to report that.. we will contact King and we will update you!

  18. João Gonçalves

    Hello, I´ve been playing (android tablet) but when I came to level 36 it says to connect to facebook how can I play without facebook connection? thanks in advance an keep up the great work
    (sorry i´ve mistaken in the last post, not leve 30 but 36)

    • candy

      oops i answered that in the previous comment :)

  19. João Gonçalves

    Hello, I´ve been playing (android tablet) but when I came to level 30 it says to connect to facebook :( how can I play without facebook connection? thanks in advance an keep up the great work

    • candy

      please make sure you’ve updated to the latest version!

      • João Gonçalves

        Thanks, I have version 1.0.9 (I thought it was the latest) it says in level 36 :”É necessária ajuda dos seus amigos para obter um ingresso! Peça quantos você puder ou compre um ingresso para embarcar” I don´t use facebook and wanted so much to keep going :(

  20. Yummi

    Why can’t i see few of my new friends in candy crush while requesting more lives from them? Thank u so much

    • candy

      which device are you playing Candy Crush on? The several updates may have caused some issues. I receive dozens of similar reports from other Crushers! Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version!

  21. Jennifer

    Me and my partner play candy crush all the time (we’re always competing on who can get further!) we’re both on level 98 at the moment but his target is only 90000 whereas mine is 110000! Why is this? Thanks xx

    • candy

      just answered this question before, please have a look!

      • derik

        Thank you for the answer. Both of us play on our droids though. I looked at my wife’s and hers was different home screen so I checked and she had automatic updates turned off. I updated her version and her target score went from 110000 to 90000. I guess they changed the target in the update.

        • candy

          that makes sense! you are absolutely right! thanks for sharing this :)

  22. angie

    what should I do to reset a pin number when purchasing more life

  23. Razaele

    I am unable to connect my Facebook account to my Candy Crush Saga app on my iPod Touch 4th gen. What do I need to do to accomplish this?

    • candy

      Please uninstall the Candy Crush app, then login to facebook on your browser, connect Candy Crush with your facebook account and then reinstall the Candy Crush application. Hopefully it will work!

      • Razaele

        But won’t reinstalling the Candy Crush application erase all of my progress?

        • candy

          If you used to play exclusively on iPod then you should probably update to the latest version and the connection issues will be probably eliminated. If you are also playing on PC via Facebook, your progress will have been tracked down in your facebook account and you should just reinstall Candy Crush on your iPod and then connect your FB account with it.

          A second solution: Another player send me a message saying that if you download and activate Hotspot shield you can connect your iOS on FB! You can also give it a try!

          • Razaele

            I tried reinstalling Candy Crush on my iPod but it still didn’t work. Thank you for the Hotspot shield advice, but I’d rather not resort to any 3rd party programs in order to get this working. What else can I do to fix this problem?

  24. Vwheeler

    All of a sudden on my computer I’m on level 101 but on my IPad it is still on 98. What happened it didn’t change?

    • candy

      this is a bug or something.. first try restart your device in order to clear memory. this can solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, you should probably uninstall and reinstall the app in your iPad!


    I am at level 53 and cannot understand what trigers a chocolate square to cover up a space/jelly? or candy. If I understood why, maybe I could go on to Level 54 sooner then later. Thanks, Sherry

    • candy

      This is how it works.. chocolate covers other candies each turn you don’t remove it! So one of your first priorities should be to remove chocolate!

  26. derik

    My wife and I both play and were stuck at level 98. I finally cleared it but not until we noticed that her target for the level was 110000 and mine was only 90000. Any idea what the reason for the difference could be?

    • candy

      Other fans also reported that. i guess you play the game on iOS while your wife is playing it on the PC! This is why this happens.. you should connect your iOS device with your Facebook account and then play it on your PC!

      • nick

        My friend and i have noticed the same difference in target on the same level. We both play on our Android phones. She is ready to quit the game because she has a higher target!

        • candy

          do you play the same version of the game? probably you have the latest version while she has an older one!

  27. sandi

    recently i purchased charms and now i can;t get free lives by watching a video… why

    • candy

      According to King’s FAQ The Charm of Lives increases the maximum number of lives from 5 to 8! Having said that, the game will regenerate up to 8 lives each day. In addition, if you purchase a full life refill you will get 8 lives (if you have purchased Charm of Lives)

  28. Amanda

    Is there a way to reverse the sync between devices? I was playing the game on iPhone and iPad which were both up to different levels. Once logging onto fb they are both at the same level now but I want them to be back at the original levels before I synced.

    • candy

      i will contact King about that while i am not aware of the answer. Please do the same (contact mail:! If i have any news i will update you!


        Thanks will do and will wait anxiously for your response.

        • candy

          just answered! hope you will do it now :)

  29. Sandy

    I purchased candy crush saga charm of life adding three extra lives. When I play I do not have eight lives, I get five than if I wait thirty minutes I get one more. What happened to my purchase. I received a receipt from iTunes. I tried to report a problem but I get an error message.

    • candy

      According to King, when purchasing a Charm of life your maximum number of lives is set to 8 (rather than 5). So Candy Crush will regenerate 8 lives per day. Besides if you buy a full life refill you will get 8 lives immediately!


    I am unable to connect to facebook when playing the game on my kindle fire. I was able to send for help from friends and now I can’t can anyone help me cause when I go onto my computer now i’m not on the same level.

    • candy

      Guide straight from amazon: You can choose to connect your Kindle Fire HD to Twitter and Facebook to sync photos and share reading highlights, what you’re listening to, game info, and more.

      Choose Twitter or Facebook and sign in to connect your Kindle Fire HD. (Once connected, you can disconnect from or reconnect to these social networks any time under Settings -> My Account.)
      When you’re finished connecting accounts, tap Get Started Now.

  31. Janette

    I am unable to use the lives friends send me if I am already at 5 when I start my game. No way to get to my requests after I “x” out of the mail requests.

    • candy

      just answered that previously!

      • Janette

        Thank you! :-) Sorry for the re-post…didn’t think it went through the first time. Hopefully they will let us use the requests in the future.

  32. Janette

    I am unable to use my requests friends send me after I goto the game. Is there someway of using the lives sent to me at a later time?

    • candy

      many users have the same issue! We searched for an answer from but no answer on the specific question. So the answer is obvious, if you have 5 lives already you can’t use lives sent by your friends!

  33. Bobby

    Help I am stuck on level 81 , I have all the tickets but when I click on play it freezes on the loading page

    • candy

      Several visitors reported the same problem! is aware of it and they will try to fix it! But what we suggest is:
      - if you play the game in iOS please try to reinstall it
      - if you play it on facebook try to refresh the browser’s cache

      If nothing of these works please contact to report the issue.. the more complaints the soonest they will fix it!

  34. Muffy

    I have been stuck on level 46 for many days. It seems there are just not enough moves available for this level. I’ve tried making all sorts of combos, but there isn’t much to work with. Is it just luck??? I’m about to quit the whole game. I’m getting very discouraged. WHAT AM I doing wrong???

  35. Aey

    How can i download or upgrade to level246?

    • candy

      Obviously you are playing via iOS device, right? Update is not yet available! We contacted them to ask how soon will it be published but no answer til now! will update you!

      • candy

        Next update is just launched: 290-305 levels are available for iOS