Candy Crush Saga Level 100

Candy Crush Level 100Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 60,000 points or more to win this level!

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 85000 points
3 stars: 110000 points

You only have 20 moves to bust through the white blockers and clear the gel, but you do have to get to the bomb since it explodes after 15 if you don’t match it. It’s harder to remove the top level white blockers and the bottom corner ones. Note the blockers in the bottom right and bottom left are NOT gel squares and don’t need to be removed.

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 100

The bomb has to be hit twice—once to unlock it and once to remove it. Try breaking the cream blocks from one side unless you can make a vertically striped candy match to hit the bomb.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 100”
  1. Lorelei

    I’ve been stuck on level 100 for quite awhile now. Candy Crush was fun in the beginning and now I simply HATE it. I was becoming more and more frustrated with this game after each level, but level 100 is probably the level I’ll stop at and either delete the game from my device, or just play the lower levels until I get bored and waste my time somewhere else. To be completely honest, I think it was just dumb luck I got this far. If I do get the bomb to disappear, I don’t have enough moves to clear all the jellies. I looked at all of the tips and when I do make a striped candy, very rarely is it lined up to where I need it. I’ve also tried a chocolate bomb with no luck. Only a couple of times have I gotten within two jellies before I run out of moves. This only makes me more frustrated. I thought the whole idea of this game was to be fun, challenging yes, but overall the objective was to be fun. Well, it isn’t fun anymore for me.


      Well it seems like your so close to defeating this level, so hang in there. you’ll be able to do it! :D

  2. Ruthlmil1

    I am on level 100, after 15 moves the game is over. it should be 20 moves,
    is the counter wrong or there is other reason?


      You do have 20 moves to beat the level, but the bomb explodes after 15 moves if it hasn’t been matched. Here’s a link to our walkthrough video and tips Don’t forget to read them as they will definitely help you beat this level, just be patient :)

  3. Red

    If you don’t have good candies on first screen don’t start it, just exit and restart the game until you get good positioning of candies. Your life will not be deducted as long as you don’t do the first move


      yeap, this is a good hint!

  4. Nichole Bushby

    I agree, the game is gettin too tough.
    It takes too long too pass levels. Use too
    Many lives on one level.

  5. Rapunzel209

    Nothing I read specifically says when the count down on bomb starts!?!??? If the bomb starts once game starts then it is considered a timed game????


      No, timed games are completely different! In timed games you have to beat a score in a specific time limit

  6. PenniKat

    I have been working on this level for 2 weeks and haven’t even come close to the goal! This game has become so difficult that it isn’t even fun to play anymore! I know the trick! Pay hundreds of dollars for extra moves and boosts! That is Candy Crush Sagas goal!!!

    • Team

      did you try to follow Matt’s tips?

  7. PenniKat

    I agree about the levels getting so difficult that the game isn’t even fun anymore. It seems the game is over before you really even have a chance to play. I’m starting to NOT like the game anymore, and I’ll be damned before I pay MORE cash to play it !

    • Team

      there is no need to pay.. just follow our tips & strategy and the results will be astonishing

  8. Gill

    There are no tips at all on level 100 and so having spent way too long already playing this one, I think it’s time to chuck in the towel on this game all together!

    • Nichole Bushby

      I’m with ya. Its gettin too hard


        You should both try to take advantage of Matthew’s tips

        • susan

          what was matthew’s tip?


            Sorry Susan, Unfortunately it seems like Matthews tip has gone :( we will conjure up some new tips to help your Crushers beat this level ! In the meantime, good Luck and Crush On!!!

  9. TBeahm

    Oh another thing – you typically tell us that we need to focus on the bottom and let the top fall down – are you saying above – that outside of the bomb – that we should focus on the top of the screen (those jellies)?

  10. TBeahm

    No the tips should also include how many hits each jelly takes. For instance – the ones that have frosting on the top – do they have to be hit three times???

  11. Sarah

    Still no tips? I can’t even get close with this level! IF I am lucky enough to even clear the bomb…. I am never close to clearing out the jelly…. Is this level purely based on luck alone?

    • candy

      we provide a few tips.. don’t they help?

  12. Aa


    • candy

      will update them pretty soon!

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