Candy Crush Saga Level 102

level 102 NEWTarget
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 65,000 points to win this level!

1 star: 65000 points
2 stars: 115000 points
3 stars: 145000 points


Unlike the previous version of this level, there is NO more chocolate to destroy, which makes defeating this level a whole lot easier. Plus bombs will now start at 8 moves, so don’t worry about them so much until they start hitting the 4/5 move mark – Your priority in this level is to remove the Meringue and Licorice blocking your way to the exit. The best way to eliminate these blockers, is by creating a wrapped candy/striped candy combo.


Here is a walkhtrough video for Candy Crush Level 102

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 102


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26 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 102”
  1. Linda Ashby

    Game 102 Dutch. Sheer impossibility to win. Can it be made
    Easier as you cannot get enough vertical fruit to get bombs

  2. Kathryn Bass

    Candy crush level 102 is impossible. I have the version without chocolates and cannot get thru it. Been trying for a month. I am done with this game.


      thanks for letting us know, we shall correct this level and add a new video with the chocolate version shortly, hold on Kathryn, we will help you defeat this level :D

  3. Louise

    I can’t get past 102 and I’m playing Candy Crush a game I like less and less
    Can they make Candy Crush for seniors
    Or can someone send me a good fairy please


      Lol, have fun with the game Louise. If you can’t play, simply have a break and play again the next day. Maybe the fairy of luck will visit you then :)

  4. Giuliana

    I have reached level 102 and the game seems to be frozen. I cannot ‘move’ any of the candies. Please help!


      Any other facing the same issue?

      • Marie

        I cleaned out my cookies and then tried again. That seemed to help. Someone told me this happens when they are updating the game.


          Thanks for noticing that :)

          • Sheilah

            When does the new update come thru for I pads level 102 still has chocolate

  5. Jane

    I found you basically have to combine a color bomb with a striped candy. This turns all that color striped and when the all go off you have a good chance that all the chocolate and locked will be gone. This was an AWFULLY hard level…..took me well over a week. And I thought #70 was bad.


      thanks for sharing Jane!!

  6. Mary H

    I do not understand how to get candies to drop below the separate space. I understand I can clear out a row in the bottom section with a horizontal striped candy but how do I get one down there?? All that seems to happen when I use a vertical striped candy is it opens up the chocolate which then blocks my way. Maybe I just can’t see the forest for the trees???

    • Jane mcMivhael

      Your best bet is to try a color bomb with a striped candy. That will clear out ALOT!


        thanks for your tip Jane!

  7. sklamb

    I look at your tips and videos every time I come to a level I have difficulty with. They usually help, maybe not within one try, but usually within the next few tries. I’m very grateful! My only comment is that usually the video players go too fast. I have to back them up and watch the moves over and over because they go way too fast to follow. That’s all. Otherwise, thanks a bunch.


      We’re glad we can help but you can always check out our tips and discussions that take place too. Good Luck for the future.

  8. Inez

    ” Watch your bombs as they are only 5 move bombs. ”
    There are plenty more than 5 bombs ??? I have counted them ?

    • suzy q

      5 *MOVE* bombs–meaning you only have 5 moves on each BOMB before it explodes.

    • Michelle J.

      “5-move bombs” … in other words, the bombs go off after only 5 moves… not that there are 5 bombs. :)

      • Team

        you’re right!

  9. Mary

    Level 102…do not feel it is fair to waste a life when a bomb comes up with absolutely no way to clear!

    • Team

      but this is how it works!

    • Jane mcMivhael

      My sister always said to her kids…..”a Fair’s a place you take a horse to be judged”. It sucks I agree but is what it is. Good luck!

  10. Gen

    I’m trying to figure that out too. At the 1 min mark. Wtf?

  11. Coopersworkshop

    In video at the 1:00 mark, the orange bomb is set to explode,and player chooses to do a move to the right that makes line of 4 vertical . Did he calculate that would trigger moves that would explode orange bomb, or was it luck?

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