Candy Crush Saga Level 108

Candy Crush Level 108Target
Score 14,000 points in 120 seconds.

1 star: 14000 points
2 stars: 23000 points
3 stars: 32000 points

Try your best to remove the locked in pieces to allow for more room to make 4 and 5 match candies. Just keep up with the matching and the 9 move bombs and 14,000 points should come no problem.

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 108

If a bomb is ready to explode, and you have the required points, simply let time expire—they are triggered by moves, not seconds.

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 108”
  1. Linda

    How do you let the time run out? If I stop playing the time also stops and doesn’t “run down.” For example, I followed the advice, had a score of 19,960 with 1:43 left on the clock. The clock stops unless I continue playing. Help!!

  2. judith

    Great tip. Won this in one try by simply slowing down and waiting for the time to run out after I had 14,000 points. thanks!


      you’re welcome judith

  3. Carol

    Great advice – it worked for me! I wish I read these posts before I lost two lives trying to get through this level.

    • Team

      Good news, Carol! If you need any help in the future we are here to support you!

  4. Amy

    Well actually it is MUCH easier to let the time run down to about a minute or a minute and a half in the beginning BEFORE the bombs start dropping. You could even go down to 30-45 seconds before starting. 14000 points is very easy to get. And definitely try not to join with candies displaying extra time….. It works backwards in your favor on this level.

    • Team

      thanks for sharing your tips!

  5. Rosemary

    Keep in mind… If u continue to play after you reach the points you need for this level & one of the bombs blow, you DO NOT pass this level. I continued past the 14,000 trying to get colors to match the bombs to get rid of them, but lost, several times. I realized once I reach the required points, I could sit & let the timer run out & pass this level. I guess it depends on your goal. If you only want to get past this level, then get your required points & then sit & wait til the timer runs out. But if you going for maximum poinnts, then play on. :)

    • Team

      didn’t notice that before! thanks for your contribution

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