Candy Crush Saga Level 110

Candy Crush Level 110Target
Score 100,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 150000 points
3 stars: 200000 points

While the scoring isn’t the hard part here, keeping an eye on the bommbs to prevent them from exploding is. With only 5 moves on each bomb, you really have to keep an eye out for the and matches.

Here is a walkthrough video for Candy Crush Level 110

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 110

The bombs have 2 purposes–to trip you up but also to raise your score. You get 3,000 per bomb removed so it’s to your benefit to keep removing them as soon as you can. Make striped and wrapped candies when you can because they will come in handy to remove the bombs.

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31 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 110”
  1. Mark

    Don’t know if anyone else has seen this but bomb matched with color bomb gives 75,000. Just get one of these and keep all other matching in the middle columns to make clearing bombs easier. Good luck……I needed 150,000 to clear quest and got over 300,000……


      Wow that’s great Mark! Thanks for the tip and well done :)

  2. gemma

    please help….I have done this level and now need to ask friends to get tickets for the next bit…however it wont let me ask friends or even buy gold….????without this I cant move and must play games i have done before…..just freezes up with waiting dots like it is loading friends names to ask and thats it!HELP!

  3. cheryl

    Twice now i reached over 100,000 , gives me a checkmark saying i got it but then it says I failed. What the heck is that all about. How can I get this error rectified so i can go on to the next level. Please help. Thanks


      If the bomb explodes while on the 40 moves, you will lose even if you score more than 100k!

  4. Cari in North Texas

    This level was nearly as hard or time consuming as 109, thankfully. I’ve noticed that they’ll give you a relatively easy level after a hard one.


      this is a suggestion we should check! The good thing is you beat it!!

  5. Chrissy

    You have to get to the minimum score without dying from bombs (obviously) but you have to get to 0 moves and you can have bombs on screen. It’s not like the others where you get the Rush after reaching the goal.

  6. Chris

    I can beat this level fairly regularly but never more than one star. Combos etc seem to provide very little points towards the score fill bar, although sometimes only a combo of a stripe candy and a corner combo candy (the exploding kind) suddenly fills half the bar. But only sometimes. btw the bombs appear in the columns you’ve just dropped. So when u expect a bomb or two to appear, don’t drop the sides, or the bombs will appear in these difficult columns on the sides.
    I passed this a hundred levels ago and still can’t get 3 stars. There’s a whole lot of facebook design semi-randomness involved, rather than random chance and skill. All of the so called random luck is carefully crafted. Insert coin here. Thankfully i don’t spend any money on these rigged games.

  7. DianeB

    Used the tips and got it on the first try. Woo Hoo!


      Thanks for positive feedback Diane!

  8. Gerrick F

    hahaha,we all have the same problem,im stuck in this level for 1 week and im so exhausted,but i keep on playing hoping that one day i will find my luck to get rid of this freaking level. . go go go candy crushers. . I HATE THIS LEVEL,BUT I LOVE THIS GAME. . .


      try to utilize our tips/strategy!

      • Passing time

        Finally passed this level but it was just by the luck of the candies! Next level Is great even if you aren’t passing it you can play and make special candies -more fun to use your noggin than just hope they all fall into place.

        • Gerrick Ferrerm

          Finally i beat this level,i beat it twice,just keep on making wrap candies and stripped and combine it as possible,then if you have 5 move left,and no bomb make a special candies for that remaining moves,hope it will help you.

          Go Go Go candy crush. .


            good for you! Keep goin Gerrick :)

  9. Passing time

    Always just get to 80k. Once to 99. The bombs always come in the corners towards the end -Cant match them up. Spend most of my moves diffusing bombs. If your lucky, you get a color bomb-sprinkled candy- to clear the bomb ,but doesn’t give many points. It’s a wasted special candy. This level should be easy if you could match every bomb. Making special candies is almost impossible because you give up those chances to match the bomb. After level 109, the game is ceasing to be challenging. It’s more just a matter of luck. Odds of passing this level!? Slim.


      We will ask our Expert Patricia to proide more tips asap! Hope this will help!!


        Just added Patricia’s Tips

  10. Carol

    This is a frustrating close in the score and a bomb goes off. Watching the bombs but sometimes I can ‘t combine candies to get rid of them. Maybe my luck will improve in a day or two..

    • Team

      sure it will! it sounds like you are so close!

  11. Nana

    How many bombs in this level? They seem to be never ending but thanks for letting us know we have 5 moves to get rid of each bomb. I always wondered how the timer worked. Some seem to explode faster than others. Been stuck on this level 2 weeks.

  12. Wendy

    Wow no tips! I’m really struggling! I can beat the bombs but fail because if the score

    • Team

      first priority is to get rid of the bombs.. did you do that?

      • Wendy

        Hi! Yes I have! I have no problem clearing the bombs but my score is never high enough! I do combos & everything but no luck!

        • Team

          you need to keep trying.. patience is virtue when talkinb about candy crush

        • Wendy

          I think I see the problem. On a PC you only need 100000 points to pass the level. On my iPhone I have to score a minimum of 150000 points. I can’t get there.

          • Team

            why don’t you play it on PC?

          • Wendy

            I am one of those rare creatures that doesn’t have a PC ????

          • Wendy

            Those were supposed to be !!!! not ???? Sorry! I don’t own a computer :-)

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