Candy Crush Saga Level 111

Candy Crush Level 111Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 90,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 90000 points
2 stars: 160000 points
3 stars: 220000 points

Break through the Jelly early and head down if you can drop a horizontal striped candy down to help clear out some of the blocks here. The bottom left and right corners are the hardest to finish off. Remember each square needs to be hit 4 times (twice to remove the block twice on the double Jelly), so a color bomb is almost essential to passing here. Keep your eyes up top for possible striped candies or color bomb possibilities.

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 111

The hardest part of this level is getting started. You need to focus on vertically striped candy matches initially to break the blocks and work down. Once you start to get candies into the jellies, switch your focus to horizontally striped candies and striped/wrapped combos. A color bomb/striped candy combo will really help clear out a lot of jellies.

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10 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 111”
  1. abhi

    i got infinite switches on level 105. how did it happens?


      We have no idea abhi, but enjoy it while it lasts :)

  2. abhi

    i got infinite switches on level 105. how did it happen ?

  3. Amy Sliger

    The person playing in that video missed no less than 20 striped candy opps and just really got lucky at the end. I just produced 5 chocoball+ striped candy combos PLUS a special 2 chocoball combo and it didnt make nary a dent in the board. The two cocoballs maybe eliminated two candies, neither of which were even in jelly. Also, so of the jellies have to be matched up to 5 times before they break, not four. Rsndomly regular jellies won’t break at all after multiple matches. I think your “tips” for a strategy on a game based solely on a combo of luck and a bug free platform frustrate me more than the game. I really should evaluate why I spend time on something that gives me displeasure, and quite frankly, adds unnecessary grief.


      We will add new tips soon but i wonder if you even read the strategy Mat followed! In any case if you feel so much frustrated i guess the best option is to stop playing


        Patricia’s Tips just added

      • Sarah G

        Your tips are very helpful especially when combined with the video walkthrough. Thanks.


          thanks for positive feedback sarah

    • Gerrick Ferrerm

      oh come on,its so hard we just have limited moves then we need to destroy the cover twice,hope that i can beat this level.


        hey you are only a few hours on this level! keep tryin crusher!

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