Candy Crush Saga Level 117

Candy Crush level 117Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 1 cherry) in 40 moves and score 35,000 points

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 105000 points

Placement of the ingredients is essential to beating this level. If they are not in the 3 middle rows, then you have to manually move them to the 3 middle rows to get them down and out. Once you can break through the white blocks, kill off the chocolate and keep moving down the ingredients. Try not to get them stuck in a corner as its virtually impossible to get them moving once they are stuck there.

Here is a Walkthrough Video for Candy Crush Level 117 and a few tips that will probably be proved to be helpful:

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 117

Try to play the center columns of the board so the ingredients drop there—that’s where the exits are. Make a striped/wrapped combo to get rid of the chocolate or use a vertically striped candy match in the same column as the ingredient to propel it out through the chocolate.

Other Candy Crush Level 117 Tips

  • The main tip for this level is to play at the middle of the board, mainly after the last fruit (ingredients) is dropped down). This makes the whole thing easier because no new fruits will appear on the sides. Most Crushers complain for having the ingredients trapped in the sides, so this tip is golden in this case!
  • Your second priority is to destroy choc asap. Vertical striped candies are pretty helpful!
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28 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 117”
  1. Bubble_Gum101

    On level 117 for a while have tried EVERYTHING…. finally got 2 of three ingredients down, 5 moves left and the third piece never came down… I doubt any tips can solve that one CCS FAIL!!!!!

  2. Alex

    Thanks for the tip, was on this level forever. It worked for me immediately after i read your tip. Great, Love it


      Keep reading our tips you will soon find them again useful

  3. Erin

    I just hated this level..My fruit always started on the side, which was impossible to win the game….until I read on this thread that (if you’re using an iPhone or iPad ONLY-not computer) if you don’t make a move, you can keep backing out so the fruit is in the middle–WITHOUT loosing a life!! Once I was able to START the game with the first fruit in the middle, I beat it! There is hope! Don’t give up! :)


      Good to read this Erin! Keep crushing

    • Lois

      How do you back out?

  4. Roger

    These clues really helped-I spent days on this level-as soon as I learnt about center placement of fruit – I was thru this in 3 tries – the exit button trick is “fab”. !!!


      Great news indeed! thanks for the positive feedback Roger

  5. Laura

    I spent $$$ trying to beat this level for weeks! Then I read the tip to concentrate on the 3 middle columns and passed it in one try! Unbelievable! Should have read these tips awhile ago and saved my $$…stupid I know!


      That’s the point! We are so glad to help you! Keep goin Laura

  6. BabaYaga

    Well, I was focusing on the middle before I came here looking for help. There are just too few moves there to stay throughout the game.

    Another thing I found useful is that vertical striped candies will take out the chocolate on the bottom without completely destroying the barrier, because that needs two ‘hits’ to take it out. I almost won once that way.

    In the end, though, this one has defeated me. I am not unskilled – I ran tho previous three levels each on the first try. But with this one, I nearly gave up playing at all. In the end, I got to one that nearly finished and bought more moves.

  7. diymj

    this tips really work…focus on the middle..1 try and I succeed…

    • Team

      We are happy to providing helpful tips! Thanks for positive feedback

  8. Michelle

    After I read this one try and I!!! I just focused on the middle three!!!

    • Team

      hey Michelle.. we are glad we helped you!

  9. Justin

    Pretty insane tip. Won after one try by concentrating in the middle!

    • Team

      thanks for positive feedback :)

    • Lois

      Obviously you who are getting it after reading tip on first try are getting the right game as I have just had several good tries and got absolutely nowhere. Get nothing to play to make stripes, nothing.

  10. Rosemary

    I dont recall seeing a door either. I play on android but all i do, if i dont like the setup of the level, is hit my back button & then press play again. U can do this over & over until u get a screen your wanting to attempt.

    • Mary

      I hit the back button and lost a life. I saw a red dot on the lower left and clicked on it and lost another life!

      • BabaYaga


  11. Cassie

    What “door (in the lower left corner menu)”? The only thing I have is a red button that says “quit game” then it also says “you will lose a life”. So what DOOR?

    • jcruz

      Was wondering about the red door, too. If you’re using an android, click the arrow on the lower left corner, then you’ll see the red door. As Polina said, don’t make any moves after you see the screen.

      Thanks for posting re playing in the middle!

  12. Polina

    Just did it! So greatful for the tip to play in the middle. It really helped. Also, make sure you start with the first fruit in the center rows. If you don’t like the combination, don’t do any moves, just go out the door (in the lower left corner menu) and start a new game without losing a life. This proved helpful to me too. Good luck and happy crushing!

    • candy

      Great news Polina! We are happy we helped! And the tips about “restarting games” is pretty cool :)

    • BabaYaga

      I find no way to go out without losing lives. After dozens of tries though, I was delighted to lose a life rather than continue playing a hopeless game.

  13. Polina

    Any tips on how to get the fruit to the middle? Appreciate the tip, but still would get a fruit stuck occasionally . Any suggestions?

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