Candy Crush Saga Level 121

Candy Crush Level 121Target
Score 50,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 75000 points
3 stars: 100000 points

You have to get rid of the bomb in the middle in 10 moves or less, so take out some spinners and pillage the white blocks to get to it. Once it is gone, then keep on trucking as fast as you can to hit 50,000 points, you really need some help points wise, the bombs are worth 3,000 each, so grab them when you can as they will drop in from time to time.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 121

Work the bottom corner of either side to allow the bomb to drop into the playing field—it’s easier to remove. Then take out the bombs and make as many striped or wrapped candies as possible.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 121”
  1. Steve

    I’m only getting 50 sec. to play level 121. I don’t know if the game was changed as I only reached it this morning. Literally impossible, without outrageous luck, to get close.
    Also, on two other sites about this level, the same board is used and they get 120 sec. timed by my watch to beat it. So either this level has been severely changed or someone online is somehow cheating. In any circumstance, outrageous luck is going to have to be involved to get close to beating this in 50 sec.


      You could be experiencing a technical glitch, but have you tried playing this game on a different device then to the one you are already playing on?

  2. Abc

    I got through 121 but now I am in the quests. The third quest is the same. 90 seconds but you have to get 75000 to pass. So many people are havi g crazy trouble getting to 50000. 75000 is just impossible. I gave up.

    • Abc

      the set of 3 quests after the gingerbread glade

  3. Magnus

    It took me over 200 plays to beat #121. No fun. (I don’t pay to play). You need LUCK to beat 121. First, while the board loads, quickly scan for matches at the low corners, you need to free the bomb ASAP. If you cant play the bottom, play the top, but stay in one quadrant to free the center bomb. It sounds wrong, but don’t rush! Keep track of your bombs & kill them as soon as you can. They are worth 3000 pts. The +5 time is key…when you kill these you get more, so take them ASAP. Then you need patience & luck — a choco sprinkle + a wrapped is best, then a sprinkle/stripe. A stripe/wrap is not enough. Good luck. It can be done


      This is what we always suggest.. luck is necessary but you also need a decent strategy like the one you described above

  4. Eddie

    Color bombs are killing me . I’m colorblind and can’t tell the diff between blue and purple. Also green and brown I do ok with shapes but now @ 121 color bomb guessing is no fun. Hard to plan ahead not knowing what to plan for. If they would give them shape or identify them somehow maybe I could finish.
    Imagine most of the bombs the same color and trying to get a match..


      yes this is a huge trouble for colorblind people :/ you are not alone.. please report the issue to King:

  5. Passing time

    Another level that is making this game less challenging and more just about luck. Becoming a very disappointing pass time. I have never made it past 32k even with striped candies left. Taking out the bombs give varying amounts but never in 3000 points. Tried working the lower corners but rarely get matches there. Would appreciate a few more tips. There has gotta be a better way to approach this level. Thanks in advance.

    • Passing time

      Finally got thru. Bombs would drop but they would drop into a no match bottom of the board. It wasn’t till I started working all four corners that I finally cleared the way for candies to fall and match up. Barely got thru on 51240. But it’s possible. It just wasn’t fun. Perserverence prevailed. Ugh!


        thanks for sharing your tips :)

  6. Carol

    They’ve got to be kidding with this level. Guess I’ll be playing this until I luck out with how the candies are arranged.

  7. Jacqueline Schaefer

    Wish there was more time to this and we didn’t have the bombs. There is just not enough time to get to the amount that we need to for this level. Please help I have read all the info on it and watched the video but it doesn’t help when i try to do it.

  8. Jacqueline Schaefer

    I love this game. It is the only game i play.

    • adisak

      I won

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