Candy Crush Saga Level 123

Candy Crush Level 123Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 80,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 80000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 140000 points

Work through the middle blocks first as to not allow the chocolate into the mix to complicate things. Once you are ready to tackle it clear it out before continuing on the Jelly.

A helpful walkthrough and a few tips in order to pass Candy Crush Level 123!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 123

Break the 5 center cream blocks and then make horizontally striped candy matches in the chocolate rows or better still a striped/wrapped combo will clear all the chocolate before it breaks free. Once that’s gone, make striped/wrapped combos or color bomb/striped candy combos to clean house. Once you’re down to a few jellies, you can match a color bomb with the color candy in the jellies to clear them.

Other Candy Crush Level 123 Tips

A good tactic is to get rid of the chocolate on the left side and then proceed to the other side and do the same!

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26 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 123”
  1. Rak

    You need to fix the iOS version of this level. Not getting enough wrapped candy. Why is the Facebook one easier?


      We can’t fix anything, we are just a gamers’ support community! As for your question, it’s quite common that the FB version of the game is easier than the iOS one!

  2. Madhuri

    Your tips ALWAYS help!


      Thanks for your positive feedback Madhuri!

  3. grevic

    I will try to these steps… i’ve been week working on ths level but
    Its really not doing well…. thanks for the tips!!!


      You’re welcome Grevic!!

  4. Amber

    Does anyone else find it difficult to make wrapped candies? Usually, on the rare occasions that I make one, it’s completely accidental, lol. So when a tip starts out with “make as many striped/wrapped combos as possible…”, I cringe. It’s difficult enough to make the darned things much less to place them exactly where they need to go. Am I missing something here or what??

    • Amber

      Wow… I finally passed this level not long after that post yesterday. Unfortunately though now I’ve been stuck on level 125 since yesterday after breezing through 124. I’ve read your tips on 125 and have gotten close several times so hopefully I’ll beat it soon. Thanks for your great tips :)


        You’re welcome amber :)

  5. Susan

    I did it! Followed your advice and it eventually worked!


      Good to read that Susan!

  6. Mariruth

    Beat it, took about 5 days!


      Keep walkin mariruth :)


    Tips section updated

  8. carol

    this is the worse level I have ever had iam about to give up. the jelly is very thick


      we will update the tips section for this level asap! Hopefully the new tips will be proved helpful

  9. Josh Zerbini

    This level is extremely difficult but definitely not impossible as I’m sure you all have a fb friend or two you can see past this level on the board. The trick to this level is patience and lots of it!! Start in the middle and do not break the creme barrier all the way through(the barrier guarding the six chocolates. Then proceed o make wrapped stripe or color bomb striped combos to destroy the chocolate before it is even released. I attempted this level probably close to 300 times using other methods. I used the above method five times and won the level. Good luck everyone!!


      Thank you so much Josh for your detailed tips

    • nferan1026

      Used Josh Zerbini’s tips & Patricia’s tips & beat level 122 & 123 today. Love this website.


        Thank you for positive feedback! It feels great to know our tips are helpful!

  10. Tina

    I didn’t really think this was helpful at all at first. But for some reason, after reading it I passed this level with 8 moves left and got three stars….I was stuck for a week too.


      This has happened to MANY Crushers.. thank you for sharing your experience with our tips!

  11. Madeline Mackie

    This level is totally impossible. Had 3 power balls and still can’t do it. What’s the secret?

    • candy

      did you utilize our tip?

      • Murray Braver

        I have watched the videos and read the tips for level 123, what I don’t understand is why on my board I have 5 colors candy whereas it says you only have to work with 4 therefore all your videos and tips really don’t apply because it’s almost impossible to succeed with the extra color candy because I can’t make the combinations you advise and suggest in your column. is it possible to post a video or comment on this level with the new version of the game that includes the 5th candy?


          to my experience, the written tips are much more helpful than a video.. i suggest that you read all the discussion that took place here! it will definitely help you!

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