Candy Crush Saga Level 124

Candy Crush Level 124Target
Bring the ingredients down (4 acorns, 4 cherries) in 50 moves and score 100,000 points

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 150000 points
3 stars: 180000 points

First objective is to start taking down the block wall and remove the bomb at the bottom. Clearing out the spinners earlier is a good way to enhance the speed with which the ingredients drop. You should be able to make a lot of powerups on this level, so if you can make a horizontal striped candy for the bottom row or a vertical one and set it off in a column with an ingredient, that will make it a heck of a lot faster to finish this.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 124

Try to cluster a couple of ingredients in the bottom rows and then use a striped/wrapped combo to get them out together. Vertically striped candy matches can also get ingredients out when made in the same column as the ingredient.

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