Candy Crush Level 132Target
Collect all the orders (1 color bomb/wrapped candy mix 1 color bomb striped candy mix) and reach 20,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 50000 points
3 stars: 80000 points

Clear out the blocks to get some space to work with. Before you break through on one side, make sure the other side has a match that will open up a hole to the bottom ready to go and after both sides are open, you are goodto finish the blocks. and start making the color bombs whenever possible. The wrapped candy is harder to create, so go for that one first, the striped is a lot easier. You would be wise to NOT make any striped candies until you have a color bomb.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 132

It isn’t necessary to break the blocks on both sides to create the first color bomb combo. If you create the color bomb/wrapped combo first, it may be easier to create the second combo.