Candy Crush Saga Level 134

Candy Crush Level 134Target
Score 45,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 45000 points
2 stars: 65000 points
3 stars: 85000 points

Move quick and take out bombs for points when possible. Bear in mind the BOTTOM pieces move to the top and the middle of the screen is actually the bottom, so it messes with your mind. Clear out the spinners when you can, but score big with the bombs to get through here. As usual, striped candies are your easiest and most productive option.

Besides if you find it difficult to pass the level on mobile devices you should give it a go on PC!

A helpful walkthrough video for Candy Crush Level 134 and a few tips:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 134

The boards are actually upside down—the bottom board is where the candies originate, and then fall through the teleports to the upper board.

Other Candy Crush Level 134 Tips

  • The flow is from the bottom half to the the top half of the board!
  • First clear the liquorice in order to make space
  • Like always, try to match specials in order to drastically increase your score.
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32 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 134”
  1. Eddie

    I saw a Chet on how to get extra lives by setting the time up four hours, well now I have to wait two hundred fifty nine hours to get my regular life es.

  2. Allie

    You are so right! It’s frustrating to know that we don’t have a chance to pass this level since our reaction time is much slower. I guess we’ll all just have to stop playing and see if they miss our money!


      Timed levels are pain in the ass of course.. you should probably report your complaint at

  3. Allie

    Impossible for normal player to pass this level. You’ve lost me now – will not play this anymore.

  4. Shirley kenton-barnes

    Do they know that there is a lot of older people who love this game but will never pass this level because they are bait slower please help us older people

  5. andrea lapolla

    I finally reached 48,000 and bomb still there so level not passed:(


      keep trying :)

  6. Starflowers

    This level is soooooo frustrating! I’ve been stuck for days and just cannot do it….or even get close (yet). I refuse to give up but, I may walk away from it for a little while until it becomes more fun/challenging than frustrating.


      did you try to utilize our tips??

  7. Beth Herring

    This level is just too impossible. There are times when I have no matches on top at all to beat the bomb timer or break through to the bottom. Very. Frustrating . I will probably quit this stupid game and find another…

    • Team

      Did you try to follow our tips?

  8. Cathy

    I have been stuck for 3 weeks. iPhone & ipad. Usually get these levels pretty quickly. Feel very frustrated. End up in 30,000s. Will keep trying.

    • Cathy

      Just complained (I am Cathy), went to my PC and tried. Passed it on the 2nd try. After trying 3 weeks on IPhone $ IPad. Really! If you haven’t tried PC, please do.

      • Team

        thanks for sharing your tip Cathy :)

      • Passing time

        Just read Cathy’s tip about trying it on the PC. Am going to give it a tey. My concern is: How do I coordinate that with my iPhone so that my level will advance on that too. When – if I pass this level. This app is a bit strange- I have a new friend but he doesn’t show up in my game. And i cannot type him in. I am connected to Facebook. Been a couple days now. Thanks for your advice, Cathy. And thanks to anyone who can comment on the coordination of the two devices.

        • Passing time

          Cathy- thanks for the tip about the PC- it worked. And I got through! Thanks again. My phone updated too.


            good news ! keep goin

  9. Barbara

    I have been stuck on this level for a month. One time I got up 44000 points

    • Team

      no luck with our tips & strategy?

  10. chloe

    So after 3days ai finally beat it… the key to my success was just to enjoy playing, not look at the time and knocking out bombs when they came my way… so just try to relax and play.. dnt worry ingabout how much time you have left.

  11. Camille

    Keeping an eye out for bombs and matching them wherever possible, I then break through at least three spinners, then concentrated on the upper half to make matches. I worked on this for about a day and finally got enough points. This was on the ipad with no additional boosts or anything, I don’t even know how to use the boosts, or even know if I have any!

    • Team

      thanks for sharing your tips

  12. karen

    I play on my galaxy s3 galaxy tab and laptop I find that the levels I struggle on are easier to complete on your computer for some reason as yes it does give you tools to help I have always struggled with the levels against the clock but you will get there keep persevering

    • Team

      this is an almost general rule.. many levels are easier on PC

      • gma22boys

        Yes, I too find that when I can’t do a level on my iPad, it is easier on the PC.


          Thanks for confirming that!!

  13. Eve Whelan

    I am on level 134. I can not get this level out, I have been playing all levels without help, no boosters. Some levels are difficult and I realise the more levels you complete the harder it gets…. They should get more challenging but not impossible. I am playing candy crush on an iPad and iPhone. I have been told that the game works better on a desk top, is this true? I was also told that you get free boosters on a computer. I would very much appreciate if someone could read this comment and give me an answer. I enjoy playing candy crush and don’t want to stop playing, but, it is not much fun at the moment. I also have watched the video for this level.

    • chloe

      Alot of them are easier on pc.. but I find that the games that tend to be harder on m phone are easier on pc.. and they do give you gifys/tools to hell you win on pc.. also on pc you can earn lives by playing their recommended games….

  14. Westchaser

    Level 134 is totally unfair. Half of my games start with no way to delete the bomb, so the game is over. Closest I’ve gotten is 4200 pts & that was with a bunch of special candies. I even bought the sprinkle bombs, sure- had to use them right away cause they were my ONLY move. Probably going to quit!

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