Candy Crush Saga Level 137

Candy Crush Level 137Target
Bring the ingredients down (1 acorn, 1 cherry) and score 20,000 points in 18 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 30000 points
3 stars: 40000 points

Only 2 ingredients to bring down, but only 18 moves. You start with 1 on the screen and the transporters can be very confusing on this level. The 3 middle columns top (blue) transporters move pieces to the top right side transporters (purple) The pieces then fall through the blue ones on the bottom right to the middle at the bottom (purple). Finally from here they fall to the far left side where the pieces can finally exit the board. The key is to make the pieces move pretty fast to survive. Note where each piece is within the 3 columns as it stays there unless you move it elsewhere.

Walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 137:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 137

The board is in four sections and the ingredients move clockwise through the sections. Concentrate on playing the bottom and left sections and the ingredients should follow the flow themselves.

Other Candy Crush Level 137 Tips

  • The flow is from upper center square to right square and from there to the lower center square and finally to the left square
  • Don’t allow your fruits (ingredients) to get trapped to the spots that are inside the red circles in the photo below:
  • Sometimes, the striped/color bomb and wrappe/color bomb combinations will probably bring your fruits to the trap spots.. this is something you should probably consider when having these combos!
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32 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 137”
  1. Patsy

    Question…..did what you suggested. Worked the left side, got one fruit down the bottom middle. Then the second (the cherry if that makes a difference) went down the middle and it didn’t count???


      Ahh sometimes this happens during the game. And as annoying as it is, King can’t always prevent it as its a technical glitch. Our only suggestion is to turn your device off and back on again and hopefully it won’t happen again! Good luck

  2. Marty

    Thank you. One time and I got it after days on this level.


      Very welcome Marty :)

    • Soncie22

      Wow–impressive!! Mind sharing your strategy for successfully completing this level?


        Its great!

  3. Ice Pony Girl

    I can not see the photo you are referring to.

  4. Kimberly

    This was the mmoa helpful tips site!!! After reading ALL the original tips and the comments, I was able to get it in two more tries. I did have to give up and buy 5 extra moves for .99 ; but only did so when I realized I had one ingredient down, the second was right above an exit portal blocked only by a striped blue, I had 18000+ in points and… LUCKILY… I had a color bomb sprinkle that perfectly matched a plain blue which would explode the blue strip and second ingredient and get me to 20k in points. II’ve been stuck on this level for WEEKS!! Glad to be off of it!! :)


      Happy can help and thank you for sharing your experience. If you find out any tips don’t forget to share them, thank you and good luck!

  5. Cari

    The second ingredient doesn’t even show up until you only have 7-8 moves left. Even with the hints you give, this is turning into a very frustrating level.


      137 is tough, reaaally tough! Please read carefully the discussion that took place here!

  6. gma22boys

    No real strategy…just sheer luck!!! but I did it :)

    • Darla

      I agree.

    • Soncie22

      Sometimes the “Candy Crush” Gods smile on you, and work in your favor–othertimes…not so much!


        Boy do we know that feeling! Lol

  7. Laura

    I read your tips and I still don’t understand? I promise I’m nt an idiot- (college educated and everything!) I just don’t understand this level!? SO frustrating!

    • Ice Pony Girl

      Yep…me also. So lost in this level. :(

  8. Sparkles

    After reading your tips first, this turned out to be easier than I thought. I just took my time and it worked! Thanks!


      thanks for positive feedback dear :)

  9. Katmin

    I get the ingredients all thr way to the left side, but if there are no matches there I can’t get them to move. Where do I make matches that will move the left side?

  10. Doris Renshaw

    I found the tip for working the left side of the board most helpful…it really follows the flow on it’s own…try it! Appreciate this site so much…thankyou :)


      thank you for positive feedback doris, it’s valueable for us :)

  11. Carol

    Read the tips…just can’t seem to put candies together to get fruits out. So frustrating!


      keep trying, don’t give up, you can do it!! Make sure you realize the flow of candies, take advantage of the transporters

  12. Trinda Matson

    So I don’t have to search through all the cheats to find your site, what’s your official site name?


      We are not a cheat site, we are just a support community

  13. Pam Harris

    Thanks for the tips. Not sure that I can do it; but will have fun trying. Wish there were more moves to this level.

    • Team

      you are welcome Pam

  14. Karen

    Thanks, your tips helped me to get it on the next try! I had no idea what to do before coming here.

    • Team

      its good to read these positive comments :) Thanks

  15. Sue

    I get the fruit down but hey don’t count is there a special place they have to come down at?

    • candy

      i am afraid you don’t read the tips/guidance above!

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