Candy Crush Saga Level 147

Candy Crush Level 147Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 125,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 125000 points
2 stars: 190000 points
3 stars: 230000 points

All Jelly is double Jelly and all of the 3 shot blockers are double jelly as well, so try to make you way to remove some of the middle. The hardest pieces here are the ones in the bottom left and bottom right corners, so try to open the bottom up when you work on the middle as well. You absolutely need the powerful candies here to get through this level. Try to ignore the regular jelly pieces until the blockers are out of the way.

Candy Crush Saga Level 147 Tips and Strategies

  • Combine Stripped Candy with a Color Bomb or a Wrapped Candy
  • Don’t focus to the areas that need to be cleared. Probably a combo in another spot can help you clear the area you want
  • Play from the bottom in order to enjoy maximum cascade effect!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 147

Work the bottom row and outer columns as these are tough to break! Make striped/wrapped combos to clear out the jellies, but keep watching the area above the jellies. Often the bombs can be matched as they drop and special candies can also be made there.

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66 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 147”
  1. Rod

    This is not helpful at all. In fact iam deleting the game as it’s not worth wasting my time for games of luck and not skill. Don’t waste money give it go charity if you want to give it away


      Our tips have helped many crushers defeat levels, but sorry they couldn’t do the same for you

  2. sandra

    Playing the same level over and over again is no fun. On some set up there is no chance of winning, when the bag is constantly shuffing. Some of these levels will make you quit, a game should be fun not frustrating, or a headache to win.

  3. noncentric

    I just passed level 347 after several frustrating attempts. however, I still remember level 147 as being the toughest so far!

    it IS doable, just keep trying. it will get easier, for a little while, after this one.


      thanks for the optimistic view! Keep crushing !!

    • abomb

      OMG OMG OMG OMG…………finally got through! I took my time, when I felt anxious or desperate I got out right away after several attempts (and I MEAN 1000000000 tries, lunch and a lot of color bomb) SUGAR CRUSH.

      I never ever want to see this level again! EVEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


        Well done for completing it and thanks for sharing :)

  4. Peggy

    It seems like I have been stuck on Level 147 forever. I don’t mind a challenge, but being impossible without the reward of ever beating the level is becoming too frustrating. I have enjoyed playing the game until now, but I probably will be quitting because I’m sick of being stuck! :(


      I feel you Peggy! 147 is tough, many will say it’s pure luck.. but please tell me if you carefully went through the discussion that took place here.. because many gems are hidden in these lines!

  5. Judith

    I have really enjoyed playing this game. I am stuck at level 147, which I am CONVINCED is set up to only be a “money maker” for King. Strange things happen here. Like out of the blue, a bomb goes off when there are plenty of moves left on it?? Huh? And I have gotten down to TWO JELLIES remaining, but absolutely NO WAY to win, UNLESS, UNLESS, I give in a buy their stupid moves. I refuse. If I don’t pass it today, Me and Candy Crush are THROUGH. Enjoyed most of the ride. But I will not be cheated. Just my 2 cents…


      It’s tough, but its also beatable with no boosters.. many crushers will confirm that!!

  6. sherry

    I have been stuck on this level for three weeks , I tried updating my android phone but still had the 10 count bombs(I was hoping for 15 count) , that was a week ago today noticed new update available and guess what ?I now have 15 count bombs hopefully this helps me. Thanks for all you do U guys rock.


      We are confident that King is listening to their fans and try to make tough levels easier! Thank you for noticing that!

  7. Chrissy

    After a month stuck on this level and following hints on this page and others I’m about to give up on this game. It’s supposed to be fun not aggravating


      i don’t know how much energy you spent on 147, but it’s definitely a tough level.. i would rather wait for the next update.. it would probably bring a completely different and much easier version of the level!!

    • Pat

      me too


        oh come on guys, you shouldn’t give up.. if you take advantage of the tips/strategies shared here you can definitely do it!

  8. Darla

    I said that there were triple jellies on this level and was corrected (apparently only two jellies). In actuality there are two jellies and two forms of chocolate. So if there is any constant shuffling, there is no way to win!


      you need to try harder and you will definitely do it, like so many others!

      • Judy

        Sure, as others have said, you can try til doomsday, and you still won’t do it!!

  9. Judi

    Been on this level for six weeks now. Followed every tip, read these post daily, and even tried to purchase extra moves that would not go through. I’ve played it so many times that I have had 2 or 3 left with 10 plus moves and no matter what I do nothing works. Watched for several games and every time I get down to one or 2 jellies left my bombs go from 10 to 1 right away! Interesting I must say. Also when friends send me extra move or life’s nothing on the board ever matches up. Love the game but am now convinced that it is unbeatable for me. Have friends that are way beyond this level and good luck to them. Thanks candy crush for the levels I was able to pass. Time to admit defeat and move on !


      I feel you judi! Proabably you should give it a go after the next update that will probably make this level much easier (this happened with many levels in the past).. don’t know what else to suggest!!

    • Dirk

      Judi, I saw a post on Candy Crush’s Facebook page that said if you have ever spent any money on a King game, you’re screwed. The poster said there was an algorithm that picked up the fact you had spent money and the board would not be clearable anytime in the near future. He recommended leaving the game alone for 7-10 days, then coming back and the board should release. He added King really doesn’t want you to leave.


        Thanks for sharing that with us Dirk, very helpful indeed!

  10. Ina

    I have been playing candy crush since this summer. There have been a few difficult levels that I got through with the tips and video from this site. I am now on 147 and so unhappy with this level in the game. As others have said, the color bombs are non existence . The wrapped maybe 2 if your lucky and stripes come often enough if your lucky.The shuffling from lack of moves is frustrating especially if you have a booster on the bottom row and it ends up somewhere else. The cut outs you have to get by are ridiculous. The amount of times you have to hit a block to clear it , is also ridiculous. this level is not even enjoyable to keep trying. I know a few people who quit at this level….and I’m about to do the same. I am frustrated with playing the same level over and over getting nowhere with the tips and videos above. I’m sorry to say I can’t do this anymore…wish they would listen to the complaints and make it a little less complicated for everyone to enjoy.


      After the last update we noticed that they do listen to our complaints, so probably it will get much easier after the following update!

      • Ina

        I hope they are listening, as you said. My only complaint with the updates is that each time I update I loose all the lives and 3+ moves I have accumulated since several of my friends and family play as well. I emailed support the first time after loosing 48 lives and got no response. Then it happened again. I am reluctant to update for this reason. I have read several comments from sites and also friends where the same thing happened to them.


          please also try this: to report your complaint!

          • Ina

            I updated and I have been playing on my phone, PC and iPad for 2 days and there is no difference. I play the bottom, make combinations, although they are few. Nothing like any of the videos I’ve watched. I have followed all the tips and I get nowhere. I am about to delete the whole game. I’ll give it a few more days. It is wy too frustrating. I have also emailed support the first time I lost lives and received no response. I love the game but I think you just tell us what we want to hear. ????

  11. Sparkles

    I forgot my password, sweet Patricia, and can’t get in to compliment you. And that’s honestly all I wanted to so. Help?

  12. Heita

    I have passed level 147, took me several tries but I persevered. I haven’t spent anything on this game and don’t intend to. I see this as a game for fun, not for gambling. Anyway this level is passable! You don’t need to rush it’s not a timed level. All the tips here work and I’ll add that just by pausing and thinking in between moves helps a lot and may even save your money!


      Thanks for the positive feedback!

  13. Pam

    2 color bombs combined clears most of the screen. Taking my time through the rest of the moves finally paid off. Took me a week of striped/candy combos till I gave up that strategy. This was the hardest level yet, gave up every day. Hint(maybe): the first couple of screens of a new day seemed to be the best, so don’t exit out of them, play them. Good luck!


      Good to read you did it! And thank you so much for the tips!!

  14. Jessica

    This level is sickening!!!


      did you finally beat it?

  15. Leah

    Feeling the need to be snarky. Why all this discussion about “makings striped and wrapped candy?” Seriously, kids a only ever get one combo choice at a time on this level. Ok, I feel better.


      be persistent, patient and beat it!

  16. Kenny

    This level cannot be beaten without allowing the creators of this game the level of access to your sensitive, personal information that you would hesitate to even allow your family and close friends to have. To suggest that the previous sentence is false or misleading in any way, shape, or form is akin to committing intellectual terrorism.

    To anyone who believes that there will come a day when you can beat this level without buying any extra “helpers”: IT IS NOT GOING TO COME. You can get two of these magical combinations in the same game and it STILL won’t matter because the creators of this game have set this level up in a way that cannot be overcome without handing over your bank and Paypal accounts to them. At this point, your best option is to ditch this game altogether and save some valuable time and energy that could be put toward better things (i.e. making the world a better place to live). Don’t fall prey to the underhanded tactics of these scheming game designers, or the contemptuous psychological warfare that the people running this page insist on perpetrating on you, and everybody else that leaves a comment on this page.


      You’re definitely wrong! 65% of Candy Crushers are not paying even a penny for candy crush, and they still pass levels like 147 :)

    • Sylegrl

      Kenny, you had me at World!
      I just turned off my phone last night and vowed to not play this game ever again…. This morning I got up, went to work early so that I could play. I never have bought in game purchases until I started playing this game. I used to play pop it on aol… Never have I bought stuff until I only have one square left and a sprinkle chocolate bomb and a striped candy combo and it misses the only survivor!! :-P

      • Sylegrl

        My brother said I was a candy crush freak! That I was blowing his facebook page up… I really diner like bugging people for stuff… But yes, I have. Out is time for me to “UNINSTALL”. goodnight. :-P

        • Sylegrl



        i feel you Sylegrl as i feel Kenny also!! Its an addiction noone doubts that! But while so many crushers did it with no boosters etc, why not you?

  17. Kay

    Really love this game, but they should serve hummus with this level.


      can’t beat it? did you utilize our tips?

    • Sylegrl

      When I read that really fast, I thought you said that they needed to serve Humans… I giggled a little… This level is tough. I dont think I have been stuck on this one the longest. I do see exactly what everyone is saying. I get to one last square and even had major combos… Ding – time is up! :-P

  18. Claire

    Finally got past this level after being stuck here for weeks!! The tips helped, working your way from the bottom up and a bit of luck wouldn’t go amiss..


      good for you, thank you for the positive feedback on our tips!

  19. PatrickZJD

    Just passed this level after literally about 2000 tries — don’t ask me how! I do know like previous posters that you need a lot of special candy combos to make it anywhere…but a little luck doesn’t hurt either. Just stick with it, and eventually, with patience and perseverance, you’ll get it.

  20. Chad

    Lol all of you suckers buy into the bs and pay for stuff. Hopefully you’ll learn this game is 190% luck and no amount of buying moves will help you beat it. You’re just playing literally into their hands,. If they made a game that’s actually fair and not impossible, then they could’ve just charged in the first place and people wouldn’t be quitting left and right.

  21. Rosemary

    This was the hardest for me so far. I was stuck for a month. I even paid for extra moves 3 weeks ago, trying to clear one last jelly, hoping to get lucky…NO LUCK! I’ve played over & over for a month & FINALLY!!! Lots of special candies & combos, work from the bottom as much as possible, and the last few moves are pretty much luck. You WILL eventually reach your lucky play board. And just to let some of you know… A bomb drops every 5th move so if at all possible, try to make those 5th (bomb drop) moves somewhere towards the middle of the board. That will cause the bomb to actually drop into the middle of the board making those bombs reachable instead of them getting caught somewhere in a corner. I’m so excited to finally be done with this level!


      congrats rosemary! and thank you for sharing your experience

  22. Kami

    great…. just played a game and was down to 18 moves and only one corner of the board to clear. Then a bomb gets stuck in the upper corner and ruins it all.

  23. Kami

    I’ve come so close several times but it seems the closer I get to possibly winning more bombs drop than normal. For example earlier today I cleared all except 4 single jellies and still had 15 moves left then all of a sudden a bomb dropped and I cleared it and immediately another bomb dropped and it only had 5 instead of 10 so I couldn’t ignore it so I cleared it and then another dropped…. I honestly think this game is messing with me. Does anyone else notice that or am I just overly frustrated?

  24. Hope

    I wanted a place to warn people ! I was looking for ideas for level 147 and found one CHEAT that said to change the date on your iPad . Please don’t do this! Now I can’t play the game at all. :(

    • Barrong

      Changing the date on mobile device steps:
      Out of lives
      Settings/date & time- change the day (not the time ) to the next day
      Go back to candy crush- see the lives as Full (5) DO NOT PLAY YET!
      Go back to settings- change the day back to today
      Now go and play

      If you don”t change the day back, the lives will say something like 200 minutes for a new life
      Good Luck
      PS even doing the above , I have been stuck for more than 15 days


        did you tried all our strategies? we published tips from 3 experts! Nothing worked for you?

  25. Kelly

    I’ve been stuck here for more than two weeks!! VERY frustrating!!!!

    • Team

      do you try to follow our tips?

  26. George

    Have played this level for three days, last night had 51 of the 52 and a smarty bomb showing so decided to pay for 5 more moves . After using the bomb and clearing some jelly still 51 of 52. Paid an other 69p still the same. Have now decided its a con Will not play this again.

    • mary

      This level does appear to be a con. Playing games should be interesting and relaxing – not frustrating. It discourages people from playing. Many times you are finished before you destroy the first bomb because there are NO matching colors in sight. How about losing 3 or 4 games out of 5 and still have over 30 moves left? You get a colored ball but have to use it because there are no more moves! Why do we have to buy tools to help win.


        if you ask me one of the main reasons that make Candy Crush so popular is that many levels are a real challenge! Did you try to utilize any of the 3 different strategies we mention in this post?

        • mary

          Challenge is one thing. We are stuck with the boards we are given with no chance of winning. Today, was down to 1 jelly (red) with 8 moves left. The
          few reds left were scattered near the top of the board with no way of moving them down. This has happened many times when I have had only one jelly left on the board…I have utilized all the strategies mentioned in your post. Players do not want to play the same old level over and over? Come on, give us a fighting chance!!! I do like a challenge but this level is too one sided.

          • mary

            The reason I play Candy Crush is I have friends and relatives world-wide and I enjoy the daily contact.

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