Candy Crush Saga Level 151

Candy Crush Level 151Target
Score 35,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 60000 points

This is a tough one. Start out pushing through the 3 hit blocks to open up space, but match fast and match often. 35,000 is a big score for 90 seconds, so you will have to make a significant amount of striped candies and multi candy matches to pass this level. If you can pull off a color bomb and striped mix, that will significantly help your score.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 151

The best way to score points here is breaking through those heavy blocks. Just keep hitting them so you have room to create as many special candies as you can.

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13 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 151”
  1. Roger

    This level is easier then you think – took me 6 tries – just get stripes and candies to get thru – can be done. ,!


      thanks for sharing your experience Roger! Keep walking!

    • annette

      Done, woot woot! Focus on getting the blocks out of the way and make striped candy matches, you will need (I think at least one brown or one brown w/ striped to get thru).


        Congrats again, your flying through these! And thank you for your tips, please keep us updated :)

  2. eydie

    my problem is that my fingers simply don’t move that fast, nor do my eyes. i simply can’t find matches in time.


      this is the big issue with these timed levels..

  3. Passing time

    Does anyone know why the iphone app takes away a life you were given by a friend?

  4. Passing time

    Been working on this level for days. Used the tips and watched different walkthroughs and am still waiting to get lucky. Got to 32k twice!


      keep trying dear! you will do it!

  5. Passing time

    Think this is one level i do not think I will be able to beat. I got lucky once with two bombs and a striped and wrapped candy match – only got 30k. Most of the time I don’t even reach 10k and am lucky to match three let alone 4 or 5.


      will ask Patricia to provide her tips on 151! hope they will help!

  6. Tessa

    Just for clarification : the beginning directions state, 90 seconds which is 1 minute and 30 seconds. This is shown on the clock as 1:30 and means 90 seconds. The “1″ stands for 60 seconds ( which equals one minute) and the 30 is the additional 30 seconds to equal 90 seconds total. This being said, I still can’t beat the darn thing!

    • annette

      what?? haha

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