Candy Crush Level 153Target
Collect all the orders (1 color bomb/color bomb mix) and reach 10,000 points in 45 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 40000 points
3 stars: 60000 points

Break through the top barrier as fast as you can and work on striped candies to clean out the 3 hit blocks at the bottom to allow you room to create 2 color bombs. The hard part is getting them to be next to each other. Do your best to avoid striped candies once you have a color bomb made so you don’t accidentally lose it.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 153

The hardest part of the level is breaking through the blocks at the top. Use striped candy matches or a striped/wrapped combo to help break up the blocks (at the top or the bottom).