Candy Crush Saga Level 158

Candy Crush Level 158Target
Bring the ingredients down (1 cherry) and score 10,000 points in 20 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 50000 points

You’ve only got one ingredient to move, but you face a few challenges. The easy one is getting the ingredient down through the left portion down to the bottom. The hard part is the right hand side as you have chocolate fans and 2 locked in pieces that will prevent you from getting your ingredient through the exit at the bottom. If you can unlock either of the pieces at the bottom from the start, go for it. If you can make a powerup on the right hand side, that is always helpful. Otherwise, you will need horizontal striped candies to shoot down the chocolate on the right side to get your ingredient through.

Here you can find a walkthrough video for Candy Crush Level 158

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 158

Make all the horizontally striped candies you can here to help, but a striped/wrapped combo is going to break 3 rows of chocolate, so that’s the better move.

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27 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 158”
  1. MoonDog

    I just passed it with a little over 30,000 points. King must of lowered the point requirement.


      Yes they seem to be updating load of their levels as we speak – hopefully listening to what us Crushers have t say! Congrats :)

  2. Joss

    I don’t understand I made it once but I did not get the 45,000 points. How can you do it, I merely have 10,000 points each time???

  3. Joss

    What the heck, I need 45 000 points, are you crazy, will never pass this level, I’m quiting.

  4. vickie

    I have had the cherry at the bottom left numerous times and it has never gone through and to the top right????? Help!


      Sometimes, these games experience maintenance issues and the like. Try playing on a different device or coming back in a few days to play. Send a message to King if this problem does not go away

  5. Sandra

    Another level that is boring playing it over and over again. The moves are not there to help you win. You waste a lot of lives and it takes the fun out of the game.

  6. Lois

    This is not a game any more. This level is sucking the enjoyment out of playing and making it stressful. I think it’ time to bid the game adieu.


      Why not have a break and then resume playing, you just receive that winning board you were looking for :)

  7. Wendy

    OMG I just finally got the cherry down but didn’t get the minimum score are you KIDDING ME?! Argh ????

    • Wendy

      I meant those to be !!!! not ???? ????

    • Wendy

      It just happened again. 80 points short of the goal. What a $&^*%!!€!! ????Poop!! ????At least I know I can do it!


        Ouch! 80 points???? This is REALLY tough! Don’t give up Wendy!

        • Wendy

          I finally passed it! Whew! :)

  8. Darla

    I sense a pattern here. Time to quit.


      While we have 65 likes on this level we believe that we provide a few good tips that can essentialy help you.. i’d rather not give up!

      • Darla

        Simone is right on with her comment!

  9. Susan

    Finally got through level 158 after several days! Having several moves on the right side seems to be the key!


      Thanks for sharing Susan!!

  10. Juliet23

    I also finding this level 158 incredibly tough,not getting anywbere with it. :(


      Please read all tips and conversation on this page, it will definitely help you beat it!!

  11. Carol

    How do you get the cherry to fall thru at the bottom of the left side columns?

  12. Amy C

    The good news is that I am finally cured of my candy crush addiction. This level sucked the joy out of playing. Pure frustration. Oh well, a new game will surely come along to replace this one.

  13. simone

    I am considering leaving this game was exhausting and discouraging, that level is boring, emotionless, just know that the beginning we can not pass the stage because there is no possibility of movement of the right side, then there is no free positions to move the candy , my rating for this phase is 0.


      did you try to follow Pat’s tips? “Make all the horizontally striped candies you can here to help, but a striped/wrapped combo is going to break 3 rows of chocolate, so that’s the better move.”

  14. Lei

    Tip: before the chocolates starts to form make sure that your ingredients are already placed in the last 2 boxes below the chocolate maker.
    When your fruit is positioned in the right bar last 2 boxes then start making stripped candies on the left and hit it. It will start to fall thru.

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