Candy Crush Saga Level 159

Candy Crush Level 159Target
Score 20,000 points in 120 seconds.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 30000 points
3 stars: 40000 points

You need to put together some decent matches, but you always have the descending chocolate from the top. Granted it can’t be stopped, you do have to keep it under control. Striped candies and maybe a color bomb will take care of you here, as you have a lot of room to play with.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 159

Don’t allow the chocolate to grow across the top or the flow of candies stops. Make all special candies you can as they add to your score when time runs out.

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28 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 159”
  1. Carter

    Just deleted this app…it’s gotten to the point where skill accounts for about 20% of completion…the rest is those stupid chocolate factories strategically blocking all the good moves. All done.

  2. Noor

    Hello I am unable to send requests for more lives or ticket when I am playing on the computer. When I click the ask friends button it does not load my friend list. can you help me?


      Have you tried sending requests on a different device such as your phone or a tablet?

  3. Jonan Gibson

    Levle 159 I have reached it several times and it keeps telling me I failed. I am playing in an iPad connected to Facebook and did it in the required time??????


      are your requirements to reach 20000 in 120” ? and while you did it you are supposed to fail? Please contact king to report your issue:

  4. Mmh

    I got over 20000 in the time allowed and got well over 30000 but the game declared I had failed the level. I tried it many time same result .I’m playing on Ipad4 .Any ideas?

  5. Trisha

    Thanks for the tips. Beat it first time. I just made sure to keep top open then made a bunch of specials. I did not use any of the specials and waited for round to be over and got enough points! Thanks


      You’re welcome trisha! Thank you for the positive feedback

  6. b_taylor

    Just scored 24500 on level 159 and it said I failed. Target is 20000 in 120 seconds. Playing on iPad with link to Facebook.

    Better get it together CANDY people…..

  7. Doug

    Lorraine’s tip about the two color bombs worked for me on my ipad.

  8. Donna

    Exceeded the point level several times now on my Android phone and it tells me that I failed the level. Aarrgghhh!

  9. jan norman

    Quite often I purchase the 5 extra moves for $0.99 to help finish off the last remaining candies in the game. I just looked at my credi card account and it has been charging different prices with the minimum being $4.28 and it goes up from there. Why is this happening? Doesn’t seem very ethical to me.
    You’re response would be greatly appreciated.


      Please contact King ( to report your complaint!

      • Marc

        I beat level 159 with 37680 points within the allotted time and it still says level failed—what’s up with that?


 is only a support community, you should drop a message to King expressing your complaint as their could be a glitch of fault with that level.

  10. Jessica

    I am having the same problem on level 159. I have gotten over 20000 points multiple times and it still says level failed. How can I get past this?


      will contact Patricia and let you know asap!


      Patt just played it and pass it properly with 20640 points (on PC) – so i guess there is no bug here!

      • Jessica

        Well there obviously is. So how does pat passing it help me? I need an answer to help get past the issue when there is an issue with the game not working properly.


          Which device are you playing on?

  11. Frank Bemelman

    On the ipad you can stop the timer, which is usefull if you need time to think. Just double click the pushbutton. Screen will move up to make room for the row of apps that are running, but the entire field is still visible. Tap on the screen to resume. Good luck, Frank


      Great tip indeed! Thank you so much

  12. Miss Rin

    I have played this level probably 50 times and the one time I hit 24000 it told me I failed because I hit the “quit” button! There’s NOT a quit button! Others are having this, or similar “fail” issues…any ideas??

    • Mayuwho

      I keep reach the target score & it says i still fail level. What do i do?


        Did you succeed it in 120 seconds?

  13. Lei

    Focus on 2 things: make any combos stripped, wrapped, freckled candies to increase points. And make sure your opening on the top would not get blocked by chocolate. If it gets blocked no candies will fall off anymore.

    • candy

      thanks for the tips lei!

  14. Katie

    Stuck on level 158/159

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