Candy Crush Saga Level 165

Candy Crush Level 165Target
Collect all the orders (99 Blue, 49 Yellow, 24 Green) and reach 50,000 points in 60 moves.

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 80000 points
3 stars: 120000 points

Slowly work through the chocolate in the middle of the board while keeping an eye on the 7 move bombs and focus on the blue pieces, you need the most of them and sometimes if you make a color bomb, just hit a blue piece with it to gather all the blue pieces off the board in one shot to help you out. Remember you have chocolate fans in all 4 corners pushing at you.

A helpful walkthrough video and a few tips for Candy Crush Level 165

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 165

Keep an eye on the bombs as you make as many specials as you can. Striped/wrapped combos remove a large amount of candies from the board so look to make those. A color bomb can be used in 2 ways: first, if there is a good amount of blues available, match it with a blue OR match it with the color candy that dominates the board. Once the other color is removed, this will leave more room for blues to drop.

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69 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 165”
  1. Margo

    This level does suck….maybe it can be done but its rare, just like the others here I have been stuck for some time. Here’s the thing — love the game, its fun and relaxing but the strategy of the game designer to add a level like this is discouraging and makes me want to find another option. I gladly pay every week to get more lives when im out because i believe in supporting developers of something i enjoy…but not when its not enjoyable. Just sayin….


      We agree Margo, some levels can seem very discouraging But where there’s a will, there’s a WAY! Try opting for some of the Dreamworld levels to pass some time and then return to the Candy Crush Saga! You might get that board you’ve been waiting for!

  2. b

    Quick update from the “real” world…and no, I’m not requesting support :/ Running total – 275 games of level 165 completed. Chocolate Sprinkles produced/made?…four…yep, four. Striped pieces produced/made?…33…yep, 33. Wrapped pieces produced/made?…11…yep, 11. Highest number of Blue achieved?…51…yep, 51.

    Granted, the App was entertaining to this point, but “truth in advertising” would have stated that Candy Crush was programmed for finishing at level 164.

    For those who spend their time creating stripes/wraps/chocolates “at will” or when needed, enjoy!

    For the rest…delete the obsession, or addiction, and go for a walk everyday instead;)

  3. jaz bender

    Well, here we are again. Just to cheer you up 165 is one of the quests to move you on after 335.
    This has to be one of the most frustrating, boring levels so far. What with chocolate, bombs and trying to get 99 blues I am sick of the sight of Candy Crush.
    Forget all those ‘tips’ and ‘strategies’. Bullsh*t! They have no bearing on the outcome. It’s luck, pure and simple.
    You spend so many moves getting rid of bombs and trying to keep the chocolate at a reasonable level you have almost no chance of succeeding. Even with a modicum of luck you will be lucky to SEE 99 blues, never mind getting rid of them.

  4. Tyler

    This level is INSANELY HARD. I have been playing it for three weeks now and I’m done. Deleted the app off my iPhone and de-synced it from my Facebook account. Hey I’m all for making a level challenging and all but when you make it so obvious that you guys are just trying to get us to buy $100 worth of Power-ups and Lives to beat it, trust me, we catch on.


      We are just a support community Tyler, To provide tips for Crushers and allow Crushers to help out other Crushers – that is all. If you have any complaints about the game then please follow this link to Kings support group –

  5. Joanne

    Why can’t I find candy crush in the App Store on my Mac laptop?

  6. Denny Boi

    Usually there are not enough blue candies given in order to collect the order of 99 Blue candies. I played many times and still had 20 or more blue candies left to collect by the end of the 60 moves.

    The only way I won, was by clearing massive amounts of candies at once by utilizing the CHOCOLATE BOMB and the STRIPED CANDY COMBO. This forced the game to drop more candies, and that was the only way enough blue candies appeared.

    I actually got 3 – 5 chocolate bombs throughout this level, mostly by luck. Without that, I could never have won because they never give enough blue candies.

    I think the reason they intentionally create levels that you cannot win, is to make you purchase boosters. Its unfortunate, because this is a fun game.

  7. Martha

    Life is challenging enough. I play these games for entertainment and enjoyment. Been on this level too long. Discouraged…enough of this game.


      Have you tried playing this game on a different device Martha?

  8. Sandeep

    Just make big boosters of any colour. No need to concentrate on blue colour only. Make special candies in lower centre and you will do it. Thanks…


      Thanks for sharing your tip :)

  9. Barathy

    I agree with all the other gamers as well!Honestly, its just luck on how many blues the board drops its no tactics that work!! I like this game…but its getting on my nerves now!Frustrating!!Its certainly not because I didnt clear it..because damn it wouldnt give me any blues even after blasting it!!With 20 moves to go I need 14 blues and trust me…it didnt happen I have may be 6 -7 on N/S/E/W…distributed!!!

  10. Juliet23

    I am on the brink of giving up on this game, cos of this Level 165. I have been trying hard to beat it for about 2 months now, & getting nowhere near. However, I play it, I end up with loads of blues left (that’s if the bombs don’t get me first!).
    Such a shame it’s so hard to beat cos I absolutely love this game; 165 is just too hard !!
    Have been watching the video & following the tips, but still get blues left over at end!

  11. Darla

    What’s with all these three extra moves all of a sudden. Sixty moves is way too many with my “short” attention span. I hope for the bombs to go off!!

  12. Darla


  13. Fuck This Game

    I have almost finished this twice with only 1 blue to get. This feels like those slot machines that show you just missing the 1,000,000 jackpot by one spinner constantly.


      The good thing is you were so damn close so you now know you can do it!!

  14. Dave Meddes

    I am a fairly patient man but after nearly five weeks stuck on level165 I am really getting PISSED Off, if it didn’t cost so much for a new tablet,PC and laptop. They would have been out of the window, this level is not possible, unless you pay, I have been playing an average of 40 games a day and nowhere, I think I will just eat myself to death on candies.


      Dave, please read the discussion here and try to follow the tips.. i am confident they will help you!!

      • Chad

        You realize “tips” don’t help when it’s not a game of strategy, right? You can’t manipulate a game based purely on luck.

  15. Kirby

    I was only stuck at this level for this afternoon. I finally read the tips just now, saw the advice about crushing the blue ones first and jumped back in and applied it and completed this level on the first try. If a level were truly impossible, there would not be four hundred plus more of them. People getting so infuriated with frustration maybe need to find another outlet. If you get this upset, maybe Candy Crush Saga is not your biggest problem. : )


      You’ve got a point here! I couldn’t disagree with you!

  16. Ozycandius

    My android tablet version plays very differently than the example game in the video. After30 trys I’m 6 blues away and one move is right there. I can’t start spending $ every level though. If I get a windows version on my laptop can I start from 165 or do I have to start all over? This is getting more frustrating than fun.


      yes you can sychronize your devices and start from 165!

  17. Susan

    It CAN be done! I was beginning to think I’d be on 165 forever! Just played the game…though I did notice that there seemed to be more blues than usual…I looked up and only needed two more. I looked down and was surprised to have 9 moves left! So hang in there crushers it can be done!


      Thanks for the positive view Susan

  18. Tracy

    Am I missing something with this level? I’ve been stuck for several days and it seems I either get knocked off by the bomb or there are few blues on the board. This game is frustrating and I have a lot of patience but this level is about to make me quit.


      I feel you Tracy, and there are many users that find it tough.. but.. there are many crushers here that share their tips, please read all of them and try to take advantage of them! And you will DEFINITELY beat it!

  19. Nick

    I played on phone for 3 weeks – didn’t get close. Tried the level on the PC via facebook and passed 1st go.
    Give it a go and hope it helps.


      thanks for sharing that! This is a pretty common situation!

  20. chiefsIndio

    Sorry about that i meant board after 156


      Keep going, the next episode of levels has got a few added bonuses in store and good luck.

  21. chiefsIndio

    Hi I’m chiefs I pass 165 I’m stuck on the next before 166 airplane asking to buy or ask on Facebook for a friend I have neither how to pass that level help?????


      oops, i am confused.. are you stuck on 166? Or 165? Or 156?

      • Joanne

        Having no luck on my iPhone or iPad, I wanted to try hints that said play on laptop. However, when I go to the apps store on my Mac, there is no candy crush saga to be found?


          That is odd Joanne, I’m afraid we are unable to answer this for you. I can only suggest either rebooting your laptop or sending King a message by the following link

  22. BMH

    I have gotten close a few times, 8 remaining to get when I run out of time. Most of those 8 WERE on the board when I ran out of time. I seem to get more blues to drop by focusing on the yellow. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems to give me more blues.


      you’re close, keep trying BMH

  23. Pam

    The hint that yellow matches bring down blue candies is accurate on some games, but what I found was so do other colors. what you need to determine right away is what color matches bring down blue on your current game. It changes. Once you notice which color (green, yellow, purple or red) brings down the most blue concentrate on that color. Combos with that color will bring down more blue. A color bomb on a striped of the correct color (my winning game was purple) brought down enough blue to help me clear the game with no extra moves. It took me a few days to figure this out. Good luck and glad to be past 165!!!


      Good job Pam! Keep Crushing! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  24. Linda Hanley

    I’ve tried EVERYTHING nothing works it’s time &. Luck a bit of know how I’m outta here 165 is BAD

    • Linda Hanley

      Ive had explsions on my iPad and very few blues drop down nearest I’ve been us 2 blues to get the order sorry so etching wrong here .


      don’t give up dear, keep trying, you will beat it soon!!!

  25. TheDivineMrsM

    The lack of blue candies was so frustrating. Nevertheless, I concentrated on matching blue as often as I was able. If a blue match couldn’t be made, I tried making yellow or green matches. Then I started noticing that there were opportunities to try to make color bombs, so I also focused on that. I had a few games where I made four or five color bombs which helped but I still had more blue to get.I ended up paying 99 cents two times for five additional plays to pass this level that I’d been on for over a week. And guess what happened when I reached the goal? Tons of blue candies fell down. Aaarrrgggggg!!!!!!


      I feel you! I really do! Anyway.. next time i guess you will be lucky

  26. Doug

    All luck of the draw. Clear the middle chocolates as advised and hope for the best. Took two days! Just follow the tips and with some luck you’ll get there.


      you’re right Doug.. good tips + luck = success!

  27. Ball Sheet

    This level if a f*cking disgrace. On previous ultra-difficult, somewhat unfair, levels I always felt that there was a tactical chance to clear the board but this one is just ridiculous. Googling has highlighted this as a real problem level, also bringing up ULTRA LAME ‘tips’ such as this.


      more or less we have 100 likes for this level’s support, so i guess our tips are not that lame! But if you find them inefficient, you can try your own strategy.. hope you will beat it asap!

  28. Rosemary

    I allowed myself to get frustrated with this level. Decided to change my strategy. I didn’t chase any particular color. I went after special candies. I made specials no matter what color they were. Every so often I would have blues that I could crush, once I crushed a row of blues or yellows, the board would go crazy wiping out lots of everything due to me having special candies all over the board. I passed this when i decided to focus on making specials instead of specific colors. Hope this helps someone else…as it also depends on the board you’re given to begin with. Just try it a few times & see how much closer you get :) It worked for me after A WEEK of trying the other way of just matching up the required colors & getting nowhere near what I needed.


      interesting view! thanks for sharing your tip Rosemary!

      • Rita Brown

        I have been on this level for a few weeks now. Getting frustrated…so stayed off of it for a few days. Now, I try to click on level 165 and it will not let me in.

        • Rita Brown

          I finally got into level 165. Guess I must not be very smart. Still can’t beat it! Try a little longer when I get enough lives. Then will give up for a few more or weeks! And I really did love this game. Sixty-four and addicted to candy crush. Wow!


            Don’t give up Rita.. and obviously it’s not a matter of how smart you are! You need to be patient, focused and you will do it :)


          did you get 3 tickets?

  29. Aase

    Chase the yellow ones!!! I tried it and now i’m moving on to the next level!! Good luck!


      thanks for sharing your tip

  30. Annoyed

    This level 165 sucks. There is not enough blue and you have to crush 99

    • Team

      patience is a virtue.. keep trying :)

  31. Lei

    Hi guys, the tip in focus on trying to crush the blues makes sense though.
    Do not make moves that you do not need, if you crush blues more blues will be falling down. If you crush other colors, those same colors fall down. So start crushing blues first, the 2 requirements you can finish along the way while you are crushing blues.

  32. Creeper

    This tip to focus on the blue to get more blues does not make sense. If this worked we would not wind up with so many screens without any blues after wiping out the only blues we got. I have had games where I needed 45 blues and never saw more than a dozen of so for the remainder of the game. I have said in the past that I think this game is rigged. Its like the slot machine that is programmed to pay out only so many winners.

  33. Aj

    Candy crush u suck! Focus on d blue? How can we focus on d blue theres no blue! Easy for you to say! There is no enough blue when u know u have to crush 99blue. Fuck this level n you guys just want us ti buy boosters. Fuck!!!

    • candy

      take it cool Aj.. we don’t want you to buy boosters.. we are just an independent forum that supports you.. if you read the comments above you will see that many crushers that focused on blue did it :/

    • Darla

      Right on!

  34. David

    This level is BS and this tip is BS. You do not get more blues the more you crush them. I have had bombs explode before I can get double digit blues crushed. I often have several consecutive moves w/ 1 or zero blues on the screen. I have had bombs explode before there is even an opportunity for 3 blues in a row. This is as jive as any level on any game I’ve ever played.

  35. Kitty

    Yes in reality there are no blues to crush!!!

  36. Kitty

    This level sucks

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