Candy Crush Saga Level 168

Candy Crush Level 168Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 50,000 points in 30 moves.

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 105000 points
3 stars: 165000 points

Alright, a whole lot of distractions here. 2 fans in the bottom left and upper right keep the chocolate flowing. All the Jelly is under the 3 hit blocks that are all locked in on both sides. Additionally, you have 13 move bombs mixed in. Try to use the bombs to match up and unlock the pieces around the blocks. You still have to keep control of the chocolate though. Now bear in mind you will not be able to get any pieces for the bottom until you break through the middle to allow pieces to fall down, but you still need to take care of the bombs, so each move is something you need to think about.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 168

Start with the bombs in the lower left corner and then go to the upper right corner. Striped/wrapped combos are great for unlocking candies and clearing blocks. You should be able to make color bombs when you’ve got some room, so make a color bomb/striped candy combo whenever you can.

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15 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 168”
  1. Judy

    Why, suddenly, does candy crush not connect to Facebook? And if I play on, will it show my wins when I do get back on Facebook?


      Hhmmm, it should always connect to Facebook if that is what you have already done. Send a message to King to see if they can sort out this technical glitch –

  2. asif shaikh

    stuck in level 168..impossible to clear level..give me cheat


      We don’t have any cheats Asif, but you can check out our tips section or read any comments from this discussion to help you beat this level! Good Luck

  3. windy

    Initially i thought 147 was hard, then i got through. Then it was 167, tough like hell and I was struck there for more than 3 months and all of a sudden I went through. Now it’s 168 and i have been here for more than 2 weeks….somehow i know I’ll get thru….eventually. *fingers crossed*


      We’ve got our fingers crossed for you too :D

  4. lynn

    what are 3+moves?

  5. Darla


  6. Ina

    This level 168 is not as easy as the video suggests. I read the tips and did what they suggested. I am not getting any combos and there are absolutely no colors around when I need them. I can’t even get the 3+ moves to work, wasted 2 of those. I’m beginning to hate this game..Besides the fact that this level is extremely frustrating. It’s the same thing over and over with all the difficult levels…same chocolate..same bombs…same not enough moves…same BS. I’ll use up the free boosters I have on the PC and then I’m done. I had to waste 3 lollipops just to get past level 167. Candy Crush is no longer fun. I’d rather pay for a game to download and keep then hand money over to these people that haven’t the decency to answer your emails when they steal your extra lives.


      Finally you did it, right?

    • Darla


  7. martine

    I mainly played the bottom and bottom sides and you start to notice you will knock out alot of candies from just 1 bottom move. Good luck ….:-)its gonna happen:-)


      Hey martine! Thanks for the positive feedback

  8. Lei

    I started destroying the more difficult blocks and jellies at the bottom part. Then colors coming from the top just started falling in place domino effect style. Try to produce and swap chocolate ball with stripped ball it eliminates most jellies.
    If you reach 25 moves left and you have not cleared the bottom ones then restart again.

    • Team

      thanks for sharing your tips Lei! If you want to be part of our team, please send a message to us

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