Candy Crush Saga Level 169

Collect all the orders (1 striped/striped mix, 1 striped/wrapped mix, 1 striped/color bomb mix ) and reach 45,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 45000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 75000 points

There is an army of chocolate fans behind the 2 hit blockers, but you can work without opening that up. Try to focus more on making the powerups and only deal with the chocolate when necessary. You should be able to score the striped candies easily, so focus more on the wrapped and color bomb. Remember only 1 piece of chocolate can advance at a time!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 169

Try to create the color bomb first, as it can be the toughest. It may be easier to break the cream blocks to give yourself room to create, but you’ll have to battle chocolate.

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41 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 169”
  1. Bonnie Eide

    Level #169 sucks. Everyone is right u have tobe a crush geek to man win. Debt have that much time. About ready to spend my time else where. SORRY!!!

  2. John

    I’ve been reading the tips for many of the levels in this episode. Thanks for the tips. I passed this level by simply reading the advice and then the next time I played this level, I won before I could try the tips. As people have been saying, the only skill is being able to exploit the Luck when it finally happens. I too, had finished the orders several times (out of many, many tries) but tens of thousands of points short! This will be my last episode. I need a game where I can use the “skills” more often and spend less time just waiting for luck.

  3. SK

    Level 169…met the orders multiple times but can’t get 45,000. The order doesn’t even say 45,000 till after you’re told you lost!
    Also, unable to cross 147 on my phone(was able to do it on other device after weeks)!

  4. sandra

    I am wasting a lot of lives on this level, can’t get the points or can’t get one of the orders, the wraps are not available that often. There is no fun in the game playing it over and over again.

  5. Mariruth

    Finally completed this very difficult level after about 2 weeks. There is some skill, but mainly luck involved. Hallelujah!


      Well done Mari! Keep crushing

  6. Diane

    Finished getting combos 4 times and highest points were 39,460. You mentioned updates and a possible easier way to complete level 169. When will this be happening? I will give this a few more tries and move on to another game with a different company and delete this App. I did enjoy this game, but you do not give enough moves for certain levels including this one. Thanks for the vent.


      This is just a wishful thinking based on similar previous examples in the past.. after every update (the next will take place this later this week) many levels appear to be easier! This is what we’re talking about! Instead of waiting for the update i’d rather carefully read the discussion and tips shared here!

    • Lorri salerno

      If candy crush doesn’t do something about this level I quit!!!!! You cannot get enough points its impossible! I have gotten the 3 combos many times but don’t even come close to getting the points they are going to loose a loyal,player who spends money on the game but this level is a joke!


        Hang in there Lorri, King does seems to be listening to us as they are updating and changing levels as we speak :) Good Luck

  7. Dee

    best tip was to restart untill i found an easy matched wrapped candy. one try and i won!!


      this is an all time classic tip! thanks for mentioning that!

  8. Ina

    I can’t do anything right with this level. Just bought the xtra moves because the combo was there when I ran out of moves and ended up with just over 39,000. I just want to cry. I’m actually shaking from this level. I’m going to have to quit the game. I can’t handle this anymore ????


      Come on, Ina, you just need to keep calm, focused and try again.. did you try to utilize the strategies mentioned here?

  9. eydie

    this is horrible. I have never gotten all of the orders, so the 45,000 points is moot. I only ever get bombs and wrapped by sheer accident anyway, and trying to create them is frigging annoying. I think I should just be able to buy my way out of this awful level and go on to the next. this makes level 65 look like a walk in the park. I am at the point of quitting because it’s not fun anymore. it’s become like a job. a job I am terrible at and am a complete failure at.

    • Ina

      I agree Eydie. I have only been able to make 2 out of the 3 by just luck, nevermind the 45,000, I don’t believe people are beating this without buying boosters. One above even admitted it. I admit I bought a booster twice and only because I was tired of and frustrated by the level. I wasted 3 lollipops on level 168. I refuse to get sucked into the money pit. I don’t have the money to do that. This game has been fun for me, being handicapped and spending my days home, but. I am ready to quit over this level. I don’t understand why they make them so hard when there are over 400 levels. So many of my friends have quit.


        Hopefully this level will get easier after the next update – which will come pretty soon

        • Diane

          Easier How????? When is soon?????

        • LJ

          You wrote an update soon in Oct 2013; this is April 2014 & I am quitting Candy Crush…this is just one of many ridiculously difficult levels that have destroyed the fun for me…hard is ok; but frustratingly impossible is not…I won’t pay another dollar


            there has been plenty of updates since then, we are now on level 560? Also we are only a support community to help Crushers out, we are not the Candy Crush Saga. If you have any queries please contact King themselves via the following link –

  10. Ina

    This level is impossible. I have read tips, watched video and tried everything. I’m not getting the combos…not even close. I’m beginning to hate this game..Besides the fact that this level is extremely frustrating. It’s the same thing over and over with all the difficult levels…same chocolate…same not enough moves…same BS. I’m giving it another chance to pass then I’m done. Candy Crush is no longer fun. I’d rather pay for a game then hand money over to these people that haven’t the decency to answer your emails when they steal your extra lives. So many of my friends have already quit. Candy crush doesn’t listen or make any adjustments to the complaints made just as they don’t reply to emails. Why support a game that doesn’t care about the players or the frustration we all go through.

  11. BMH

    What are y’all talking about when you say “RESTART” ? What is a restart and how do you do it?


      if you are playing on iOS here is the guide: Can do this in iOS by pressing the quit button before a move is made, after touching “Play”. Just touch the wheel in the bottom left corner, then touch the red icon. You get returned to the screen where you touch the current level, in which just do it again, and no life is lost. Exception is the TIMED levels, the clock begins, and this option is not there. But most other levels, if the candies do not fall and cascade when starting the level, you can see the layout of the candies and have the option to get a good starting board before starting the level.
      I had to do that so much in level 158. The locked candies must be released and a good start for the ingredient to down MUST be there, to have any chance at all to complete the level. Otherwise the chocolate makes this level simply impossible.
      This option is NOT there on computer. If you push the red quit button on computer you lose a life.

  12. Peggy Wehr

    How do I get a free restart?

  13. Peggy Wehr

    How do I purchase a lollypop hammer?

  14. Peggy Wehr

    I have asked a few questions and never get an answer. Can you tell me how to purchase special candies for life. How many lines do each candy drop her move?

  15. Ilikecandy

    This one proved to be so un-fun–after just too many tries I bought the candy hammer and got through it immediately. The choco ball with stripe combo at the end triggered enough exploding stripe candies to push me way above 45,000 so try saving that combo when you have most or all the jellies cleared, thus more candies to crush.


      thank you for sharing your experience! Keep walking :)

  16. Mark Jones

    I finished with about 10 moves left and had about 20k points. After the sugar crush I had about 75k points! It seems the goal is to finish in as few moves as possible. Getting the color bomb quickly (requires a bit of luck) is key as the color bomb itself creates a lot of opportunities for bonus pieces. Maybe if you’re really stuck you do a free re-start until you have an immediate opportunity for a color bomb (that’s much fun to restart that many times but if you’re desperate….).

    • Mark Jones

      meant to say NOT much fun….


      Good to read you passeed it! Keep crushing!

  17. Andi

    Read the tips and passed level with 9 moves left :)


      Thanks for positive feedback

  18. Tara

    I just completed the orders, with a score of 44,420. I was so close!!!! Back to the drawing board.


      sooo close! keep trying Tara :D


    Tips section updated

  20. It's me

    I won this level 2 times with 3-5 moves left and was no where near the required points. I don’t see how this level is possible to win with 45000 pt requirement plus 3 difficult orders to collect. Simply not enough moves to do it all. Most annoying part is when you are setting up an order and an unplanned cascade happens and sets them all off.


      We promise to update the tips version asap! Probably the news tips will be proved helpful for you!

  21. nunu


    For level 169 I completed the 3 orders, but did not reach the points and my fear is I may never get the 3 orders again.

    Since you have an option on the Iphone to get another board is it better to start with a chocholate sprinkle or wrapped candy or is it better to crush through the sides to make the board wider thus making specials, etc. somewhat easier?

    • cindy

      What are stars and how do you get them


        They are something a rank on how good you did it with a level

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