Candy Crush Saga Level 180

Candy Crush Level 180Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 1 cherries) and score 45,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 45000 points
2 stars: 150000 points
3 stars: 210000 points

The good news is you start with all the ingredients on the board and can see exactly where they need to fall. The hard part is you have to bust through the 4 hit blocks and locked bombs to get to the bottom. If you can score a vertical striped candy, you are going to do a lot better. More than likely you are going to have to grunt through this one. Try to make the horizontal matches to remove as much as you can with the blocks until you get through them. Then unlock and go through the bombs. You only need to remove the bombs to get the ingredients down OR if you use extra moves. This is definitely a tough level as most of your matches are in the middle. If you can move your ingredients that are on the outsides towards the middle, it would make it a lot easier on you. Once you break through the bottom try to drop horizontal candies down to shoot through massive candy loads.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 180

Striped/wrapped combos are great for breaking through the heavy blocks, but if you can make a color bomb—count the move bombs and match the color bomb with the most predominate color in those bombs—this will unlock a good number of candies and allow you to move them (and remove them quicker!)

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20 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 180”
  1. Deborah

    When I saw this level I thought no way. Came here first and gave it a try. Still took two days but convinced it was pure luck. I kept rolling on my iPad and ended up with side by side chocolate balls that cleared the board. Yeah. This is the best
    site for tips and strategy- sorry I did not find it earlier! Thanks!

  2. Reena

    I’m stuck on this level

  3. molly

    I see references to a “back button” What is this, where is it, what’s it do?

  4. delia bowman

    This sight sux!!! It only shows half of the page therefore you only get to see half of the tip.


      Do you still face the same issue????

  5. Susan

    Watched video 5 times and saw candies being swapped that don’t match and striped candies are made. Am I seeing things? I know video is fast but you can see these switches. Love the game anyway. Thanks for the tips.


      Susan you should mostly pay attention to the tips/discussion rather than watching the vids.. Did you finally beat it?

  6. Sai

    Just finished this level today with 19 moves remaining. Combined 2 wrapped candies and ola.. patience and calm paid off..


      that’s the approach Sai! Keep crushing

  7. Maria Gartland

    There is a reference here made to the “discovery of the ‘back’ button”. Also somebody made a reference to abandoning game and starting over, how does one do these things and does this mean that one does not lose a life if you abandon the game. How do you abandon the game?

  8. Ina

    I have to admit the tips are great with most levels. The videos are unrealistic because you never get a board or make the combos these videos show. I have been frustrated before on a couple of levels but this one takes the cake. It is definitely the level I’ll probably quit playing at. I keep trying but as others have said…not enough moves..not a chance for the combos..and also hard to get the ingredients close when you have no move options before a shuffle. Especially when you get a horizontal stripe down to get through a break through and the board shuffles. This level is one of the worst yet. I love the game but getting nowhere is enough to make me quit the game.

  9. Roger

    I’m sure those are peaches not acorn so not hazelnuts their fruits

  10. Karen Cartwright

    I looked on here after attempting this level 3 times as not sure what I needed to do. I did the level first time after Patricias tips on horizontal matches to break through the boxes .AMAZING! Thank you Patricia. Nice to see written tips and not just videos that seem to have more matches/combos etc. than your own board.


      Truth is many appreciate our written tips! And the thing is Pat knows how to keep her tips short and efficient!

  11. Lynn

    Discovering the “back” button, along with the tip above of checking the position of the three fruits has been helpful. I don’t try a board unless the fruits are close together. I haven’t beat this yet, but I am close. Thank you for the tips!!


      You’re welcome Lynn!

  12. Lei

    Before making any moves, just browse the board make sure the 3 ingredients are in more or less in a location where they are near each other so you could focus destroying the 4 strike brick creams.
    All moves must be or at least directed to destroying a brick and create an opening.
    If you reach 10 moves left abandon game as it will amount to nothing. Start anew.

  13. David

    Another of many retarded levels that can only be beaten by blind luck.

    • Christina Warren

      I agree!!!! Nothing but luck is going to get you pass this level! I can go through 10 lives in 20 minutes and not get half the bombs cleared let along the cherries and nuts down! STUPID is right.. I’ve been at it all day and I WILL not spend money!

      • candy

        be patient, be calm and you will beat it

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