Candy Crush Saga Level 181

Candy Crush Level 181

Bring the ingredients down (2 cherries) and score 20,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 55000 points
3 stars: 65000 points

The only way to beat this level is to clear through the blocks in the middle and shoots horizontal striped candies, mix a wrapped and striped candy, or mix a color bomb and striped candy. The first block on the side columns is 3 hits, the second and third are 4 hits and the last is three hits. So clear as many blocks as you can early on and make the horizontal ones as often as you can.

Here is a walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 181

Candy Crush Saga Level 181 Tips and Strategies

  • Firstly you need to open up the central area, so its a good idea to work to the edges.
  • Make a striped candy by moving a piece sideways to make a line of 4! The sideways striped candy helps to blast the two side columns.
  • Once you’ve got some play area try for combos.
  • Don’t go for a spotted because it just doesn’t help on this level
  • You ‘d rather try combos and ignore the columns
  • The best thing to get is a stripe with a wrapped and make sure you place it correctly for the level you want to zap

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 181

The second and third blocks in the columns with the cherries have to be hit 4 times to be cleared. Horizontally striped candies will certainly weaken these blocks, but striped/wrapped combos really are the key…they will hit 3 rows in one shot. Color bomb/striped combos will be only be effective if there are sufficient candies in those targeted rows that match the striped candy.

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116 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 181”
  1. b

    Quickly! Load up on Candy Crush stock…before everyone realizes the game stops at 181.

    Looks like $60-75 a week, for at least eight months, before a passing board “might” appear.

    We’re approaching 1,000 screens played on level 181, through multiple users, and are unable to clear more than three squares from either side…just to prove a point.

  2. JasselynNichole

    I have about decided I’m. Gonna give. In and delete candy crush due to 181…, making the game unfun


      This is our Evillest of all Evil levels! But don’t let it bring you down, if you can eventually beat this level then you can beat all levels to come! Good Luck!

      • ashri che hussin

        SOME NICE MOTIVATION! HEHEHE. TQ (I read the tips here first before i try 181, dunno yet) wish me luck.


          Good Luck! We will keep our fingers crossed for you! :D

    • Lisa

      Don’t give up on this level! I came here for tips after getting nowhere on my own. Reading the comments, I pretty much figured I’d be on this one awhile. Well, I beat it today less than a week after reaching it =) I tried the suggested wrapped/striped combos, but found they were never in the right place at the right time.

      Today I hit a board that once opened up in the center, presented a lot of horizontal matches. If their placement was good, I used them for single hits. I used only one wrapped/striped combo, followed by a spotted/striped combo, which was enough to drop the items one block away from the bottom. Lucked into spotted/spotted combo that finished it off!

      I had expected to put in MUCH more time on this level, and have on previous ones. Keep at it; it WILL happen ;)


        Thanks for sharing, thats awesome that you beat the Evillest level ‘OF ALL TIME’ so quickly! Congrats :D

  3. Tina

    Level 181 is the worst, I was never at a level for more than a week and this has been two months.. No longer fun!! I am deleting it!!


      Level 181 is our evillest of all levels thats for sure!!

  4. Tracy

    If I bought about 15 lollipop hammers couldn’t I use them to break open the sides?


      If you had enough lollipop hammers to destroy each layer of the multi-layered meringue then yes you would be able to break open the sides! That’s actually quite a nice little cheat if you don’t mind spending the money to do so :)

  5. trollita

    A hideous, awful level that took me 2 weeks to beat. At first it seemed impossible but after playing over and over (and over) I could see I was getting closer. Patricia’s advice (thank you!) is dead on-horizontal striped candies, and striped with wrapped will eventually get you there. On to the next level!


      Well done Trollita and thanks for sharing :)

  6. Sheri

    I’ve been stuck on this level for months. I thought I would eventually get enough lollipops from the daily booster wheel but it only lands on color bombs and fish which can’t be used for this level. So frustrating!


      Hang in there Sheri, you can do it :)

  7. sandra

    I have been on this level for 2 days and I am already tired of it. This level, like the other difficult levels, you cannot win unless the candys fall in the right place. Playing the same level over and over again is boring and no fun to the game.

  8. Terri

    This is the level where Candy Crush and I part company. It has stopped being fun, and life is already full of frustrations. I’m not a moron, and I’ve whizzed through other levels that were supposed to be “impossible,” but I just can’t crack this one! I guess I’ll read a book. :)


      Lol, sometimes a little timeout is all we need Terri! Let us know if you do end up beating this pesky level but in the meantime – enjoy your book :)

    • elaine

      I agree not fun anymore

  9. Anita

    I passed 183183 with a lot of trouble and it was even posted on Facebook but when i went back to the game the next day I was back in 183! I tried to email and have received no response. Any ideas?


  10. Reina

    This level is very deceiving. Looks kinda easy yet it’s so difficult. It’s so close yet so far away grrrrrr D:


      Level 181 has been our top contender for our Evillest 5 No.1 position, so there’s no doubt that this level is difficult. Good luck and we hope our tips and videos can help you beat it!! :D

  11. Benjoman

    The most pointless impossible level and the end of my adventures on Candy Crush. A level clearly designed to make you pay as its impossible without cheating. Thankfully i have now deleted this annoying game from my phone. After about the 300th attempt it just gets boring and you have taken all my enjoyment for the game away. 181- ALL OUT.


      Many crushers have made it pasty this level without emptying their pockets to buy boosters, etc but i feel your frustration as Level 181 has been in the top spot many a times in our ‘Evillest 5′ category. So we’re sorry to see you go but if you ever decide to resume playing, please keep us updated :)

  12. Kathy

    Well you’ve lost me candy crush, I love a challenge but the frustration is not worth it. After months of trying, I’m giving up and deleting the game. My sanity is more important than a game.


      Level 181 is a devil of a level and you are not the only one to mention it. Have you read all the tips/discussion available here? If not, then take a break and resume playing with a clear head – you may get lucky and receive a good starting board :)

  13. sherry

    OMG after 2 months on this level finally passed it.

    A poster mentioned that she had more frosting left on one side than the other when she was playing that happened to me ,I would have won the game too, maybe this is a bug or something?

    I finished the level when I was able to line up a few horizontal, stripped candies in the same row, I guess if you blast threw another horizontal , it is like hitting the frosting two times ,anyone else have that happen?

    on to 182 thx for everything


      Well done for finally completing the level and good luck on 182

      • Sharon

        So where is the upgrade?


          There was an update on levels for Android phone users, if you haven’t received this then please contact King directly

    • thomwin

      I too had cleared all the blocks on the left and there were still 2 on the right. How is that even possible?!?! This level may be the one that makes me stop playing. I’ve been on it for a month now.


        Many crushers have made it to and beyond this level, however playing it for month must be very frustrating! Have you read our tips and videos here? If not, give them a try and let us know how it goes :)

      • davis

        If you combo two wrapped candies along the edge, the explosion is large enough to reach the side blocks.


          Thanks for the tip Davis :)

  14. Tamara

    Since the last itunes on my iphone 5 i have not been able to accept extra moves from friends. Been stuck on this level about 4 days. I could have beat it a couple of times if I had an extra life.

    I live this game! I was stuck on a level for 6 weeks once but it just made me more determined to win. What would be the fun of a game that didn’t challenge us? If you just want pretty colors and sound go play Bejeweled.


      Good point here tamara! I totally agree!!

    • dan

      hm.. that’s a good idea. cya

      • dan

        just got thru 181 after week+ & couple hundred tries same way as all the “hard” levels – luck of the random gods putting combos where they’re most helpful


          Definitely among the toughest levels for the last month.. good to read you finally did it without giving up!

    • Denise

      So annoying…. Giving up
      It’s ridiculous….


        Don’t give up yet if you haven’t checked out our walkthrough video for level 181 Patricia’s tips are also available here.

        • Sharon

          Videos are too fast and confusing as the arrow moves around too much before it makes a move.


            If you are having trouble with videos then don’t forget about our tips/discussions available here. All is here to help :)

    • Mel

      Me too! I also play on an iphone5 & every time that I accept free moves from friends, they just disappear & I don’t get to use them, ugh! What’s up with that?

  15. Sue

    Level 181 is impossible!!! I finally bought extra turns until I finished it. I was stuck for more than a month!


      Aouch :/ 1 month? :/ and yes it’s TOUGH, pretty tough! Hope you won’t face something like that pretty soon

  16. Pam

    OMG, finally passed this level! Needed one more horizontal, had 3 orange lined up with the fourth out of range by one row. I had a color bomb, killed two yellow candies and it lined!! This was the hardest level ever! Took me a week. I gave up several times and played old levels out of frustration. I’m almost afraid of 182….

    • Pam

      Correction: 182 is a Bear also!

  17. Dave Young

    I finally made it – thought it took close to 300 tries. If you play this level enough, the law of averages will tilt in your favour eventually. One thing level 181 teaches you is how to make wrapped / striped candy matches


      Sounds like 181 is the new 65! Guess it was a huge relief that you did it!!

      • Dave Young

        I didn’t have much trouble with 65. 147 was far worse. Now I’m struggling with 182. Timed levels aren’t my favorite – always feel like I have a gun to my head…


          oops! But you did 181 which is tough.. there is no doubt you will beat 182 sooner or later! Don’t give up! And yes, i know the gun-to-my-head feeling!

          • CowtwonCrusher

            After languishing on this level for what seemed like forever and finally passing it, I pretty much breezed by everything until now. I have been stuck on 197 for at least a week and well over a hundred lives… Just wait till you all get there!!! ugggggh 197 sucks! and its boring just to top it off…. Cant wait to move on


            please have a look at our tips for 197: they will be probably proved helpful!

      • Len

        Level 65? After reading this, I just went back and revisited 65 and beat it with 11 moves to spare. Definitely no comparison!


          That’s the way to do it Len!

        • ashri che hussin

          Many thanks to you!!! Len

  18. Dave Young

    I just realized that when the computer reshuffles the candy, this constitutes a ‘move’.. What a RIPOFF- isn’t this ridiculous level hard enough as it is? OK – technically it is a ‘move’ but since you have no control whatsoever over what’s being moved and where, it’s hardly fair. Your 50 moves are usually 3 or 4 less….


      you’ve got a point here.. :/ but they set the rules!!

      • Pam

        Or if there are no moves left except one combo, it reshuffles! That’s rediculous! Totally unfair! :)

    • Jean

      PLevel 181 impossible, the only way to win it is pure luck. Either the wrong combination explode or you run out of moves. Like I said before, after like 100 try’s a person should be able to move on automatically as a person losses interest and goes on to other games. Keep your players interested and happy.


        This definitely makes sense! And yes, 181 is soo tough! You need to be persistent and patient!

    • mary

      This level is a big CONN. We are handcuffed by what candies the board gives us? I have got down to one candy left and about 10 moves left. Great? No, no more groups of 4 appear. Bah humbug!!!


        Ouch this is tough! And when this happens you can’t avoid frustration! But this is CCS :/

  19. renea

    I try everything also and won’t spend money I don’t have to play and every time it says I’m getting free lives or candy combos its a joke I agree there should be an alternative or something free offered to pass s

    • renea

      A level but am ready to throw my phone and quit

  20. CowtwonCrusher

    I NEVER spend money on ‘free’ games… I’m just too cheap.. It took me about a week and probably 100 lives to beat this level which I just did 5 minutes ago. Yes it takes luck but there is definitely a level of strategy (not skill) involved to get the striped candies lined up right. On the harder levels it usually takes me 10-20 lives just playing it to figure out how the board works or what it needs to be successful. This board was no different. The chocolate balls are of very little help and I stopped using them on this level all together. *** Remember, to make a horizontal striped candy, you MUST move the 4th candy into position horizontally. It’s NOT generated randomly like many people think. Also like someone else posted earlier, 2 vertical striped candies together will make one go up and one go sideways so thats a good thing and finally a bomb with either striped candy is just as effective so use those as often as possible. So after 100+ lives, I just finished it on my last move without buying anything or even using extra moves (I burned through extra moves as quickly as people would send them to me)…. LOL

    GOOD LUCK! Don’t give up… It’s just a game and it doesnt cost a thing… All levels can be done with patience, luck, and persistence… Have fun.. Hope this helps someone!


      i agree in almost everything you say! Good to see you beat it at last :)

  21. Sumac

    This level has broke me. Yes I have tried all the hints and there just is not enough moves on this level. I finally realized this is truly a MONEY MAKING Game. I began purchasing lollipops and extra moves on lower levels because I was so close. Now it seems that most levels (yes level 167 is another) are geared to where you have to purchase more moves ( which sadly is only for that level ) or lollipops. In other words to me it has become a scam…. And I refuse to pay more money. There’s other games to play elsewhere. It is JUST A GAME.


      if you ask me, while 60% of the crushers (according to our poll) play the game without spending even a cent, what you claim here is not accurate!

  22. Nichola

    The administrators of this page are incredibly smug. I came here hoping that I was missing something, but no. Your tip is ‘make striped candies’. And when people – rightly – complain that they’ve been stuck for eons the admin can only reply ‘no luck with our tips?’. WHAT tips?! It’s not like you’ve gift wrapped a solution here, you’re just stating the obvious but thinking you’re doing us all a favour. The admin need to see that this IS a luck based level and have some sympathy for those stuck for weeks and on the verge of throwing their phones/tablets/laptops out of the window.


      The admins have commented in multiple cases that luck is usually necessary.. and they add that even if you are lucky, without a decent strategy, you will probably fail.. did you even read what we write here? Seriously? Is Pat’s strategy like “make striped candies”??

      • Observer

        Your attitude when responding to any critique of the game or lack of useful tips is not only poor, but off-putting. For a site that is to “support” the community you have shown a severe lack of empathy for those stuck and actually have a tendency to alienate them. The problem with the tips for this level stem from the fact that the “expert” strategy is an obvious method. My 5 year old nephew was watching and told me what was needed to win. I’m sure most people appreciate the tips, but when they vent their frustration, your response shouldn’t simply be along the lines of didn’t you read the tips?. If you demonstrate just a bit more couth by giving those that are struggling encouragement rather than giving the impression you are looking down your nose at them, you’d be more helpful. If you don’t feel that is your position, maybe you shouldn’t be here to “support” other players.

        And, for an example of how you could have responded…
        Nichola, I totally understand your frustration. This level was a huge pain for me too and you need a lot of things to drop right, but keep trying and keep those tips in mind. You can do it!


          We try hard to provide the best tips and we receive hundreds of messages everyday with positive comments.. and then you come with a comment like “you try to alienate the gamers that are stuck, your comments are obvious”. This comment is pure empathy and i realise that you are probably angry with the game, but we are not responsible for that! The example you provide on how to respond is what we do in cases where someone is stuck!

  23. Debbie

    Well I finally passed this level it took about a week but I did it


      1 week is much but others are stuck for months! Good job Debbie, keep crushing!

  24. Debbie

    I am going crazy wiyh this level I am not one to give up but I’m getting close to it.


      we have tips from 3 experts here.. nothing helped you? :(

  25. Debbie

    I spelled my email wrong sorry

  26. Debbie

    Very hard level but I don’t give up easy


      Keep trying Debbie

  27. C

    Why is it every time I have large amounts of extra lives, the system kicks me out on my I pad continually? Very frustrating. Does the same thing when I have a good board going

  28. Dianne

    Been on this level for 2 days trying all the tips posted and what a surprise I have made it.every strategy for every level..


      thanks for sharing your positive feedback!

  29. M

    I thought this level was fun ~ challenging, bit doable with a bit of luck. Took one day.


      great news M

  30. Val

    I have followed every hint and tip I can find. I’ve been stuck on this level for at least 4 weeks. I am going to give up if I don’t crack it tomorrow. I have spent money on this game in the past but this level is beyond stupid!


      We have tips from 3 experts here.. nothing worked for you? Pretty sad :/

      • Edithanne

        I think King is missing the point why so many people are frustrated with Candy Crush. We like the variety of challenges but when you get stuck for days or weeks it isn’t fun anymore. There should be an option to pay 0.99 and move on after a certain number of tries. I finally gave up on 181 and started over at the beginning.


          no luck with our tips?

  31. Naomi Carr

    This level is doing my head in! And yes it is starting to make we want to stop playing a challenge is one thing. Impossible is another!!!

    • Naomi Carr

      I finally did it but only by using the lollipop hammer on the last square.


        great news naomi! Don’t give up, keep goin!

        • jj

          I would never pay to finish a game, especially a game that is designed especially so that people will get frustrated and pay. The game is rigged so that it gets harder as the person nears the end of the level.


            we strongly believe that 181 will be easier after the next update! Let’s see if our prediction will be proved right

          • Barbie

            Arrrrgh, I am trying not to be so sad. 181 makes my head HURT!! Lol. I keep working with it and using your tips but loose patience and interest after many many MANY tries…oh well as you said it is just a game! Soooo when is the next update due out, giggle…


            hopefully in 1-5 days..?

          • london

            To bad no working jijijiji enjoy

  32. Emma

    I too was about to give up on this level as I found it quite difficult as you have to keep smashing the blocks BUT it can be done only with the help of lollipop hammers. I did vow not to spend money on a free game but to complete this level it is what you need.I watied until I was as close as possible to opening up the blocks before I purchased the lollipop. Well worth the 99cents just to get past it. Now on 215 :-)
    Don’t give up people as it is do-able.


      great attitude Emma, keep goin!!

  33. isa

    update : i beat the level. they ask you now, when you are out of lives, to play “papa pear”, and beat 8 levels. it’s a really stupid game, but if you do so, you get 5 new lives, and 10″hammer lollipops”. I used those to finish the level.

  34. isa

    oh, and there is no purple ones on the phone. i guess it’s a game with less colors.

  35. Dama

    The person who created the walkthrough video paid for a boost or something. There’s no yellow candies. For those of us that prefer to play fair, this walkthrough is pretty useless.

    • candy

      no not really! did you also read the tips?

    • isa

      actually, i just found out that there is no yellow in that game on facebook (on the computer). there are yellow ones on the iphone. I have no idea why. No, i don’t use any booster.

  36. Chris

    This level is beyond a joke, there is no skill to this game at all, it’s down to pure luck or buying the upgrades – Factorygirl, where’s the skill or fun in that?

    • candy

      i’d suggest that you follow our tips! and yes there is much fun while so many people are literally crazy with Candy Crush

      • David

        It would be more fun if it wasn’t strictly reliant on luck. You can strategize and follow tips all day long, but if the candies don’t fall right, it’s just another waste of a candy life. Yes, it is addictive, but, like most addictions, it is more often than not not fun. This level is annoying b/c you waste the first 10-12 moves just trying to make room to try and create combos. The 2 side columns have 4 whatever they are 4 layers thick, so that’s 32 layers that need to be wiped out in about 35-40 moves. Beyond challenging. Unfun.

  37. factorygirl

    I just find it so incredibly hilarious that when SOME people are challenged they “lose interest” in something. Remember that old cliche – it’s just a game? Get over it. No one is going to judge you based on your Candy Crush ability, do it for enjoyment, challenge yourself a little, allow the very notion of randomness of pattern cull you! Sincerely hope you put more thought and emotion into other aspects of your livelihood than you do in this fun and addicting game – though it seems you are investing quite a bit into a level which has clearly been beaten by others.
    Great job, you.

    • candy

      can’t agree more :)

    • Paul

      This level is definitly not fun, and all the tips are obvious, its putting them into practice that advice in needed on.

    • jj

      Some people have been at this level for weeks, so before making holier-than-thou judgements about their attitudes, perhaps you should hold off. This is an extremely hard level that largely depends on luck, so give the frustrated folks some credit.


        Unfortunately frustration is part of Candy Crush.. but if you ask me, the more the frustration the most the satisfaction when you beat a level.. isn’t it true?

  38. candy

    We just added a few tips, hope they help :) In any case when watching a video walkthrough you don’t need to memorize movements, you just need to elaborate tactics/strategies that will help you complete the level!

    • bizzielizzie

      This Level is impossible to defeat! I am losing interest and definitely win’t waste any money on extra moves!

  39. Rachel Roberts

    Your tips on Level 181 aren’t helping me :(

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