Candy Crush Saga Level 182

Candy Crush Level 182Target
Score 30,000 points in 120 seconds.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 40000 points
3 stars: 55000 points

You may have 2 minutes, but this can be a bit confusing here. If you can zap the chocolate in the bottom right hand corner start there. That will clear that up. Turn your attention to the bombs in the upper left for some points, as the 4 bombs will net you 12,000 points at minimum. Break through the 4 block matches in the bottom left next otherwise you won’t have any new pieces falling to the top right. Grab as many +5′s as you can and match as fast as you can.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 182

Start with the chocolate in the lower right section, then move to the bombs in the upper left, then to the blocks in the lower left

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52 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 182”
  1. Windy

    I was stuck on this level for more than 2 weeks and was suppose to hit 40000, then it was brought down to 38000 but still all i could hit was less than 30000. Then all of a sudden the Tooth Fairy came and waive me over to the next level. I guess all the complaints about this level has finally been taken notice of by King. Thank you.

  2. shani

    I hate, HATE timed levels! This level is a total waste of time and effort. Not everyone has a fancy ipad with a fast touch-screen! I’m playing this on my laptop and it’s very sluggish on my keypad. Also the 5+’s never come up for me in this game. I guess you have to pony up for the boosters, like the person in the walk-through did, if you want the board to be in your favor. If King thinks I’m gonna shell out money just to pass a level, they’ve got another thought coming!

  3. Cheryl

    I keep losing lives that I have built up from asking FB friends. I never heard back from the CC website when I let them know about it. Anybody else having same problem? At one point I had over 100 lives that just disappeared and then just now I lost 19! Dang!

  4. Glenda Davis

    I’ve been on level 182 for at least two weeks now. If I don’t pass this level soon, I will stop playing candy crash saga.


      did you try to take advantage of the discussion/tactics/tips shared in this post?

      • Steven Johnson

        Try using a wrapped candy with a striped candy to help your advantages. It may take time to make them, so use them sparingly.

    • Darla

      Don’t bother with it!

  5. dchobo

    advance time by 1 year or so to drop quest target of 40000 to 30000, works on android phone. CCS ver 1.15.1

  6. Dan

    So disappointing to hit this level straight after spending days on 181
    This is one of those no fun levels that may be the straw the breaks the camels back, I give it a week, then I’m done
    Boring level


      you’re right.. 182 after 181 is such an exhausting experience! You need to stay calm and focused!

      • Darla

        Hard to stay focused when the reshuffling is happening every few seconds. lol

    • Darla


  7. Jane

    I reached 45000 points but it said I didn’t clear the level! I only needed 30000.

  8. Ina

    I am having the old folk syndrome as well. Too many shuffles and hardly any combos. Followed tips from chocolate to bombs but can’t seem to get anything over 22k. I thought 181 was bad and was thrilled to pass it but this one is more problematic. Loosing all that time with shuffles doesn’t help and changes the boards so much you loose time looking for moves on the new board. Can’t get any combos at all, just striped. Very hard, very frustrating and these difficult levels will end up just causing me to give up and move to another game to play. I love this game and it makes me sad that frustration level will cause me to stop playing ????

    • Ina

      I’m getting nowhere with this level…not even close. I noticed on several games that my friends have left candy crush and are playing them now. I guess I’ll be joining them, sadly. Level 182 is not even fun.


        There are so many tips and strategies here.. did you try to take advantage of them? Don’t give up Ina!!

        • Ina

          Finally got a lucky break and passed…glad this one is over but 184 is looking like a nasty one.


            yeaaah! Great news.. keep crushing!!

    • Darla

      My thoughts exactly!! Not paying .99 either for more time.

  9. Buster

    Candy Crush is playing a cruel trick on me. I am playing three quests in order to move to the next chapter after level 215. The last quest they gave me in order to move on is 182. How crazy is that? I was stuck on that level for over a week and now it rears it’s ugly head again. Now, I have to hit 40000 instead of 30000 like the first time. Of all the levels it had to give me, I get this one. Not fun anymore.


      Ouch!! I’d suggest that you ask for tickets from friends (you need to play on PC).

    • Chobo

      One trick: On Android device, fast forward your clock by a year and the target drops down to 30,000 instead of 40,000 for the quest.
      My version is CCS version is 1.15.1


        Thanks for the .. cheat Chobo

  10. Darío

    I’m on the three stars rerun and got stucked at this lvl. Y was fighting for a second star, realizing there was no way for me to get the theirs star, si I skipped it. I’m on 210 now and advancing at a decent speed. But I want to have three stars on this level. I decided to cheat a little bit and look for a solution online to find out not a single video has a three star solution (best score got barely 2 stars). Now I know I’m not crazy thinking this is impossible (in theory should be possible if you get enough +5).
    I’m looking forward to the update, seems to me 40,000 points is a fair score to aim for three stars since someone already accomplished it.

    Love the game. Thank you for it.


      Keep crushing Dario!! The update is comin!!!

  11. Cindy

    I just play against myself. I don’t do the facebook connect thing. I sent an email to King about it not adding my 5+ when I hit them and the clock wasting time on the constant reshuffle. I play on my ipad so it could be an app thing? So the knocked down my number to beat in this quest to 38000, now its 36,000. The most I’ve gotten is 32000.

    I don’t bother with the chocolate and I rarely have a move there anyway. Getting rid of candy in top right just leaves holes unless I get rid of the blocks in bottom left. I almost never have a move in bottom left to make unless I’m lucky enough to set up a vertical stripe. Most of my moves are stuck on the top left. I can’t figure any strategy on this level either. I try to set up vertical stripes in the top left then I get a reshuffle.


      Why don’t you try something different like Pat’s strategy? Start with the chocolate in the lower right section, then move to the bombs in the upper left, then to the blocks in the lower left!

  12. Cindy

    I have this level as one of the three quests after level 185. It wants 40000 instead of 30000. I have +5 candies but it’s not adding time when I get them. Just noticed that. And I can’t even buy time if I wanted to. It’s blacked out. I’ll never hit 40k with so many reshuffles.


      why don’t you ask 3 tickets from friends?

  13. Cindy

    I don’t get what the plus 5 is supposed to do. Add 5 secs right? I play on my iPad and it doesn’t add anything. I agree with the constant reshuffles wasting time. What happens if I ignore all the chocolate altogether? It doesn’t seem to go past that block. I think its a waste of moves to bother with as there is never more than one move over there, if that. I have hardly any moves where the blocks are. I’m stuck on top most of the time.

  14. marcella

    I am so done with this game!! Not only am I getting robbed of 5 seconds at the end of the game, I lose 5 seconds everytime the game reshuffles. Some times it reshuffles up to 10 times. I will ot play again until this game is fixed!!!!! uuughhh!!!


      that was what i would suggest.. wait for the next update, it will probably make this level much more doable.. even better report your frustration here:

      • Inez

        When is the update??

        • Inez

          Which timezone ??


          guess it will come in ~10 days

  15. Angela

    Level 181 – most difficult yet but can be done. And yes, your tips did help! Took a week of sheer frustration and then ‘Voila,


      such comments make us smile! Thank you for the positive feedback!

  16. Buster

    I, too, am having problems beating this level. It is rare that I even have a board that I can eliminate the chocolate, and when I do, the bombs are not where I need them to eliminate them. On the off chance that does happen, I can’t break through the blockers at the bottom until about 25 seconds left and then there is not enough time left…and don’t even get me started about the frequency of the reshuffle.


      Be persistent Buster, you will do it !

      • Buster

        I finally did beat this level but not without some anxiety. On one game, I had 28800 after the candy crush and I almost had a stroke. A few games later, I hit 29900, so I splurged a bit and paid $.99 for 15 more seconds. I only needed one more move so that did the trick. But I still am not satisfied that I didn’t beat the level in the time allowed.


          if you give it a few tries i guess you will do it!!

  17. Doug

    This level took my the longest time of all the levels so far. It eatsvavlot of time for the reshuffles. The striped/wrapped combo got me the points to put me over.


      good to read you finally did it!

  18. Kami

    TIP: In the past on difficult timed levels with bombs, if I reach 1 star I simply stop playing and let the clock run out to avoid any bombs going off. At least then I know I’ve “won” the game and can move on. You can always go back at any time and try to earn your 2 or 3 stars at your leisure.

    My issue is more that this game is running sluggish on my iPad and facebook. That is eating up much of my time. I was hoping to come here and see that it may be a technical issue but so far no one is complaining of that . Interesting… this is making this level more challenging than it need be for me.


      Keep trying dear Kami! You can do it!

    • Kathy Potter

      I am also here hoping to find out why the game is sluggish at this level.. I thought it was another ipad issue, but it is the same on the pc. Has anyone else noticed this? The developers can rest assured that it is a hard enough level without adding the slows! I am also disgusted (as are other commenters) that time continues to tick away while the game reshuffles and I also wish time could be stopped when there is a particularly good move that results in lots of action. It’s nice to get the points, but time’s a wastin’.


        thanks for sharing your complaints.. we feel King is now taking into consideration your reports and will probably fix them in next updates!

    • sherre

      Thank you for your tip on letting the clock run out once you get the one star Kami. I always forget that the timed bombs are based on number of moves, not on time on the clock! So as long as I can get to one star, I can ignore the rest of the game and just let time run out and still pass the level. Thank YOU!!!!


        This is a classic tip for such levels!

  19. Anon

    I am thoroughly convinced that this is a broken level. Any attempt to come close to getting 2 or more stars is an exercise in extreme futility. This game was once enjoyable before the unrealistic expectations of this level.

  20. David

    Shockingly, another level completely reliant on luck. And, of course, many attempts are over before the clock even starts ticking.

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