Candy Crush Saga Level 183

Candy Crush Level 183Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 50,000 points in 50 moves (facebook version)

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 120000 points

Looks can be very deceiving. Both pieces in the upper left and right are the objects you need to remove. Each are double jelly and understanding the transporters is key. The bottom right blue transporter goes to the lower purple transporter on the right. The one on the bottom left goes to the bottom left purple one. The 2 middle transporters go to the top right and top left corners when you zap the jelly pieces up there. So make a vertical candy and drop it down into one of the outside transporters and set it off to zap the jelly. If by some miracle you create a color bomb, zap one of the colors you have up there or mix with a striped candy for amazing results!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 183

A color bomb/striped candy combo can zap the jellies, but you may need to do it twice (or match the second color bomb with a colored candy in the remaining jelly). The jellyfish should raise your score to pass.

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16 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 183”
  1. Jose

    This level won’t give me the three stars after passing it with a higher score over 120000…. I’ve read other comments and it seems I am not the only one… Is there a glitch in this level? my score is 148,000 and it won’t give me the three stars!


      If others are also experiencing this problem then please send a message to King via the following links as they handle complaints, problems, etc.

    • Steven Johnson

      Color bombs with striped candies’ll finish it. Believe me.

  2. Sparkles

    I read your comments first, as always, but didn’t understand. So I gave it a try thinking I would understand if I played one game. Got it on the first try with 122,022 and still didn’t understand it. Must have been a fluke, but onward. Thanks for your tips! They really do cut down on this little old lady’s frustration level!

  3. Bbrown

    I’m playing on my Nexus 7 and my Samsung Galaxy 2 on Facebook. I passed level 183 on my Nexus And it advanced to 184. Won’t advance to level 184 on Samsung. Have cleared cache, signed off and on to Facebook, turned phone off and on…still no luck. When i exit game and return it says it has synched with Facebook. Can you belp?

  4. Ina

    Got this the second try. Amazing…I kept getting an internal error for this site, which happens all the time…Why is that? I went to another blog and read disappointment from everyone. Second time I got really lucky and passed. On to 184 and that one doesn’t look promising since crushing candies is saying its frustrating.


      we apologize for that Ina.. an update of the template causes this issue.. hopefully today we will fix it once and forever!!

  5. DianeB

    The tips given for these levels are really good. I passed this one on the first try. Focus on making the chocolate bombs to get the candies in the jelly squares.


      It’s good to read this Diane! We are here to support all of you!!

  6. Peggy Wehr

    Your tip about the one t the bottom left goes to the bottom left purple one confuses me. I do not have any purple at all. Can you explain the transporters again. Thank you.

  7. Dave Young

    Per the FB version, you only need 50,000 points to pass. This makes it very easy and I did it on my first try.

  8. noel

    I finally found a way to get 3-stars in this level. The key is getting as many choco balls as you can. And when you get a chocoball, mix it with any normal color that matches the color on the jelly. Don’t match it with striped or wrapped candy because you might finish the level early. Finishing this level with around 60k+ points and 20-30 moves left + any chocoball left on the board will most likely get you to 2- or 3-stars. It takes a lot of luck but this is a good strategy. Hope it works for you too!


      thank you for sharing your tips! Keep crushing

  9. Stefan

    The key is removing the jellies early in the game. If the jellies are removed late in the game, the jelly fish will not be enough to get you to 100,000 points.


      thanks for your tip Stefan!

  10. Lia

    Any suggestions when you don’t have a smart phone and you have a nook not a kindle?

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