Candy Crush Saga Level 184

Candy Crush Level 184Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 25,000 points in 40 moves

1 star: 25000 points
2 stars: 50000 points
3 stars: 70000 points

This is going to take some creativity. All the jelly is inside the chocolate fan perimeter, but pieces will fall in there once you match inside there, All are double jelly, so striped candies are the way to go as usual. And those blockers in the middle, yea, they have double jelly under them as well! This is a very frustrating level.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 184

You need a lot of striped/wrapped combos here because those are heavy blocks. Try shooting vertically striped candy matches at the center column as well to weaken it. But continue to hit it with everything you can make, to get candies in the jellies. Sometimes special candies can slip into the jellies through the blocks, so make everything you can as well.

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17 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 184”
  1. Tisha

    I am tired of being stuck on these levels. The game isn’t fun anymore. Switching to a new game. Games are meant to be fun. .


      If you keep calm, these games can be extremely fun but there’s no doubt there’s frustrating levels in here too

    • Steven Johnson

      The best easy way is to never give up, just keep going no matter how far you’ve come. Also, try using either a color bomb with striped candies or wrapped candies with striped candies. It’s either way so choose wisely.

  2. bling59

    I have got to this level with your help and advice. I am so pleased that I completed this level first time after reading your article. I did it with a color bomb and striped candy combination. Thanks.


      Your welcome!

  3. sherry

    I had been on this level for over a month ,I think finally broke it with one of those boosters that you win by spinning daily booster wheel ,has everybody got this yet? I feel like I was cheating, I did not want to use boosters but it is now part of the game , soooo I guess I did not cheat , but I used hammer on last candy at the bottom, I think I had 4 moves left ,I may of been able to do it without booster. I hope I did not cheat LOL

  4. Barbie

    Some skill and concentration is necessary on almost all of the levels…BUT I think often times it is just luck. What say you Patricia Fredrick?! Love the game, has given me many hrs of mindless fun during a stressful time in my life! Thanks…

    • Steven Johnson

      The best way to beat it is to use two wrapped candies that’ll clear all 8×8 grid candies.

  5. Ina

    This level is so hard. Came so close once with 2 jellies left after a lucky break with 2 color bombs next to each other…a fluke since it will probably never happen again. This level is so frustrating…becoming too frustrating for me. Watched video, read tips and applied…just can’t make any or enough combos. I am sad. But I love the new website and I haven’t had any internal errors recently. That’s a plus but won’t need it much longer if I can’t pass this level.

  6. Doug

    Tips really helped me too. The two wrapped candies worked magic.


      thanks for the positive feedback

    • Steven Johnson

      The best idea you had all the time because I’ll stick to that striped and wrapped candies combined together. Thanks for the info.

    • Steven Johnson

      Let me guess; it clears up the 8×8 grids.

  7. Loretta Feller

    I have been on 184 for weeks. I updated the game and I still cannot get new candies to fall into the center section once some are cleared. I am a natural puzzle solver, but this has been so frustrating that I am close to deleting this game. Any ideas??? I have worked at relating stripes, wrapped, and combinations, but till no progress.


      it’s a tough level indeed, but if you keep focusing on this strategy you will beat it sooner or later

    • Steven Johnson

      Try color bombs with striped candies, it’ll make a great combination. My name is Steven Johnson. If you have any requests you like, just reply back to me.

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