Candy Crush Saga Level 191

Candy Crush Level 191Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 170,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 170000 points
2 stars: 280000 points
3 stars: 310000 points

Clearing the visible jelly isn’t the hardest part of this level, getting down to the 25 move bombs and the blocks that are also double jelly is. Try to break through the sides to get down there or plow the middle. Note that all the blocks have jelly underneath. Try to use the frozen bombs on the far right and left sides to clean house on the corners where it is difficult to match. A striped/wrapped match is great for this level to clear out pieces or a color bomb/striped mix will work better.

patricia frederick’s tips for candy crush level 191

Release the horizontally striped candy from the marmalade, but do not move it from its position. You need to deploy it in that exact row to release the wrapped candies from either side. Those should then drop down to the side bombs. Work on breaking the blocks on the upper sides to release candies down to those wrapped candies. Match them with same colored candies (or a striped if you’re lucky) to get rid of those 2 bombs. Vertically striped candy matches or a striped/wrapped combo can quickly take care of the center bomb.


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8 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 191”
  1. Cl top

    Good news is it doesn’t take long to lose. I haven’t gotten rid of the bombs at the bottom yet so game only takes 25 moves to lose. Very frustrating


      Don’t give up.. also take a few minutes to read the discussion and tips shared here!

  2. Stephen Cooney

    I have gotten within two jellies of passing twice. Once, I would have passed if I had extra moves. This level takes a good level of both luck and skill. Just a matter of time…


      good news Stephen! keep crushing!

  3. brenda

    grr, I cannot get these dang bombs before they go off………………..


      did you read everything in this page (discussion, strategies, tips)? If not please do it!

  4. Liana

    I think what got me through this level was making sure that a vertical striped candy was available on the opening board. If there wasn’t I’d quit and start again. No lives were wasted and I got much closer to finishing more times than I had playing whichever board appeared


      Good tip here!!! Keep going Liana

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