Candy Crush Saga Level 192

Candy Crush Level 192Target
Collect all the orders (6 striped candies) and reach 6,000 points in 8 moves.

1 star: 6000 points
2 stars: 18000 points
3 stars: 28000 points

There are 6 striped candies on the board already, but they are frozen in place. You need to free the frozen ones to release them and send them on their way to finish this in 8 moves. Work from the top down because the pieces on the board are the only pieces you will have for this level. Look where each move is going to affect you and make sure you have enough to finish it. Try to set off 2 striped candies against each other. or through the other frozen ones to release them and pass this. It’s a toughie, but a quickie.

patricia frederick’s tips for candy crush level 192

The key to this level is to release the striped candies from the marmalade before you match them…they should all go at once then

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4 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 192”
  1. Erin

    First time I have gone in and out of game before beginning and it helped. I kept looking for a “good looking” board with pieces strAtegically placed.


      Nice tip, thanks for sharing

  2. Ina

    Thanks to your tips Patricia, passed 1st time. The last level with the locked bombs was making me crazy. Finally got lucky this morning, probably because it’s my anniversary ; )
    I was ready to beg you to go on my Facebook and play it for


      It seems Pat has SO MUCH work to do!

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