Candy Crush Saga Level 197

Candy Crush Level 197Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 80,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 80000 points
2 stars: 120000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

The entire bottom half of the board is jelly. Once you can finally break through the blockers or shoot a couple of vertical striped candies down through, you can smash 2 bombs off of each other for a lot of action.

patricia frederick’s tips for candy crush level 197

The hardest part of this level is getting to the wrapped candies in the lower half of the board. Try creating anything that will explode downward (a vertically striped candy match; a striped/wrapped combo; 2 striped candies) but if that is not happening and you have created a color bomb, you can match it with a wrapped candy color. (If there are 2 identically colored wrapped candies next to each other use that color.) You want to set off a chain reaction of wrapped candies that will clear out some blocks! The optimal spot for that vertical candy is the column to the right or left of the center column of blocks as this will release those wrapped candies that, when switched, usually start the chain reaction on BOTH sides! As you work to clear out the jellies, keep looking to the top of the board…because there will be special candy making opportunities there you do not want to miss.

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61 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 197”
  1. Vanna89

    If you want to get a fresh set of lives – on an android, at least – make sure you are synced with Facebook, then go to your app menu. Click on CCS and hit clear data. It will ask you if you are sure. Click yes. Then go back to CCS home screen. It will ask you to reconnect to Facebook. Do that and voila! 5 new lives!


      Thanks for the tip Vanna

  2. Mary K Klinger

    Have faith! I worked this board for the last three weeks and gradually got better anticipating where candies would drop. I used the suggestion of using the back button to get a good start and finally beat it this morning with three stars! You do NOT have to pay. You can do it!! Thanks for the tips, crushing candies!

    • AZ

      This level is the worst so far. I was really frustrated, checked this website (which is great) and saw similar comments. This level took me four weeks. I play 2 to 3 rounds a day of the five lives and that;s it. Some days I don’t play. It’s a game, a great game with all the qualities of a great impulsive addiction. The prize, though, unlike a slot machine, is THE NEXT LEVEL. I figured I’d stay on 197 forever, keep crushing, the chain reactions are cool. All I’d get if i “win” is another level. Beautiful simple game.
      When stuff at the bottom starts to blow up, you need chain reaction explosions to keep it going to clear all the icing, frosting,blackthing, ice, gelly. It’s a beauty.
      Have at it, give up, or do what I did…give in.
      BTW , I’m a non-payer. This game is for wasting time, clearing my head with mindless action. Good Luck.


        What a great outlook! Your right you don’t need to spend a penny to level up on CC, you just simply need to have fun! Thank you for posting and please keep us updated on your Candy Crushing journey :)

  3. Lori

    Wow! What a lot of whiners. “I refuse to pay even $.99 for something that had given me hours of fun and enjoyment!” Fine, you cheapskate. “This is boring, I want to quit.” Fine, do it. “Why can’t the redesign it so it’s easier? Why won’t they let me skip this level?” Hey people, it’s a game and it’s a business. Do you think they made this game out of philanthropy? Get a clue. It’s fun! It’s a challenge. And I don’t mind paying $.99 every once on a while to keep it going.

  4. Gary Willis

    I have learned how to get more lives quickly instead of waiting for Facebook friends to send me some. Just go to your clock and date setting and move the DATE ahead one day, go to the candy crush game and check your lives and then go Back to your date and time site and put the date back to the current day. The game THINKS it is the next day, that way you can continue playing until you get so tired of it you will call it a day. Good Luck


      Good hint indeed!

  5. Mike

    Took me a week. One of the secrets, and this works for any round, is only starting with a board where you can make an up and down striped candy, preferably one on each side if possible. If you start the round and you get a board you don’t like, just click the icon bottom left and when that expands, click the red icon and it lets you start over with a different board, as long as you don’t make any moves. Sometimes I reset the board 20 times, but it’s worth it. Despite doing this, it STILL took me a week so don’t give up. I often got screwed but eventually you get lucky. Actually the one I won on I started with a chocolate and saw a few reds on one side of the bottom so I violated my own rule but anyway, good luck.


      Thank you for your detailed feedback on this level! This is pretty useful!

  6. Steve

    I agree with most of the comments listed previously.
    This is easily the worst level so far, I hated 184 but this is worse.
    Even when you get vertical stripes, and set off the wrapped candies in the bottom section within the first ten moves, it usually only clears a small section of the bottom leaving it almost impossible to clear the rest of the jelly, as they all need 5 hits, and all 6 different candies are in use in this level making it difficult to make stripes/bombs. The fact that it needs to shuffle so often shows it is difficult to even match 3 candies, never mind 4 or 5′s.


      You’ve got a point here, obviously! If you ask me i would suggest that you keep trying, but it’s important to stay cool and focused!

  7. Most boring level ever. Most of my moves are a waste of strategy and can't be avoided. When I do make a combo, very little happens on the board like other

    Most boring level ever. Most of my moves are a waste of strategy and can’t be avoided. When I do make a combo, very little happens on the board like other levels. I think this is one of their money levels. They sucker lots of people on this one.


      did you try to take advantage of the tips/strategies shared here? they will definitely help you beat it with no need of boosters!

  8. Ina

    I have to say that this level has the most negative comments i’ve seen on any level. I agree with them all. Getting started is not hard. Clearing the blocks on the bottom is the hard part because you have to hit them so many times. I’ve been frustrated before but this goes beyond my frustration to make me want to quit. It’s the luck of the board. Combos are too hard to make and while trying, a shuffle spreads everything around again. NOT FUN!!! They should really do something about those blocks. This level, I think, will sadly be the end for me. Thanks Patricia for all your’s been fun while it lasted.


      with so many tips discussed here i don’t believe that you will give up now.. but if this is what you want, then you should follow it

      • Laurie Null

        Telling someone to stop playing is not the answer. The truth is, that this level should be reprogrammed to make it somewhat easier to advance to the next level. So many people enjoy playing Candy Crush, but the fun and challenge is removed when levels are so difficult to pass that it takes days filled with hour upon hour of attempting to do so. A bit of frustration is necessary to want to succeed, but frustration can turn to anger when it becomes nearly impossible to move ahead. That’s when people want to hang it up and leave a game that gave them a great deal of pleasure.


          It’s not bad or unethical for someone to stop playing CCS. It’s just a game. If you feel that the games makes you angry rather than happy, why should you stay stuck on that?

          In any case, levels redesigning is a common tactic of King.. probably the same will happen with this level.

          • LAURIE NULL

            Unfortunately, my words have been twisted in your response. Of course, “it is not bad or unethical to stop playing CCS.” What I said was, “TELLING someone to stop playing is not the answer.” And, OF COURSE, it is just a game. Many of the responses of the moderator were to “stop playing” if you are unhappy with the game. Blah, blah, blah. How about fixing something that is broken? People get frustrated because they can’t pass certain levels within a reasonable amount of time, AND they get frustrated because they feel that they are being RIPPED OFF. Oh, I know, your response will be, “Don’t buy power-ups; no one forces you to do that…it’s just a game!”


            but we are just a support community.. what exactly can we fix??? We have no relations at all with King!

    • Laurie Null

      Truer words have not been spoken!

  9. Julie

    I bought the lollipop to delete the one final jelly left but now it won’t advance to the next level – I had enough points too! Got the fish going by and everything! Went for a celebratory coffee, came back and it wouldn’t advance. Help!

  10. Michelle

    I have followed Pat’s tips and other’s on here but am still stuck. Just when I think I am going to make it, I no longer have any good moves to beat it. Very frustrating and I refuse to pay to make it past this level!


      You’re obviously close! You need to try harder, you need to stay calm and focused.. and you will definitely do it!

  11. Rrmoore

    It is impossible to win till the candy crush gods decide to shine upon you.. I quit. No more time for this.


      I feel you Rita! You can always try to back button in order to get a good board!

  12. Kool Saif mohd

    I’ve been stuck on this lvl for 2 weeks and my sis is 147


      Did you follow our tips?

  13. Teresa C.

    It took me about a week and I don’t know how many lives, but I finally passed this level!!! I did it without paying, I will not pay to play. This level is more luck than anything, you have to get the right combination on the board before you make your first move. If I couldn’t make a vertical striped candy I would go back and get another board until I did. You have to have a vertical striped to burst open the bottom layer. Don’t worry about wrapped candy unless there on the bottom layer, otherwise they don’t help much. I know it’s hard to do, but be patient and try not to get too frustrated. You can beat this level and you will and it won’t cost a cent if you just be patient.


      Good news Teresa! Keep crushing! And thanks for sharing your tips!

  14. Kim

    I finally got close enough to pass and I confess I paid the 99.cents, I couldn’t take it anymore. I hope the future levels are not like this, boring and mindless moves getting you no where!


      To be honest you are going to face boring and fun levels.. we have to live with that :/

  15. mark

    Is it possible to bypass levels? I have been trying this for weeks and I have only got close a couple of times. I just don’t enjoy this anymore.


      unfortunately there is not such option! Be persistent and focused and you will do it!!

  16. Kelley

    To answer the question above about exiting the beginning screen (as many times as it takes) to get a good set-up:
    When the initial screen comes up, BEFORE you make a move, if you don’t see an obvious set-up for getting a downward striped candy, you get hit the bottom left button on your screen, then exit the screen – WITHOUT – losing a life.
    You never made a move, so the game does not recognize that you played. Just keep exiting screens until you see a set-up that is worth starting.
    You can do this with all levels except the timed levels, as the clock ticking down causing the game to begin rather than making your first move.
    And by the way, I still have not solved, but have gotten very close after two weeks! (I will not spend a cent on this game!)


      Thanks for the tip, if you’re still stuck then check out what other tips are available for level 197.Good Luck

  17. Jill

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!111Finally did it…after nearly 2 months of trying and 20-30 tries each day! It all comes down to luck in the end.


      wow! that was a long time! Great news jill!!

  18. Buster

    I’ve been on this level for 4 days now. Yesterday, I was fortunate, or maybe I was unfortunate enough to get 2 color bombs side by side. I thought to myself that this could be the break I’ve been waiting for. Wrong. Once I exploded these two, I didn’t have a single match on the bottom grid. Now what in the world is going on when I killed almost the entire grid and not one match? That is intentionally programming so a player can’t win. I’ve gotten as close as to having one jelly left and no play even close to that one and couldn’t win. I’ll keep on playing, though.

    To the players that can’t get a match on the top grid to even explode the candies on the bottom, I feel your pain. I thought I was the only one.

    • Deb

      Well, the only combo I haven’t gotten yet is color bombs side by side. I’ll stop wishing for it if even that doesn’t help. Special combos do little to help clear jellies, and more often than not, the bottom half of the board is stalled with zero matches. Sigh.


        Pat’s strategy is detailed, doesn’t it help you at all?? Besides there are so many comments, you should have a look at them!!

  19. Tricia

    Somehow, I zipped through this level the first time, but when it reappeared as a quest after level 290, it took me several days. I’m convinced this level is largely luck! Definitely “back out” of any starting board that doesn’t show an immediate vertically striped candy, especially one just to the left or right of the center column.


      Well done for completing the level and the quest, Good Going. If you get stuck on another level then head over to our Walkthrough Video page – you could be whizzing to the next level in no time.

  20. Jill

    This is so frustrating…I’ve been stuck for a month and a half, followed the tips above and still no luck! I get rid of the wrapped candies straight away, then all I seem to get are useless special candies, that is, horizontal in the top bit and vertical in the bottom bit. I am going to stick with it till the end of september, then that’s it! Refuse to use my credit card!


      You can do it without spending a cent, that’s for sure! I feel you Jill.. you need to keep trying! Sooner or later you will do it!

  21. Leah

    Is it just me? I explode all the warped candies every time, followed by no matches on the bottom (100% of the time) and 20 useless moves with no chance of combos up top. This is obviously intentionally programmed and very frustrating. Here is my question for the developers. Are the winnable boards completely random or is this programmed to offer a winnable board at certain intervals. In other words is it 1 in 50 tries, 1 in 1000? An I passing up the winnable boards by using the exit button and just don’t realize it? Please take us out if our misery.

    • Leah

      Is it just me? I explode all the warped candies every time, followed by no matches on the bottom (100% of the time) and 20 useless moves with no chance of combos up top. This is obviously intentionally programmed and very frustrating. Here is my question for the developers. Are the winnable boards completely random or is this programmed to offer a winnable board at certain intervals. In other words is it 1 in 50 tries, 1 in 1000? An I passing up the winnable boards by using the exit button and just don’t realize it? Please take us out if our misery.

      • Ness

        Not just you, I have exactly the same experience :-(


          Sorry to read this! Actually we have no idea how King decides on which board will you face each time! The thing is we all need to be persistent in order to beat it!


        I answered your question in Ness comment! you need to keep trying.. trying to find the lucky board is a reasonable approach, but i’d rather try every board!

  22. CS

    I know this is just a game, but my goodness this level is FRUSTRATING. I’ve been stuck for 2 solid weeks now. I’ve read Pat’s tips, and they are good tips, but she’s wrong in one respect: She says that the hardest part is getting started, and that it gets easier once you get into the bottom. Absolutely not true. In fact, I would venture to guess that I’ve blown out the bottom on probably 60% of my attempts, and have done so with between 35-40 moves left on at least 20% of my attempts. Getting into the bottom, in my opinion, is not even nearly half the battle on this level. You still need lots of combos once you’re down in the bottom, and even then it’s near impossible to finish. The closest I’ve come is, I believe, 4 jellies left. This one has me contemplating giving up.


      4 jellies left..:/ that was so close, don’t give up CS! You will do it!!

  23. Debbie

    It took me awhile and a lot of patience but I never gave up and oh boy I wanted to. But I’m glad I didn’t because I finally passed this level. Thanks for the tips


      great attitude debbie! Keep crushing!!

  24. Dori

    This is one of the most boring levels ever. Played it again and again and yet get the same results – no win. I know it’ll eventually come, but in the meanwhile, it’
    s totally boring and repetitious. ( I do appreciate this blog!)


      Pat wrote a pretty detailed strategy here.. did you try to take advantage of it?

      • Dori

        Yes, definitely. Can’t play combos if the board doesn’t give me the opportunity.

  25. Edithanne

    Just like a Las Vegad slot machine, completely stacked against the player, no fun after awhile of playing the same challenge a million times. At least in Vegas you get a free drink…

  26. Lynn

    I’m not sure if others use the “back” button on some of these levels? This one is a good one to try it on. Keep using the back button until you get a fairly good beginning screen. Haven’t finished this yet, but at least it gives me a chance. BTW, I appreciate your tips and encouragement the most, Patricia. Thanks!


      Thank you so much for the positive feedback Lynn

    • tylersmimi

      Can you please explain what you mean by using the back button?

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