Candy Crush Saga Level 199

Candy Crush Level 199Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 145,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 145000 points
2 stars: 185000 points
3 stars: 215000 points

The entire bottom half is all double jelly and the top is jelly and 3 hit blockers. You will have to create some vertical striped candies to shoot up into the top to make some room up there. Once you finally get up into the top portion of the board, you need to blow up the bombs and head for the first and last columns. They are the most difficult to remove and hardest to make matches in. Try to use horizontal candies to wipe out the hard corner pieces.

patricia frederick’s tips for candy crush level 199

Vertically striped candy matches will help release the wrapped candies in the upper section but a striped/wrapped combo will hit more blocks at one time. Once you get some of the blocks cleared and the candies fall in the upper section, try to get a wrapped/wrapped combo as this will really clear house!

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25 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 199”
  1. Mick C

    Here’s a heads up for this level that’s not mentioned…. You need to get at least 5 per move. 72 jelly (x2= 144) 8 wrapped candies that are frozen and 28 meringue which are 3 hits (3x 28 = 84) Grand total of 236 / 50 = 4.72. I have read the tips from here and the other blogs and such however they are not helpful nor are the videos, why, because boards vary, candies are random. There is no skill in this game what so ever. You dont use skill in a game that gives you random boards and candy drops. This game is just like a slot machine. Like pushing a button or pulling a lever, Switching candy is the same. Is this game a challenge? Not really…. climbing Yosemite El Capitan now that’s a challenge this is nothing more than a time waster.


      Thanks Mick for your statistics and tips – they will definitely be of use to Crushers! You are correct that every board is different but we have found that the tips and strategies that players post here, do actually help. Of course the videos are hit and miss due to boards being different, but they are simply there as a visual for tips being relayed. Not everyone is going to love the game of Candy Crush but thank you for taking the time to help other Crushers out in the future :)

  2. Darla


  3. Sora

    What is going with this level!? I have been stuck and had three games where literally only one layer of a single jelly was left…THREE times!! How is this fair T_T


      Hang in there Sora! Have you got nay fish boosters available to help you beat those jellies?

      • Sora

        I cleared it finally… I have the fish booster but haven’t used it yet. Now am done with the whole of sweet surprise till 215…it was surprisingly easy, specially since “sweet surprise” sounded scary as hell lol

  4. Maggie

    My game is synced on 3 devices (phone, tablet, PC) and sometimes one particular device works better for a level. This one sucks on all 3 devices. Just now on my PC I used all 5 lives, going slow to look for opportunities to make stripes, but I only got into the upper section twice. One of those times I fully opened 4 rows but not a single match to be had in any of them. The other time I opened the upper section was on my last turn. With only 4 rows across the bottom half it’s way more likely you’ll get the wrong kind of stripes, which happens over and over again. On a separate note the daily “free spin” game is only showing up occasionally for me – I realize there’s only 1 free spin a day (not 1 per device) but some days none of the devices offer it.


      This does sound a little odd… Send a message to King to see if they can fix this problem and hopefully your able to beat this level sooner then later

  5. Christy carroll

    I connected from Facebook to candy crush lost all levels.started me at can I get to level199

  6. Martin

    Every 10 levels, there are one or two that require a *huge* dose of luck. This is one of those levels where you will be stuck at for days until you get that amount of luck. As usual -and people getting to this level will know- eventually your dose of luck will be adequate and you can continue.

    Tips are indeed to get vertical striped candies to clear upper half. My tip would be not to use the striped candy immediately and first check if you can get a wrapped candy as well. Spending a few moves to combine them will be worth those moves.

    The best combination is color bomb with striped. Android users should go back & forth restarting this level until they get one on the opening move.

    Haven’t beaten this level myself although I came close a few times. My luck simply ran out.


      Guess you are pretty close so don’t give up, Martin!

  7. Debbie

    Well this may have taken me a week or more but I finally passed this level it took some persistence but the tips do help and it’s how the gems fall. And you need a lot of patience. Level 200 here I come. Thanks for all the tips


      Great news Debbie! Persistence is always valueable when talking of Candy Crush

  8. Danniella I love your tips,I was stuck here for days, then I read your tips and I pass!! Wooohooo! Thanks guys! Thanks Patty F.


      Good to read that Danniella!! Pat is a real expert!! All of us are greatful to her!

  9. Doug

    Tips worked. Key is the verticle stripes on the bottom and positioning under the wrapped candy above. Thanks again!


      you’re welcome doug!

  10. Angela Caldwell

    Also what bombs r u talking about that we r to blow up ?? U said that n ur tips but I dont know what u mean?

  11. Angela Caldwell

    Above this firm there is an ad that says one quick click & u can get unlimited lives!… Is this true or a spam advertisement. ? I feel ur Site is reliable but I don’t want to click some “crappy” ad. Thx


      guess this is an ad from google adsense network that appears.. we should disapprove it! thanks for reporting!

  12. Judy H

    I have gone through many rounds of this level and not been able to get to the top half.


      you need to try harder.. try to utilize our strategy!

      • mark

        lol not enoough moves to get both


          did you try to utilize patricia’s tips or our strategy?

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