Candy Crush Saga Level 202

Candy Crush Level 202Target
Collect all the orders (25 color bombs) and reach 30,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 170000 points

25 color bombs seems intimidating, but with 19 already made for you, so it’s just a matter of blowing them up and making 6 more. Work through the white blocks and give yourself some room to work with and work on making more color bombs. You can use the current ones to zap one color at a time to make it easier to form a color bomb.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 202

Look for the quickest match to get to and release a color bomb. As you start matching them with a candy or two try to get 2 color bombs released side by side to match them together as this is the quickest way to remove them all from the board. Remember not to overlook any special candies as you search for color bombs—they can be included in any 5 candy match to make a color bomb.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 202”
  1. sandra hinton

    How many times do you have to play this level to get six bombs to win. I have tried wraps, wraps and stripes, plus blowing up the bombs to make more. The close I got was 24 bombs. Playing this level over and over is boring and no fun.

  2. Rebecca

    I have tried all the tips for getting past this level. It’s the worse so far. I have done everything and I’m now just frustrated… I want out!


      Don’t give up yet Rebecca. Do you have any boosters available to help out without purchasing them?

  3. Becky

    I am already disgusted with this level and I have only been on it 2 days. Just seems impossible to me. And none of the hints y’all are giving make sense. Nor do they work.


      Sorry our tips are unhelpful to you. So Good Luck with playing the game :)

  4. Mary K

    Hey, y’all…I finally beat this with 3 stars by using stripped and wrapped candies and I cleared enough that color bombs made themselves.. Don’t be afraid of the match. It helps.


      Well done! And thanks for sharing your experience, good luck with your next lot of levels :)

  5. Etty Sanger

    Even reading you from Belgium.
    Thank you for the wonderful tips. They have really helped me .
    Am now going to try this level !


      Good Luck and happy crushing :)

      • Rebecca

        I wish there was a skip this level button, it’s not even fun it’s frustrating.

  6. Sara

    welp, sadly my love affair with Candy Crush has come to an end, as i just cannot pass this level no matter what i do, so i had to delete the game. i guess i’m going to actually have to do some work at work from now on, haha.


      heheh, guess it was a good company! I’d wait till next update in order to try it again.. it’s pretty commmon that King provides easier versions of the tough levels after each update

      • Rebecca

        Yep, I know how she feels. I was on level 162 for months, but it did not bore me like this level does. I really enjoy cc, rest in peace 202

  7. Ina

    Just got to this level…played 201 for so long that when I had a definite move for the last jelly..I paid the buck for one move. : ( Thre should be a way to bank the moves you pay for and don’t use. It would be great to access them from the game board during play and use them on another level. Didn’t want to use them for extra points fearing I’d loose the definite one for the last jelly. Had I been on the PC instead of the iPad for 101, I could have used a lollipop. Wasted one on a few levels back because I had activated it and the move was there to finish without it. No way to deactivate it. They should change that too.Hope there are a few easier levels coming my way. Love the game…love the tips from Patricia and video’s. They help soooo much.


      you will definitely find easier levels in the future, don’t worry

  8. Kay

    I tried both techniques, getting to where I could match 2 color bombs and just going for color bomb and a color. I found I did better with matching bomb and one color and looking for ways to make another color bomb. Took me 2 days of off and on play……but woohoo. Had score of 390,200. This level was fun. I always look at the tips here before playing any level. Thank you all for the help. Much appreciated.


      great news Kay! Keep crushing!

  9. Chapita

    I passed this level making wrapped candies, then making a wrapped candy/color bomb combo I could clear 2 colors at a time making it easier to make more color bombs.


      Thanks for the tips Chapita!

  10. Lynn

    I especially used a bomb with a color, leaving the board with mostly one less color, thus easier to make five across. Doesn’t rack up big points this way, but fairly efficient. Thanks, Patricia!

  11. Kay b

    Cannot believe how difficult I am finding this level. I have read and retread tips. But still can’t seem to get there. Anymore tips.

    • gramdel

      I made as many of the color bombs as I could before clearing the 19 on the board. I found it easier to find the series of 5 with less to look at.


        Thanks for sharing Gramdel! This is what everyone should do! Your feedback on the levels is really valueable!

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