Candy Crush Saga Level 207

Candy Crush Level 207Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 20,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 50000 points
3 stars: 80000 points

All the jelly is in the side columns, but each is a double jelly. If you can shoot 2 horizontal candies through the vertical striped candies at the top of each column that will give you one shot on each of them. You are given a color bomb to start frozen down towards the bottom, so you can use that to unlock one of the striped candy. Then you just need a horizontal candy to shoot through it. The other option is to use the color bomb on a striped candy to rip through a ton of candy at once.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 207

Try creating a second color bomb to match with the first…this hits every jelly once, and explodes the striped candy at the top. If any jellies remain, horizontally striped candy matches can clean them up.

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19 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 207”
  1. Vic

    I found that if you have a jelly fish and it it with a coco bomb you will win it


      Thanks for the tip Vic

  2. Rabih

    level 207 loads, but candies are frozen, tried form two devices and even its’ frozen when playing on my computer via facebook.


      any other to report a similar problem? If is a bug we should contact king!

  3. meags

    i have made it to level 207. it comes up fine and I try to play but the candies don’t move. I can click on all the other things in the game and ive tried reloading over and over but they still wont move. any ideas on what I can do. I have seen other people who have had the issue and I really want to play it! haha

  4. Nancy

    Couple issues

    1) after I performed an update I lost all of my extra moves and extra lives, why?
    2) wherever I did use my extra moves, I never received them, why?

  5. Jettapooot

    Hard level. I’m getting ready to chuck the whole thing. No more spending money on this game as much as I like playing it.


      you don’t need to spend money! you just have to stay cool and focused, take advantage of our tips and just pass it!

  6. Sammy Fairlady

    The trick is definitely the two colour bomb, then two more colour bombs get rid of the striped candies nicely.


      thanks for the tips sammy!

  7. Danniella

    I matched two color bombs and still can’t pass it!


      This is the moment you need to stay calm and focused! YOu will do it for sure!!

  8. Doug

    It’s total luck. I kept trying until I got the lucky combinations.

  9. kami

    This is harder than it appears since making and setting off a horizontal stripe in the first 2 rows to set off the vereticals is near impossible. It has to be a perfect luck because any move below and your horizontal falls. I’ve been really good at figuring out and executing a strategy on each level… Even if the the hard ones took awhile at least I knew what need to be done. This one I simply cannot get rid of the upper 4 jellies and can’t even think of how it can be reasonably done. Oh well I know I’ll keep trying but this level is boring in addition to being challenging.


      did you try pat’s strategy with combining two color bombs???

      • Kami

        yea sure because I can line up 2 color bombs in a snap anytime, anywhere. Sheesh. Just because someone gives a tip doesn’t mean it’s possible to execute that tip. I’ve played and passed 207 levels paying no money and only managed a double color bomb maybe 3 times. Given this small playing area I highly doubt making a double color bomb is going to be possible for everyone.


          you’ve got a point here. Obviously it’s not a simple matter to combine two color bombs, i just asked if you tried focusing on that! The thing here is that you did it at last! Keep crushing!!

          • Kami

            ok that’s creepy… How do you know I passed this level?


            because you posted in a later level’s post so i guess you did it!

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