Candy Crush Saga Level 208

Collect all the orders (4 chocolate bombs, 10 striped candies) and reach 15,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 80000 points

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 208

Don’t waste a lot of moves trying to get frozen color bomb released. Four color bombs can be made without it; however, you’ll probably release it you match a color bomb with a striped candy to fill that order.

Candy Crush Level 208 Video Walkhtrough

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68 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 208”
  1. sandra

    This level is the same and most of the candy orders. If the candy don’t fall in place you cannot complete the level. The stripes are easy to make but it is very diffult to make the bombs. The level is boring and no fun.

    • Dirk

      Very true. After about level 45, you can’t win until the board releases. And I just love how the game ends a session with one move still left – frequently.

  2. Suzanne

    I have a feeling I am going to be stuck on this level for a very long time! I can complete all striped candies and release the chocolate bomb but having trouble getting more choc bombs :(


      Hang in there Suzanne! Remember to scan the board before you begin play to find the best possible combos :)

  3. Judy

    Love this site. It has helped me immensely. I have won 3 fishes booster 2 days in a row on the free spin wheel & it has not registered. Is there anything I can do?


      I can suggest sending King a message as you should be able to receive those boosters. So here’s a link and hope it helps

  4. Corinne

    Something very strange happened to me on this level. It required a wrapped and a ball, and a ball and a striped, not what is listed above. I had used about 50 lives and just now the requirements changed to 4 balls and one striped/ball mix…and I got through it. My suggestion is you read the requirements before each new play. No idea why this happened but glad to be through the level.


      probably we are in the middle of an update for this level?

  5. Pam

    My level 208 has the same board but the requirements are different!!!
    1 striped/ color bomb and 1 wrapped/color bomb. What gives???????

    And it’s not easy at all!!


      you’re right! i’ve found videos that show that the target is 1 striped/color bomb and 1 wrapped/color bomb and others that show the target is 4 chocolate bombs, 10 striped candies :/ guess it’s different versions of the game! Do you play on mobile? Probably there is a difference in the mobile and pc version

  6. Buster

    After being stuck on this level for over a week, I finally passed this level but not without some headache. Each game I started I could tell if I was going to have a chance at winning by the way the candies lined up. I could get the color bombs and the other special candies but no moves were available to even get close to moving these two together. Finally, on my winning game, everything fell into place. Right off the bat I had a move for a color bomb. A few moves later a striped candy made an appearance and I introduced it to the color bomb. They hit it off immediately. When that happened, that cleared the board enough so I could create another striped candy to unlock the frozen bomb at the top. Before I unlocked the bomb at the top, lo and behold there was a wrapped candy on the next space to where the bomb would drop. At that point it was game over…YEA

    Basically, it was luck.


      luck is always welcome in such cases! Good to read you beat it!

    • Dirk

      This is the way all the levels are after about level 45. No amount of strategizing works. You have to play and play and play until at some point the board suddenly releases and you can finish.

  7. Debbie

    I was just reading the walk threw and it says collect 4 boms and 10 striped. Now I have to wonder if this tip is helpfull. Mine says 2 bombs ans 1 striped and 1 wrapped.

    • Will

      They changed level 208 on facebook. Facebook 208 is 4 bombs and 10 stripes. Plus the bottom rows are one candy higher, which gives more playing surface. I cleared the level on facebook, then synched it with my android, so my phone accepted 208 as cleared, even though the phone version is the bomb + stripe and bomb + wrapper.


        Thanks for sharing that! We will try to fix it

    • Passing time

      Yes I was wondering about that too. I play on my iPhone and I have to collect a bomb with a wrapped and 1 bomb with a striped. If I make a bomb , which is rare, then I never get the chance to make the other close enought to put them together.
      Tried on the PC and the amounts are in line with this walkthrough. I’ve been stuck so long on this level I’m bored with the game. Just feels like useless moves. I never use to quit a game before my moves ran out.


      This level is updated! We will try to fix it asap

      • Larry Robinson

        I was working on this for many days; thought it was hopeless. Then I discovered what others have mentioned. The Facebook version of level 208 is different from the phone and tablet version. There was no way I was ever going to pass this on the phone or tablet. But on the second try on the computer on the Facebook version I passed it easily. Getting 4 bombs and 10 striped is a piece of cake compared to the phone/tablet version where you have to cross a bomb with a striped and a bomb with a wrapped! Good luck all.


          This is very common situation.. when a level is unbeatable on mobiles, you should definitely give it a go on pc

  8. Dori

    The candies finally fell in good order and I finished the level with 17 moves left over. It took a couple weeks, but I’m moving on.


      great news Dori! Keep walking!

  9. Sandy Porter

    Another mind numbingly boring level that all depends on luck. Interesting that the PC board requires something different from the iPad and IPhone. One thing I’ve found while playing – you usually get the best board the first time on a level so read the hints first.


      I am not sure you get the easiest board the first time! Did you notice that in many cases?

  10. Gary

    I Quit. This Level Has Just Made Me Delete The Game.


      Did you try to take advantage of Pat’s Tips or Matt’s strategy?

      • Gary

        Of Course. What An Incredibly Stupid Question.


          you would be surprised on how many visitors don’t even read our tips. Considering that, it wasn’t such a stupid question! I suggest that you keep trying but only if you are cool enough to do it!

  11. Doug

    This level took the longest so far. Two days and a ton of tries. One shuffle just got lucky. You just have to follow the advice and keep trying.


      Great news Doug.. the feeling you get when you pass such a tough level can’t be compared to anything!

  12. Ri

    Apparently they changed level 208 to something different from what is posted. It is several stripped candies and 4 color bombs that need to be formed. Any suggestions on how to form bombs?

    • Corinne

      If you read my post below the same thing happened to me and the bombs just made when I set off stripes, just one after the other they came.

  13. colleen

    my orders are completely different than what’s posted! i need 4 chocolate bombs and 10 striped candies. what’s up with this?

    • colleen

      just passed this level with the orders i listed earlier! hooray!


        great news, keep going colleen!!


      guess it’s a different, post update version of the level! Thanks for telling us! Will fix it!

    • Ri

      My orders are the same as yours. — not what is posted here.


        yes this is the new version of the level, we corrected the orders!

  14. Pat

    This is one of those impossible pure luck levels. I finally did it but had to use lollipop hammers to help move into position. Frustrating and boring. Almost gave up on this game.


      did you try to utilize our tips? most of the times they are proved helpful, so if you are in trouble remember considering them!

  15. Wendy

    Whew! Took me a day but I passed it! Lots of helpful tips again thank you! Good luck everyone! Keep trying!


      Thank you for the positive feedback, wendy

  16. Allieb68

    I love this game because you increase your skills on every level but level 208 is nothing but luck. I have wasted too much time while gaining no skills to help on a later level. Playing is supposed to be challenging, not frustrating just waiting for that special screen. The hints are stupid and obvious. If you have made it this far, you already know those strategies. Shame on you Candy Crush, you will lose many players on this level.

  17. Sylvia pickich

    I finally beat it by ignoring the candy at the top. I made the combinations on the sides and the bottom. It took quite a few tries!


      Good tip, thank you Sylvia

  18. ChelsieJo

    I’m sure I played this level over 100 times! I read all the tips and watched the video (although, the video is a pretty bad example because it starts with boosters…shame on you for posting it…tsk tsk) I thought this would be the level to make me quit Candy Crush. I started trying to form my own ways of playing it. What made me finally pass it was playing the vertical lines. Don’t bother trying to unlock the top chocolate bomb, it’ll come down on its own if you make the right combos. Concentrate on bring candies down vertically instead of horizontally. One you make a chocolate bomb you can work on the other combos you need. I decfintly suggest getting the wrapped/chocolate combo first because the rest of the candies will fall into place.


      It’s pretty hard to create videos for all these levels.. so we’ve embeded a few vids from other crushers.. soon we will have replaved all videos with our videos (no boosters, no cheats)!

      Thanks for sharing your tips!

  19. AmySue

    Very boring level as well as frustrating. Not fun. No more crushing for me.


      did you try to follow our tips?

  20. Nanila

    This is the most frustrating level I’ve played. Thanks for the hints. I’ve been trying to follow them, but so far no luck. Are there any strategies for setting up the colored candies to maneuver them to colored bombs, wrapped, or striped candies?

  21. Judith

    When we have been playing this game long enough to reach level 208 we do not need the kind of *hints* that have been posted here. These things are all self evident. I end up making all the pieces that I need and then not being able to move them to the necessary location without blowing them up. I wish that I had something constructive to add to this conversation. But, alas, I too am stuck here and not even enjoying it.

    • Judith

      I posted on this site and the very next game I played I beat level 208. No skill what so ever involved. It was ALL luck.


        Guess brings you luck, or the “Hints” are proved helpful

    • Pat

      I agree. Can make the required combos but can’t move them into place. Very boring level. Think I’m done. Ready for a different game. Just not fun anymore.

    • Linda Hanley

      No problems most of time getting one bomb getting the striped next to it a little harder, when I do explode them together board goes ‘ flat’ mish mash of a board if I get another bomb and wrapped impossible to get them together, this nay be the level where I stop playing.

  22. Meesh

    I too am ready to throw in the towel on this game! I rarely even have the opportunity to unleash the frozen chocolate bomb. Probably played this level over 100 times…..nothing even to buy to help…’s been fun for 207 levels but level is unbeatable….video is useless…


      apart from the vid, we provide also tips from two expert crushers! Aren’t they any helpful?

  23. Shirley

    I just finished my 300 th try and am no closer to winning than I was on my first try. Been playing this level since 6-26 , I think I’m done, it’s no longer fun :-(


      did you try to utilize Matt’s or Pat’s tips? nothing worked good for you?

  24. Keith

    This video is BS. It starts with a color bomb, striped candy and a wrapped candy. They don’t even use the frozen color bomb.


      On the other hand did you even read our tips?

  25. Lei

    Tips for this level- there is a reason why a frozen chocolate candy is in place in the middle you need to unfroze it and use it. Use a stripped candy to unfreeze it first. If it falls try doing the combinations. I suggest do the chocolate + wrapped candy first as it is harder. Lots of luck!

    • Danielle Hathorne

      I too am about over it! There seem to be a lot of people frustrated as well!!!
      That’s a load of crap trying to get a striped to go vertical in that one column!!

  26. David

    Welcome to the level that will bring my candy crushing days to an end. Beyond retarded. No amount of strategy or skill will help you here. Pure, blind luck is all you can hope for here. Just a wildly annoying variation of the Infinite Monkey Theorem.

    • DmPro

      Totally agree. Hate this level with a passion!

      • steve.

        ive just passed this level after a couple of hours,ok it looks difficult but i did it without even using the frozen chocolate bomb!!!! keep trying.


          great news steve :)

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