Candy Crush Level 209Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 40,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 65000 points
3 stars: 900000 points

You have 2 wrapped candies frozen here to help clear the board up once you unlock them. The only problem is if you run out of matches with only 1 of them unlocked, they will move around and become less useful. You are frequently forced to wait for new switches in the beginning and it does cost you a move. There are a ton of spinners to plow through. If you can unlock both frozen candies, set them off together and you will make a lot of room real fast. There is a color bomb frozen down the bottom to help you, try not to use it until you can match it up to a striped candy or a wrapped candy.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 209

Release and match the 2 wrapped candies. Release the color bomb and match it with a striped candy or even just the candy that stands in the way of the ingredient’s exit.