Candy Crush Saga Level 210

Candy Crush Level 210Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 75,000 points in 30 moves.

1 star: 75000 points
2 stars: 125000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

This level is difficult because all of the spinners are on the left. With only 30 moves to play with, you have to employ the double color bomb to make it through this level. So what you will do is unlock either or both of the top color bombs and work one or the other down to the bottom of the board. Once you have 2 color bombs together mix them and that will remove all of the spinners for you! Now you still have to deal with the double jelly over there, but you have pieces and striped candies to help you clear through this. Use the vertical striped candies to zip through this. The hardest part is getting the color bombs down without setting them off. If you need to get the color bombs down by one piece, use another color bomb to remove the color in the way to be able to mix them.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 210

Try to release the color bombs on ONE side of the board only. You want the top one to drop down to the bottom one to match together. When they do, they will hit all the licorice whirls out of the way and then on the right hand side board, they will release the other 2 color bombs which you should match together. This will hit every jelly on the left side once and simple matches can clear those weakened jellies quickly. (If you accidentally exploded a color bomb and don’t have 2 for the last move I mentioned, don’t worry you can still beat the level. It just takes combos or at least striped candies to clear the double jellies.)

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20 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 210”
  1. Karen

    Patricia, I have been using your tips for months now, but never with the success I just had on this level! After reading it, everything fell into place on the board and I passed it on the first try. Thanks so much for posting clear directions – without us having to jump through hoops to use them.


      Patricia’s tips can do wonders! :D

  2. Lisa Gray

    I would have never passed this level without these tips. The two color bombs together do the trick, but I would not have thought of it. Thank you!!


      Your welcome Lisa! and well done :)

  3. ChicAndCheap

    Your advice helped me a lot! I’ve been trying to pass this level so many times and thanks to your advice I passed it on the first attempt!


      Happy we can help :)

  4. Scott

    Holy crap I feel so dumb. I too was purposefully avoiding color bomb combos, until I finally couldn’t take it anymore and came here. I was halfway through the level already when I read this, looked at my screen, and already had two color bombs next to each other. I beat the level on that same try. Thank you!


      Glad we can help! sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction :)

  5. Susan

    Great tips! After I read the tips it took three tries to get 200,000 pts. I won with 13 moves left!

  6. Martin

    Lol, wasted 2 weeks on this level before I found out double color bomb also removed the licorice. Didn’t know it would do that and did my best not to avoid a double color bomb and actively tried to set them off one by one to create as many horizontal stripes or candy-combo’s… Oh well…guess it will not take me much now anymore. Already came close now and then with no doubles.


      Well good luck and thanks for dropping a tip in there too :) Keep us posted when you pass this level!

  7. Rachel

    Super useful tip, thanks! Would never have occurred to me to make that match and once I did, I passed with 2 tries!


      Our pleasure Rachel! Keep crushing and start contributing here to help other crushers!

  8. Kelly

    Only needed about 5 tries! Awesome tips


      Thanks for the positive feedback!

  9. Doug

    Best tips so far, thanks!


      Good to know they helped you! Thanks for positive feedback!

  10. GoGo

    Ah!! Okay now I know what to do, all I have to do know is figure out how to get the chocolate bombs together in few moves because that’s whats hurting me now! Thanks!

  11. Cherlynlim Lim

    Passed it on my 1st attempt, all thanks to your video!!!
    Good job!


      Thanks for the positive feedback

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