Candy Crush Saga Level 212

Candy Crush Level 212Target
Collect all the orders (5 color bombs) and reach 10,000 points in 20 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 40000 points
3 stars: 60000 points

You have to make a 4 match right off the bat, unlock the color bomb, and mix it, that will release the remaining color bombs and you just need to match them up. The points aren’t a problem once you release the color bombs.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 212

Release the color bomb on the bottom and match it with a striped candy. This will usually release the upper color bombs and you just have to match them with a colored candy to have them count.

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 212”
  1. Ina

    Thought this was going to be impossible, tried once last night…read the tips and first try this morning matched a striped with bottom color bomb in the first few moves…got another color bomb, took out a color and then set off the stiped/color bomb…board exploded and that produced 2 more color bombs and only needed one. Had 13 or 14 moves left… I hardly ever get this lucky…it’s always the great tips from Patricia that get me through. Thanks Patricia for your endless help!

    • Ina

      Also got 3 stars!!!!!!


      Bravo ina! Thank you for sharing your experience!!!

  2. nancispin

    Friends always ask me how I got to high levels on candy crush, and I tell them it’s because of this site! Thanks so much and for being so helpful!


      Thank you SO much nancispin for your kind words!!

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