Candy Crush Saga Level 213

Clear all the Jelly and score 130,000 points in 40 moves. Yellows disappeared after the last update

1 star: 130000 points
2 stars: 250000 points
3 stars: 300000 points

With double jelly everywhere, you need to do some serious clearing of candies. Try not to clear the double hit blockers preventing the chocolate until you get closer to the end. There is a useful color bomb buried and frozen in the middle. The bottom pieces are of course the hardest ones here, so any vertical candies you make will be extra helpful in passing here.

Here is a walkthrough for Candy Crush Level 213 and a few tips:

Candy Crush Level 213 Tips

  • Ignore the Color bomb at the bottom of the board, it will only waste moves!
  • Vertical Stripped Candies, especially if combined with a Color Bomb would be a great idea
  • All moves should focus on either destroy jellies or eat the cream

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 213

Striped/wrapped combos are going to help get through those heavy blocks surrounding the color bomb. Work the top and middle and try not to completely break through the blocks surrounding the chocolate factories until you’re ready to do battle.

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26 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 213”
  1. PJ

    I’ve made it to level 213 by happy accidents. Candy Crush is my mind-numbing passtime. LOL. Just wanted to let you know that this site is the best one for tips. You are my go-to people. Thanks for all you do. (I’ve passed 12 levels since yesterday)


      Well done that’s a massive achievement! We are glad we can help, good luck and keep crushing :)

  2. Ina

    Passed first time! Had two jellly’s left…broke down and paid the .99 for 5 more moves. Had one left. Wasn’t sure I’d get this lucky again since it’s a tough board to pass. 3 stars too!!!

  3. Jirina

    I did it! Failed a few times on my iPhone then tried it on the PC and passed on the first try. My advice is to try to match color bomb with a stripped candy early. Then keep swapping a lot of special candy as this keeps the chocolate under control. But I think that the most important is to know that the single row around the color bomb on the bottom does not have jelly under it! Good luck


      Thanks for the tip and good luck with your next level.

  4. Doug

    Wow, difficult level. Finally passed it with the help of a lollipop. Tons of tries. Combo striped and wrapped really helped towards the end.


      Good news Doug! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  5. Wendy

    Whew. Finally I passed this level. Wow! Hang in there everyone!


      Great news Wendy! Keep walking!!

  6. Wendy

    I hear you GoGo I’ve never been stuck this long! Ugh is right!

  7. GoGo

    I thought this was an “easy” level but you run out of your moves so quickly! Ugh! It’s frustrating but I made it this far so I refuse to quit this game!! LOL!


      Good point of view GOgo! Keep trying, you will beat it sooner or later!

  8. Rlf

    Ugh, this level makes it NO fun to play anymore.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten 69/70.
    I refuse to PAY in order to advance. At this point, I’m
    ready to delete the game.


      i feel you.. but please stay calm, read all the tips and comments and try to take advantage of them.. you will definitely beat it!

      • Rlf

        Still trying. Still failing. Tons of combos and still
        can’t get it. I just DON’T know how anyone
        completes this level without purchasing boosters.
        Very discouraged.. I’m soooo tired of ‘You FAILED’.
        I’ll bet I’ve played this level 500 times. Seriously.


          did you try to take advantage of all our tips? Some may work, while others not!

          • Rlf

            Omg yes. Yours, and every other tip and video on
            the Internet. Idk, man. This is one insane level.


            :/ what can i say! i’d rather suggest that you should be patient, cool and persistent and you will definitely do it!

  9. PatrickZJD

    I have virtually no idea how I finally got past this level. All I know is it took forming a LOT of striped candies to use on the bottom rows at the end. Got me to 301,500 though! ;-D


      the important thing to keep is that you passed one more level! Keep walking Patrick!

  10. Cj

    213 is very hard but so was 208. Only thing I haven’t figured out is the How do u activate the extra moves you receive. I have lots of them but don’t know how to activate the use of them. Tks

  11. Allen

    Wonderful compilation of tips that I can’t even count on how much time has been saved for me in Candy Crush so I figured it is my turn to reciprocate

    For this level, placing 2 sugar candies side by side and playing that combo destroys just about all the jelly in the middle of the board AND makes good progress on the blocks from the secondary explosions

    Elaine’s suggestion of working the bottom was spot on, top jellly clears itself as you work the bottom rows.


      That’s the spirit Allen! Everyone should contribute! Many should follow your example!

    • Wendy

      Hi Allen. Are the sugar candies you talk about the speckled ones? I have not had as much trouble on any other level so far this has been the toughest. I’ve tried all the tips & techniques but still can’t get a game that’ll let me win! I know a lot of it is chance but I have never been this long in a level.

  12. recjus85

    Thought I’d be stuck on 208 forever, then I finally passed it. This doesn’t SEEM as hard, but already taken me longer to pass. I’ll get it one day lol.

    • Team

      good job.. keep goin!

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