Candy Crush Saga Level 221



Bring the ingredients down (2 chestnuts, 1 cherry) and score 20,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 300000 points

In only 25 moves you have to zip a horizontal striped candy through the pieces over in the upper left column to allow the ingredients to drop. The other alternatives are a color bomb or a wrapped/striped mix up top. Bear in mind, if you use an extra move powerup, you will need to remove the bomb on the bottom left all by itself to keep playing. Once the first ingredient goes through the second will show.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 221

You can use either horizontally striped candy matches or a striped/wrapped combo to get rid of the 3 candies below the ingredient. Or create a color bomb and striped combo to help raise your score. When the second ingredient falls, use the same method to eliminate the candies blocking the exit.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 221”
  1. Dee arthur

    Why is my screen on my IPAD different than your videos? I have the 24 color bomb also. So your tips don’t apply or help here. Any suggestions for those of us with this version? Why are they different??!!


      This video is coming from a PC version! That’s why! Crushers that are playing on iPad should contribute here!

    • Kathy Dunnigan

      Concept is same…I used striped combos but it really helped using the chocolate ball (2 together or with a striped) if you can manage it…my laptop showed the level as stated here but my phone and pad showed how you stated (one changed to the laptop way yesterday)


        this is pretty common. the mobile version is different than the pc version :/

  2. David

    My level 221 is different from what you are showing. I have a shorter column on the left. About half the length of yours and I also have a 24-Move Bomb at the bottom of that column. Right about that Move Bomb is a bomb generator. So when you destroy the first Move bomb it generates a second Move bomb on the following move.


      do you play on mobile???

    • Dee arthur

      Mine looks different too. I have the 24 bomb also. Wy is this video different than my screen?


        different device, probably? Are you playing on iOS?

  3. Mummy Llama

    I’m trying hard for 3 stars. Did double candy bomb combo and with 17 goes left only just got 2 stars. I am 3 stars up to this level but my luck may have run out.

  4. Bobby

    True. But now that I’ve beaten all the levels I’m trying to get 3 stars on all of them.


      hehe! So keep crushing :)

      • Bobby

        Finally I have 3 stars on this level, and every level except 389.

        • Tillie

          Bobby, may I ask how you got 3 stars on this level? I’m trying to get 3 stars on this level too and I’m not sure if it’s best to have as many leftover moves as possible, or to do lots of color bomb combos. Is it possible at all to do it without any boosters?

          • Noel

            I got 3-stars here yesterday w/o any booster. It was really a lucky round as I did a color bomb+striped candy to get down 1st ingredient. Then, color bomb + wrapped candy in the middle of the level. And my last move on the level was another color bomb + wrapped candy combination which also brought down my 2nd ingredient. I used up all moves and barely got 3-stars but at least I made it. So, it is possible w/o boosters, Tillie.


            Thanks for sharing your experience Noel!

  5. Bobby

    How do you get all 3 stars on this level? Even with hacks for the game I can only achieve 2 stars. :(


      Getting 3 stars is not really important!

      • Pooch

        I have completed all 530 levels of CC. Now I am going thru each level and achieving 3 stars. This level is virtually impossible to get 3 stars. The threshold is 300,000! I have gotten 201,000, and 208,000. And yet it says “Only 20,000 to complete this level” – sure, and I’ve done that dozens of times! Why set the threshold so high for 3 stars? None of my friends achieved it either, their highest is 147,000. I have dropped all the items, and still had 21 moves left – still didn’t get 3 stars.


          Whoa, that does seem pretty impossible to reach! But we will keep our fingers crossed for you to make that victory! Try and save up as many boosters as you can from the daily spin wheel and then put them to good use :D

  6. Julia

    A 2 colour bomb combo should get the ingredients down and get you over 50,000 points. Good luck!


      Nice tips Julia, thank you :)

  7. Julie

    I was easily able to make 3 color bombs, which I switched with the 3 colors under the ingredients. Barely got 50,000, but I passed.


      good for you! Keep crushin!

  8. Westchaser

    Very frustrating. I can get the ingredients down, too. But never 50,000 points. Tried once just to get points without worrying about the ingredients & still couldn’t reach target. Not much fun if you don’t at least get close.

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