Candy Crush Level 224Target
Collect all the orders (1 striped/color bomb mix, 20 striped candies) and reach 25,000 points in 20 moves.

1 star: 25000 points
2 stars: 55000 points
3 stars: 85000 points

With a whole pile of striped candies to make, this seems daunting. Once you unfreeze the color bomb in the middle and drop it down to the striped candy down in the bottom center of the board, mix them and that should give you about 12-16 of the striped candies you need and takes care of the color bomb mix. If you can make striped candies before mixing the color bomb, go for it, as it will make your job easier later. Bear in mind once the middle is shot out, you will have a wall of spinners to deal with.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 224

Release the color bomb and the striped candy (or create another striped candy). Before you match them, count the number of same colored candies as the striped to see if there’s enough to fill the order. If not, do not match them yet. Make simple matches until you have the right amount of candies to meet the order, and then match the color bomb and striped candy. (the board is going to fill with a lot of licorice whirls after the match is made and making another color bomb or completing the order will be nearly impossible.)