Candy Crush Saga Level 230

Candy Crush Level 230Target
Bring the ingredients down (8 acorns) and score 80,000 points in 55 moves.

1 star: 80000 points
2 stars: 140000 points
3 stars: 170000 points

You need to get to the outside as soon as you can as that is where all the ingredients will fall, so work out as fast as you can. The outer layer of blocks is 3 hit and the inner layer is 2 hit. 55 moves is a lot, but so is 8 ingredients, so break the outside up if you can, but once you open the chocolate fan, it becomes a lot harder to get to the bottom with the ingredients. You can also try leaving the ingredients up top and plow through what is below and work around the fan to navigate to the bottom and then release the ingredients, but it is tough.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 230

Make matches and clear partway down the center.  Then try to make some horizontally striped candy matches to clear a couple of rows.  From there (in the outer few columns) try to use striped/wrapped combos or vertically striped candy matches to clear the way down.  (Do this on both sides) This creates a buffer of hopefully a column or two between the ingredients and the chocolate factory.  Eventually that will disintegrate, but you can make a lot of headway before that happens.

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16 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 230”
  1. Debi

    Can someone please explain how the fish boosters work


      The main use of a fish booster is to clear unwanted jelly. You have to match the coloured fish with its own colour in a match 3, match 4, match 5, etc and when this match is made a couple of fish will swim onto your page and gobble up some jelly squares. Its best to try and save the fish till last (if possible) as they can reach some lone jelly squares that you can’t clear. Also great to match with a colour bomb :)

  2. maz

    Thought this was gona be tough but kept to the left using mostly striped. Got through 1st time with 3 stars!


      Congrats Maz and thanks for the tip.

  3. Bway Fan

    same issue — 7 acorns with 30 left — 8th acorn never appeared!


      ouch! I am afraid to say that but you need to stay focused and cool.. you will definitely do it!

  4. Ina

    I’m not liking this level at all…Im amazed I’ve gotten this far. But this level is terrible. The 3 hit blocks waste most of the moves and combos are made in the middle. No help at all. This could be it for me. Im getting tired of levels like this where your stuck for days and weeks. It takes the fun out of the game.

  5. Brian

    Cleared the whole board, 7 acorns down, can’t get the 8th to appear. What’s up????? Just had an awesome board, but I’ve got 8 moves left and no acorn to drop!

    • Brian

      320,000 – highest score ever, but didn’t pass the board. What give??

      • Lisa Moroney

        Had the same exact problem TWICE. Still did not pass the level, as the 8th acorn did not fall, and this was after i had at least 20 moves left.


          give it a go on mobiles.. crushers report its much easier on mobiles

          • Lisa Moroney

            My mobile will not connect to FB, and it is way to small to play on it. I did not find this level hard, the problem is I dropped down 7 ingrediates, with at least 20 more moves to make, and the last acorn never showed up. The entire board was cleared. This happened twice.


      guess its hidden!

      • Lisa Moroney

        Was not hidden. The board was cleared. I had 20 moves left. I needed one acorn, not one dropped.

    • Lisa Moroney

      I had the same problem, TWICE !!!! Still didn’t register that i won ???!!! The last acorn did not drop after I had 20 moves left. What is this ?

      • JohnJacob

        This happen to me three time already and I found myself on this website reading I am not the only one. I just cant figure out why

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