Candy Crush Saga Level 235

Candy Crush Level 235Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 160,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 160000 points
2 stars: 280000 points
3 stars: 320000 points

There is a whole lot of double jelly here and all the 3 hit blocks have it as well. Try to make your way to the outside and down. The mystery eggs have to turn in your favor and you will need to mix color bombs and striped candies as well as striped candies and wrapped ones. Maximizing the impact with your powerups is the only way to pass.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 235

You need heavy duty combos to beat this level…striped/wrapped combos are best, but if you can make a striped/color bomb combo that will work…you’re going to need several.

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10 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 235”
  1. dee

    how do you make a wrapped candy, when I really need to have one I don’t know how to make them they always come out stripped!


      There are two ways to make a wrapped candy. One being to make a ‘T’ shape in colour match candies. Which mean 3 candies along the top and 2 candies going down (this ‘T’ shape can be made at any angle also. 2nd way is by making an ‘L’ where you will have 2 candies going up, 2 candies pointing to the side and 1 candy in the corner joining up both sides. This can also be made at any angle! And please remember that these shapes need to all consist of the same colour to create a wrapped candy.

  2. PJ

    BTW, I matched two sprinkle candies early in the game and it did very little. Next time I’d use them differently.

  3. PJ

    I don’t know why I even bother to try a level without checking here first. This is the best site for crushing candies. Your tips have helped me maintain my sanity. ;)

  4. Ina

    Okay..this is a level that is more fun…But I’ve gotten down to 4 jellys left and then run out of moves. Have made several combos on some try’s and hardly any on others…I have been playing all weekend and its not so much fun anymore. Im getting nowhere. I followed the tips and watched the video…the video’s always make it look easy. Sadly it’s not at all.


      but you finally beat it didn’t you?? was it the tips that helped you?

  5. Cidneebear

    Can you please explain about the fish again? I read where you said they eat jelly, but one just at one of my striped pieces. This is my first time dealing with fish. Also, your site is the reason I enjoy playing this game. I read your hints and watch the example before I play each level. It helps having both words and pictures to explain what each level requires. Your explainations are concise avd clear. Thank you!

    • Jinxie

      fish eat jellies…most of the time it’s advantageous to clear as many jellies as you can before releasing fish–so they can eat the hard to reach

      jellies. You can match a fish with a striped candy (this creates striped fish and they in turn will create striped candies in the jellies—but only

      jellies that have candies already in them). the same is true for matching wrapped and fish. A color bomb/fish combo creates dotted fish which in turn

      create more fish…I think nine in total…and they all love to eat jelly. they will even eat hidden jellies…but you can’t choose which they’ll

      eat–so you have to clear as many easy ones as possible to leave them no choice but to eat the harder to get ones…does this make sense?

  6. Tracy

    I’m with you Patricia.. I enjoy these kind of levels. Your tips have helped me along the way.


      Thank you for the positive feedback Tracy, Pat is a star!

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