Candy Crush Saga Level 254

Candy Crush Level 254Target
Collect all the orders (1 striped/striped mix, 1 wrapped/wrapped mix, 1 color bomb/color bomb mix) and reach 15,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 15000 points
2 stars: 65000 points
3 stars: 85000 points

You have plenty of moves here to accomplish your goal and one of each piece needed for a match down at the bottom to make it easier. You can probably pull off the striped/striped match easiest and probably without the help of the striped candy at the bottom, so aim for the color bomb or wrapped matches towards the beginning. It can get a little tricky getting the pieces together, but this isn’t as hard as it looks.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 254

Attempt the color bomb/ color bomb combo first since the other two combos may zap the color bomb provided

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25 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 254”
  1. A . Porpora

    Not fun now! Level 254

  2. Diana

    Hate this level – not fun. Hit a Jackpot on the spin wheel and nothing happened – just lost it!


      Hhhmm, you shouldn’t have lost your jackpot. Send a message to Kings support group about your issue to see if they can give you back what yo should have won. Follow this link

  3. Margie

    I also am considering. I get things in order and then everything blows up. Much too frustrating for me. Much too hard.

  4. sherry

    I had been stuck for at least a week, trying to play the levels without using my daily boosters but I really would like to get through this game this year LOL.

    Anyway I had 2 lollipop hammers and three moves left ,in order to form my last order soooo… I crushed two candies which allowed me to move the color ball candies side by side then I crushed them, do not feel bad if u have to use the boosters that is what they r there for.


  5. gw

    This has to be one of the most frustrating levels…. You get things sort of lined up….. And then it blasts itself up! Back to square 1 with nothing! Total luck. Gonna be summer before I get through this one.
    Only thing saving me is, how often have I said this is THE worst level?
    And this isn’t one of the worst evil ones? Great….


      Ahhh, there are some really frustrating levels here and don’t we know it. in our opinion level 350 should be the evillest and unfortuanetly you’ve still got that level to come (not to put a downer on things lol) but you never know, seeing as King has made these levels so hard for you, you may get lucky and beat our evillest levels – first time!! Good Luck and let us know when you pass GW :)

  6. sharon

    This is the level that makes me quit. Not only is it hard. It is so frustrating. This is supposed to be fun and it’s not. It’s too bad I mostly enjoyed the game till now.

  7. Apache

    Its just a game, your suppose to be having fun……………:)


      Exactly Apache, its all about fun :)

      • Yank

        But that’s the thing… it’s not fun anymore. I have never seen 5 lives get burned up so quickly as in this level. I think I’m done playing. I’m taking my candy and headin’ to the house.

        • Darla

          Once or twice on this level is enough for me and it is an exercise in futility to watch the videos!

  8. Mary K

    I did it! I just passed level 254! many days and many attempts. My best advice is to go slowly and really watch what each move will do. I discovered that if you match two wrapped candies first you will usually destroy any thing else you have set up. So, be careful! Good luck everyone! This was a hard one!

  9. Marge

    What is the beating or pulsing color bomb beneath another candy supposed to do?


      They simply burst and you score more points. These usually appear after a wrapped/stripped candy combo or when you receive a ‘tasty’ or ‘delicious’ :)

  10. Ina

    Well…I got past 245 after weeks and one lucky game. And this level is nothing but the same as level 245. After playing this level…I actually got the two color bombs, the stripes and had one wrapped on the board…couldn’t make the second one and ran out of moves…and this was after several blow ups. I stopped playing and may play once in awhile but another level like 245 is a total turn off to the game for me. i’m loosing interest. Why they have to make these so hard is beyond me. They could have at least removed a color. I don’t think I can go through the frustration again..level 245 was enough for me and here we are again.

  11. Mary

    Hate this level! I have been to the point where I could almost finish so many times and then suddenly one goes off and all the things start exploding. I am ready to quit!


      I feel you, but have you read all the tips/discussion available here?

  12. Peggy WEHR

    I really hope you can change this level very soon. Everything explodes every time. I have spent money on this game and there are no useful power ups to even purchase. Please request a change. Thank you. We need more fun levels

    Peggy wehr


      Hey Peggy! We are not the game’s creators so we can’t change anything.. we can just report the issues.. and yes it’s pretty common that King “listen to us” and makes problematic levels easier!

  13. Beau Nerr

    Easy to clear? This commentator must’ve been lucky. This level is crazy. Every time I line up the set ups, the game randomly explodes everything or changed their location on the drop down.


      I feel you!! Keep fighting, you will eventually do it!!

  14. Joy

    I have completed the three requirements for level 254 and it doesn’t register it as completed. For example, I combine two striped candies and it doesn’t check it off! I am searching for solutions.


      did you also reach 15000 in 50 moves?

    • Monica

      If the combo is completed during a cascade, it doesn’t count…sucks..

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