Candy Crush Level 261Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 55,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 55000 points
2 stars: 155000 points
3 stars: 185000 points

You have 3 columns of double jelly locked in here, so try to remove all of the pieces BELOW the top row so you don’t have to fight off the bombs that drop in as much. Once you make some room to play, if you can zip a vertical striped candy through the locks or jelly it will make your job a whole lot easier. The key is to break through the locked pieces and work on striped candies.

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 261

Even though the locked columns have bomb dispensers, there’s not a constant stream of bombs. Start unlocking the candies at the top and create a striped/wrapped combo to really take care of the locked candies and start clearing the jellies. Color bombs are easy to create—so match them with bombs or striped candies.